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The Meaning of Life Explained
82 Diary Entries
27th Oct 2017Dancing!! Kicking up the Excitement!! Swinging around wildly!!
26th Oct 2017Kawaii Monster Cafe Burlesque
23rd Oct 2017Iki Masho!
11th Nov 2016The Lucky Country
8th Nov 2016Save the Little Devils in Middle Earth!
3rd Nov 2016Brothers and Sons
31st Oct 2016Koala Kuddling Time
26th Oct 2016The Red Heart
23rd Oct 2016The land that time forgot
21st Oct 2016There are no drop bears in Sydney
18th Oct 2016Everybody Wan Chai tonight!
11th Oct 2016Antipodean Anticipation
21st May 2015Grexit not Brexit
20th May 2015Best hotel and hangover of the trip
17th May 2015Volcanoes and Winesplaining
15th May 2015The Disturbingly Attractive Donkeys of Santorini
14th May 2015Samaria 0 Irini 1
10th May 2015Life in the blue zone
8th May 2015I don't feel tardy
27th Jun 2014The sights, the sounds..... the smells
24th Jun 2014Big Jesus
19th Jun 2014Sugar Loaf Marmosets
16th Jun 2014Post Apocalyptic vs Pelourinho
14th Jun 2014Into the void
12th Jun 2014Do not touch. Drive with automatic discharge.
9th Jun 2014Capybara time!
8th Jun 2014Land of the giant, shiny, invisible otter
6th Jun 2014Traveling light to Rio
31st May 2014It's Brasil not Brazil
24th Sep 2012Get your Tracht On
18th Sep 2012'Tis a Magic Place
14th Sep 2012The Terror of the Slurry Pit
11th Sep 2012No Escape from Celine Dion
9th Sep 2012Oh my God they Killkenny
24th Jun 2010Hopes for the future
23rd Jun 2010Visiting a township and last gasp heroics
21st Jun 2010Mexican Sheeben Action Bar
19th Jun 2010On top of the world
17th Jun 2010Cape Town arrival and England disaster
15th Jun 2010Local colo(u)r
12th Jun 2010Deutschland Uber Aussies
10th Jun 2010Trail of Death and the World Cup begins
9th Jun 2010Dangerous Paradise
8th Jun 2010Race against time
7th Jun 2010Joburg paranoia
6th Jun 2010Countdown to the kickoff
1st Jan 2009The truth about Loreto
28th Dec 2008Trip to Loreto, Mexico Baja Sur
2nd Mar 2008Pura(tanical) Vida
29th Feb 2008Trouble in Paradise
27th Feb 2008Excuse me, do you know where you are?
26th Feb 2008No Sleep till Portland
24th Feb 2008Sloths and Soca
22nd Feb 2008In the jungle with no underwear
20th Feb 2008Top 10 Worst Public Bathrooms in Costa Rica
19th Feb 2008Eco Tamales
17th Feb 2008Head Wounds in the Tropics
28th Jun 2006Football, and Sean and Abby, are coming home
27th Jun 2006The Bottle of Britain
26th Jun 2006Eng-Ger-Land
25th Jun 2006England Ja, Holland Nie
24th Jun 2006Wuppie Gratis - Wup Holland Wup
23rd Jun 2006Bierpassie (Beer Passion)
22nd Jun 2006C’est un petit monde, après tout
21st Jun 2006La Festive de la Musique
20th Jun 2006Il n’y a pas des fanatiques du football anglaises en Paris / Baisez le serviette
19th Jun 2006En raison de l'EU, l'ascenseur ne fonctionne pas
18th Jun 2006Le Singe est sur la branche
17th Jun 2006Hofbrauhaus Hysteria
16th Jun 2006If it's Friday, it must be Austria
15th Jun 2006Like a Giant Preying Mantis on Crack
14th Jun 2006Dachau Blues
13th Jun 2006Land of Sausages
12th Jun 2006The Aussie Miracle
11th Jun 2006The Long March
10th Jun 2006Herzlich Wilkommen
9th Jun 2006Germany launches a Blitzkreig
8th Jun 2006The Cinque Terre through Rick Steve’s Rear End
7th Jun 2006Under the Sun in Tuscany aka Abby learns to love the Black Cock
6th Jun 2006Caio Bella Firenze
5th Jun 2006La Dolce Vita
4th Jun 2006Non Parlo Italiano

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