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The age of Asia
My year long stint as an English teacher in the small river town of Fuyang is now at an end. The open road winding through the dramatic hills of China beckons now as I embark on a month long journey across and around this vast country. I have a rough guide of my intended journey but as I�m free for a whole month, I intend to go to wherever my mood takes me. Hopefully I will accumulate many stories to provide a climax to the year long saga that is Lost in China. These are some of the cities I will be heading to in the coming weeks: the canal town of Suzhou � China�s answer to Venice; the former capital of China � Nanjing. The home of the infamous Terracotta warriors � the ancient city of Xian. Then I�m heading further south into the Sichuan province that was sadly struck by the earthquake last year. Then onto Chengdu the home of the pandas. After that I intend to complete the trip around China by another visit to the capital of China - Beijing. Thanks for reading and to all those who have left me messages over the year � your words have provided me with lots of encouragement and comfort during my time in China. I�d love to know what you make of my trip when I start to move around so feel free to leave me messages. Thanks - Darren Moverley
My latest 5 diary entries

22nd Oct 2010
The typhoon in the black lagoon.
Typhoon in the black LagoonCurrent location: Yilan North East TaiwanDate: October 22nd 2010.One of the most curious things about living on the North east coast of Taiwan is the extraordinarily blase attitude the loc...
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27th Mar 2009
In search of the giant Buddha of Le Shan
Cramped in the back of a van, I travel through the open farm pastures of the refreshingly green Sichuan province, passing fields peppered with a delightfully cheery yellow flower. A typically amiable Chinese man c...
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25th Mar 2009
Pandering to the pandas
Conduct a survey on what the cutest and cuddliest creature on this earth is and the chances are you will not get many names to challenge that of the panda. Locking eyes with the docile, congenial gaze of a panda ca...
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No photos
24th Mar 2009
Locomotive to limbo
I’m putting pen to paper here in an attempt to ease the impending woes that await on yet another arduous twenty hour plus train journey deep into the South of China. Seconds ago I reclined on my middle bunk &n...
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21st Mar 2009
Dazu: Heaven and hell Buddhist cave carvings.
Carrying 8 freshly purchased pork dumplings in one hand and clutching a crumpled tour ticket in the other I casually clamber on to the coach, announcing my arrival to the bus loads of Chinese tourists already seate...
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