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19th Nov 2017
Oh, yes, you best did!

​so...after all the negative ranting, i thought i would ameriorate the blog, by all my pet loves of the moment. actually, is that a real saying...'pet loves'. probably not unless it involves 1000 photos of you dog or cat on facebook..or even more scarey, porn movies featuring said animals, not to mention horses, snakes and even hamsters in compromising positions...but lets not even go there! so here are the good thangs....

​1. i went to see Acosta danza; debut at the festival theatre with bill. now, i know not many people are into ballet, but carlos acosta is a cuban dancer who was the lead at the sadlers wells, and in the usa be honest, he is probably the most famous and hightly regarded male dancer in the world right now...a little like nuryiev but with out the big lips, margot fonteyn, and several pairs of socks down his tights.  he has now set up his own dance troupe, who do modern dance, but with a very balletic flair, and i found out they were appearing for 2 nights only a day before because of an advert on facebook. but, luckily the festival theatre is big enough that they still had tickets, although, also small enough that almost all the seats have a good view. and was it worth the £29 per ticket i paid (actually bills was £4 less because he is so old!!) fucking betcha! it was wonderful....there were people throwing crunchy dayglo plastic bottles about in time to the music, there was torchlight and tightrope walking, they were possibly the most limber and supple dancers ive ever seen, and sometimes appeared like water flowing, but for me the highlight was the guest appearence of carlos himself dancing with a mermaid, which i have to say was just really erotic...the music would stop when there were in mid caress, and you could hear her panting, presumably because she was out of her watery habitat, but, god it was sexy! loved i, loved it, loved it. and, gareth, sorry yet again i didnt call you about it...forgot how much you loved this stuff.

​2. bill swam for 8 and a quarter hours for his 84th birthday to raise money for penumbra, the mental health charity that rose worked for before she died, and just because he can! the pool at nuffield health in the omni center at the top of leith walk had put a thing onto facebook, and joyce, my sister in law had shared it. when i shared it, im am proud to say, we reached the target in 12 hours! mandy, simon, eli and my friend lyndsay, who doesnt even know bill donated almost all of the money. bill dropped into my shop the next morning at about 7.45am, and i told him that we had already raised £400! when i say we...i use the term loosely...all i did was share it on facebook whereas bill swam for over 8 hours. this is the power of social media....its not the person who does the thing, its the lazy biach who shares it who gets the attention, and the money. sad but true....

​3. playstation VR. for bills birthday, not only did i take him to acosta danza...i gave him a vr...ok, i realise not the normal gift for an 84th birthday, but then, bill is not your average 84 year old. it is just OMG fantastic....your house could be burgled, your dinner could burn, the undertaker could call, and there could be a hurricane, but you wouldnt notice because you would have on the headset, the earbuds, and be in another dimension. i hate to use the overused...but it really is awesome, in the real sense. one of my best ever purchases.

​4. im going to chernobyl....though every time i type that i find it just so hard to put the y before the l. this alignment does not happen in english, and as someone who learned to type in 1978, when i left school, and teachers advised me not to bother, as in the future (computers were in there infancy at this point, and there was the myth of the paperless office) no one would be typing, it would be a thing of the past. funny now, everything is about typing, though i use every finger, now its just thumbs.

​5. books. fuck me dead ive read some just wonderful books recently. most notably 'gut symmetries' by janette winterson....i have no time for her as a person, but some of her writing is just brilliant...'sexing the cherry' and 'the world and other places' being my favourites. 'the double'by jose saramago 'iQ84' murakami, euclyptus by murray bail, ten stories about smoking by stuart evers, tram 83 by fiston mwanza nujila, tale for the time being by ruth ozeki...and something ive started reading again, which gareth told me about...the people in the trees by hanya yanagihara. her next book a little life won the booker prize, but its not a patch on this. id like to say that the protagonist make more sense to me reading it again, and i had forgotten that the first third is about growing up with his parents and his twin....but it doesnt. he is devoid of humanity. if you havent read this, i suggest you is an allegory of what is happening in the world just now.

6. all of you. you know who you are.

​7. this blog. im not sure why so many people have started reading sure you must be really disappointed as its a pile of shite...but it keeps me sane...almost!

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