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No Photos 14th Feb 2018

​actually derek....i flew to kiev via copenhagen on the way there, and via budapest on the way home. on the way to haiti i went via LHR and miami both ways. and on my trip to new mexico next month i fly via LHR, houston and denver on the way to albuqurque, and via ohare i think on the way back. in three months...thats a lot of airports!!!! think i might be about to get airport fatigue....heathrow, what a hellish place! miami is actually better than it has ever been, skytrains to passport control, not having to pick up your bag if you are travelling to the caribbean or back to the UK, and proper shops with sandwiches, snacks and books, not hemes, prada, bulgari etc.  and of course i have global traveller....always a joy walking down those lanes....bypassiing the zillions in the queue. and cap haitian....what can i say...they dont give a shit what you bring in...but see trying to leave...its a nightmare. last time didnt have a paper copy of my esta to enter the USA so was held up for about an hour. the airport doesnt have wifi, so i couldnt even look it up online from an email. this time i had it printed out, but still got called into the little room at the end of security where everying thing got searched and i got frisked. and what did they care what i had in my luggage....i was leaving, and its not like you can buy drugs, guns, diamonds, rolex watches or ivory in cap haitian. 

​its hard to get into the usa...but fuck, in my experience, its harder to leave haiti1!!!!!

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