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Hi Sean and Abby (21st Oct 2016)
Have fun in OZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dorothy (26th Jun 2014)
Hi Sean and Abbey
Love the pics and diary...looks like you two know how to live and are an inspiration .

Hope to see you again soon.
Isha drew (18th Jun 2014)
Hello and thanks
Thanks for your postings Sean - it looks so much more fun than getting up at 2 AM, in the rain, and trying to shake myself awake - did it this morning for the first time and Australia's game with Netherlands was worth the effort, thank heavens. Brendan has been glued to the tv as he watches the first live game and then repeats through the day , tragic really. Continue to have a wonderful time.......
Cheers and best wishes with local wildlife
Bill (14th Jun 2014)
World cup sat
Hello all, glad to hear you are having fun and seeing lots of local flora, fauna and hooch. Fun Sat here with 4 games, Eng/ITA the most entertaining to date, if a sad outcome for Sean/Des. Fun you got to see the Timbers/Dallas ho-hum turned exciting game. Looking forward to your next blog and your more interesting, unprintable stories when you get back.
Ian and Melanie Pemberton (28th Sep 2012)
Hi Sean and Abby, my what a pretty boy you are Mr. Hanna! I'd like to see you turn up in that gear at the Conquering Hero on a Saturday night. Enjoying the photos, but just a little jealous of you guys jetting all over the world whilst we're stuck here in rainy Cheshire. We'll just have to try and enjoy your hols vicariously. Will look out for the next installment. Cheers. Ian and Melanie
Dorothy segar (24th Sep 2012)
Love your post about the farm. Missing Ireland and especially Donegal today. So happy you are enjoying the trip and loving the lovely photos. Remembering my first trip there in 1992. What a thrill that was... to see where my grandfather Henry McLaughlin was born (your grandpa Patrick's brother)and meet the family for the first time.
Ang Clissold (23rd Sep 2012)
Loved reading your blog from the motherland and looking at the photos - made me very homesick. I miss my sisters very much and haven't seen them for so long, so the photos were very welcome. I hope you have an amazing trip and keep the blog for years to come as a keepsake x
Jean Torland (19th Sep 2012)
Lucky You
I really enjoyed reading your posting today. My gr, gr, gr grandfather, James McNeel, was from County Down. The McNeels were Protestants who came there via Scotland. I'd LOVE to visit there someday. Sounds like you are having way too much fun!
Patrick gallagher (14th Sep 2012)
Dublin and inhabitants are looking good..these look like my kind of drink and live-music loving people. I only had a brief stay in Dublin on a business trip , one day I should go back.
Dorothy (7th Sep 2012)
Safe and FUN journey to you both!
Wish I was there with you...will be in spirit and via your blog! Best wishes for a wonderful time. Say hello from me to all the relatives!

Much love,