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Christiana (13th Jul 2016)
Woman of Alien&#8230
Woman of Alien…Fantastic perform you might have completed, this great site is actually cool with excellent info. Time is God’s technique for holding almost everything from taking place si0tluaneously&#823m;.
Valerie (9th Feb 2014)
Hi there. Sure is the 'curse of get jealous'. Machine wouldn't accept my user name (but accepted my money) so thought I will wait till I get home. Cheers Valerie
Robin and Valerie (31st Dec 2013)
Happy New Year
Hi Debbie and Martin I guess you are still away with (in) the Canaries. Have had one email. Enjoy rest of your holiday and all the VERY BEST FOR 2014. Cheers Dad and Valerie
Lynda C (24th Dec 2013)
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays, Debbie (and Martin)!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Just went through some of your pics and blog from when your mum was visiting...always have to do a double take because she looks like my mum so much - at least in the pictures. Sounds like everyone had a nice visit though. So when are you heading back to New Zealand? at least, I assume that is still the plan? My traveling will be close to home for the next several years, although I still want to get to Ireland sometime. And maybe even back to Scotland - it was so beautiful there. So much to see and so little time [and money] to travel. Have a lovely holiday season and keep posting your blog and pics so I can at least see it through your eyes!
Ngaire (6th May 2013)
Love golden bay
Hi there Debbie. Wow what a surprise to see photos from Golden Bay! That is where I grew up and have many fond memories from there. Your photos are gorgeous. Dave thinks u take pretty gd photos! That's a big compliment! are you still in nz?
Valerie and Dad (18th Dec 2012)
Soon be christmas
Have a wonderful christmas and new year. Sending email.V
Lynda C (11th Oct 2012)
Catch Up
Hey cousin! Just getting caught up on the blog and pictures...truely amazing as always. Seems you are very happy and I am so glad for you. I am out in California right now - traveling for work, but did manage to get in a few side trips over the weekend to the coast and up into the mountains / National Park area. Beautiful country, but I am homesick since I have been gone for a while. Melissa is doing well, back in what I hope to be her final year of college. Mom and dad are actually visiting at my place right now [while I am gone - not intentional on my part, but I think it actually is working out good for me] and they have both been busy doing little jobs around there. I left behind the "daddy-do" list. hehe. Keep posting about your adventures - just makes me want to travel more and more. Dorothy and I are thinking Austria for next summer...
Dad and Valerie (15th Sep 2012)
Update from the Bay
Had a moments panic, your blog had gone AWOL - well prob. operator trouble - but have found again. Not a lot happening, going to town on Tuesday, out for lunch. (Robin says 'you won't even guess where, so don't ask!) Cheers Valerie
Valerie and Robin (8th Sep 2012)
Hi there Good weather, is Spring nearly here? Both well, trust you are. Spoke to Tim, he is staying at Steve's and has job interview at Onehunga Pool. Fathers Day card welcome, lovely verse. Birthday card on way - have a good one! Much love Valerie and Robin
Valerie and Robin (1st Sep 2012)
Applyby Fair
Hi there Just read your last two messages, good photos. Dad looks forward to reading your blogs. Got new PC yesterday, about to instal it - although will need to get Sean (Bloke who is media savvy in Bay) to transfere info from old computer to new one. Went to Nelson yesterday, wisited Appleby Fair, truely thousands there, we parked in a paddock a k away, saw all the Maiseys Cheers Valerie

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