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Bev, Len and Mom (14th Oct 2018)
Hello from Canada
Just enjoyed your adventures with Mom. We decided we would not like to eat guinea pig! We felt like we were there with you on Machu Picchu. We are having cold weather. Survived our second snow storm already. Ice covered roads all the way to work! Looking forward to hearing about the amazon! Mom says don't forget to wear a hat! Love you both! Take care!
Kerry (8th Oct 2018)
Loving your journal and pics!
Loving hearing all about your South American adventures and seeing your amazing pictures. Sounds like you are having a blast and truly soaking up the culture. Thanks for sharing!!!
Paul & Geri (19th Sep 2018)
We're getting jealous!
Helloooo! Great to see you having a wonderful time. Seeing the photos of Valparaiso brought us some fun memories when travelling with Pam and Bob Turner. We too enjoyed the funiculars and the colourful neighbourhoods. Autumn has definitely arrived....cooler temperatures, a bit of rain. Hopefully we get more sunny days. Have booked our flights.....flying Cathay Pacific, direct to Phnom Penh (via Hong Kong) and arranged for a car to take us to Phnom Penh. Leaving December 4th, arrive Dec. 5. Paul is golfing, I'm off to do my run/walk then the gym. Ciao babes, rock on! (and stay safe). xoxo
Jackie (6th Sep 2018)
Wishing you all the best in your wonderful South American travels!! Can't wait to see the pictures and hear the amazing stories...was fantastic to catch up a bit this past week...and you better believe we're counting the days until Senegal!! Love Jackie and Malal and the twins
Kerry (3rd Sep 2018)
Love the pictures with your Mom
Loved the pictures with your Mom. She still has her radiant smile that you. dear Esther, also possess! Looking forward to hearing all about the next giant step your about to take in your adventurous trip. Take care and have fun!!!!
Laura (12th Aug 2013)
Welcome home!
I just read your recent blog to my parents - who are of course Nova Scotians! They loved hearing about your adventures. Look forward to seeing you in September. Have a safe trip home.
Paul Richardson (18th Jun 2013)
Great pictures. Just wondering how you were able to balance the statue of Venus on your head like that. Well done.Did you get to Versailles? If you can, go. You never go you never know.
Linda Peddie (23rd Apr 2013)
Loving it
Ken & myself were in Italy exactly a year ago this week. I'm walking along with you as you're sharing the details of Rome. It's great to visualize again what you're seeing and thinking back about what a great time we had.
Safe travels!
Jodi (18th Apr 2013)
Thinking of you....
How is Ed's heart doing? is the extra pill a day helping?
Donna M (31st Mar 2013)
Happy Easter, HappyvWanderers. Your trip is so fabulous that coming home will be a huge adjustment...?? Our weather has been super here for this past week so gardening is a top priority. Take good care and safe travel...luv dl