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5th Nov 2017

yes, we are well into the months that end in 'burrrrr!!!', and while we had an unseasonably warm october, with temperatures of about 14 C, it has now plummeted, and if you are going out to see guy fawkes fireworks, since remember, remember, its the 5th november, gunpowder, treason and plot...or a modern take...bonfires, fireworks and hot...drinks, as its going to be a shivery 2C tonight, max, you had best rug up, as rose used to say.

obviously, im not going to see fireworks, as, apart from going to work, i really dont do anything, unless im in another coutry. to be honest, you may wonder  why im bothering to write this, as the only thing i have done, apart from eat, sleep and work (well, and strangely, drink the odd bottle of wine) is go to the cinema with bill to see 'geostorm'. it was utter tosh, ridiculous script, idiotic male bonding scenes when the world was about to end, and, despite all evidence, advice and intuition about trusting no one, every guy in the film trusted women, and told them the entire plot scenario from the first minute they met them. however....we both loved every moment. it was like one of those disaster movies from the 70's where you knew who the good guys were, the only people who died were faceless, unknown singletons, a little like the security men in startrek, and the hero appeared to be doomed, but survived in the last few seconds to deliver yet another one-liner or punch another shoulder another day. hoorah for potus, gerard butler and his fantastically sensible brother, who, funnily enough, all hugged each other at the end, and made up after years of not speaking! god bless america!

on a similar, disaster, my staff think i am totally mad, but im going to prypiat! its in Ukraine...doest ring any didnt to me either...but its the town that was next to the cherynobl nuclear plant that is now a ghost town. the ferris wheel, the bumper cars, the abandoned my kinda thang. cant wait, even if i am going in january, and it will be, im guessing, about -20C and snowy. just going for the weekend, as you are only allowed to spend 2 days in the exclusion zone, but have a day either side in Kiev, and my flight from edinburgh was only £150! woo hoo!

then...on top of that, because i was off sick when i was supposed to be on holiday in turkey, and didnt get paid for it, i now have 2 weeks still to take, so im meeting binni and kim in albuquerque, and we are doing another american road trip....this time in new mexico....staying in adobe houses with khiva fireplaces, going to the white sands, first nation pueblos, santa fe, taos, and area 51! cant wait....! though...again its going to be cold, cold, cold! however 2 of the houses we are staying in have outdoor hot tubs, and the stars are supposed to be amazing....i'll let you know.

so thats it...nothing else to report...all work and no play....tomorrow im working my 9th day in a row...happy happy joy joy etc....

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