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Bondi Burrows
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Judy Winterbine (13th Apr 2009)
Catchup on your website Fay
Have really enjoyed catching up on you guys, such a busy life you lead. Do you ever come up to sunny Q. Have just had some UK visitors for a week whom I met in the Maldives. Had a great time and there is plenty to do up here. I am re-acquainting myself with my city and really enjoying it. Have plenty of room now that I am back at my townhouse at Annerley. Off now to have my CT scan. If it is okay I plan to go to Amsterdam to visit son Richard in May. Cheers, Judy.
Rich (31st Mar 2009)
Dylan sharing his cars
Loved that video!
Sally (26th Mar 2009)
Miss you...
Miss you guys - will post pics up soon xxx
Richy Rich (10th Feb 2009)
Pebble Beach Photo
That's a great photo guys - could you please send me a full-res copy so I can print it outad frame it?

Catherine Maddison (18th Dec 2008)
Have a lovely Christmas
Hi Fay George & Emily
Hope you have a fab 1st Christmas as a family on a yacht it would seem! Have fun...

Love from the Maddisons xxxx
Jim (25th Aug 2008)
Summer? Not here it ain't...
Hi All, Wow, you have been been busy bunnies. It was great to catch up with what you've been upto since Emily arrived. Sounds like you're all having a blast!

I'm hoping to get another 5/6 week stint over in New Zealand again at some point, possibly even considering emigrating there too. My mate Mark has just got his visa and heads over with the family soon, so a visit is defintely on the cards!

Steve told me that he's due another sabatical and is heading down under around xmas time for a few months.... jealous, very jealous....

So what's new with you all? All the renevations complete? Another baby burrows enroute )

Judy Winterbine (17th Jul 2008)
Your beautiful Emily
Have really enjoyed catching up on your 'doins'. Pity it has taken me so long, but I am a slow learner!! Hope all goes well and Sydney isn't too cold. We are still in shirt sleeves in sunny Qld. most of the time. Emily is beautiful and no doubt you are really enjoying her now that she will be starting to do 'stuff'.
I am still having chemo at the PA, no nasty side effects and I feel great. Back walking and off to Ingham for a Surf Club reunion in October and maybe Ko Samui to meet son Richard out from Amsterdam for some sunshine - him, not me!
Take care and enjoy that pub crawling baby you are encouraging! Love, Judy.
Rich (5th Jul 2008)
Ahhhhhh - she's lovely,
Awwwwww - you *always* have babies...
George (29th Jun 2008)
Of course you can Rich!
And while you're here, me and Fay will go on a lovely relaxing, quiet holiday, with loads of sleepful nights.

When are you getting here?
Clare Delaney (19th Jun 2008)
Beautiful baby and house!
Hi Fay and George!
Ive just been checking out the photos and blogs online of Emily and the renovations! Emily is beautiful... congratulations and the house looks magic! Hope you are both well.
Im stuck in Mendoza in Argentina at the moment... snow on the andes preventing us going to Chile. Mendoza is wine country though so Im not complaining. Enjoying red wine by the fireplace and getting very fat!
Take care and talk to you soon
Love Clare xx