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3rd Mar 2018
The beast from the east.

​it has certainly been an interesting few days since the blizzard started. we were told that we were going to have siberian weather about 10 days ago, but i dont think anyone thought it was going to happen, so no plans were put in place for when it arrived. how very scottish. 

​so on tuesday when the blizzard started, and it was -3 but felt like -13 because of the wind-chill, and all the roads were impassible, everything just stopped. because i walk to work, of course i was able to get in as usual...but on wednesday, for the first time ever, we had a red weather warning, and all but essential travel was advised against. at 4am i got a message telling me that we were not to go to work until 8am. at 7am it was changed till 10am. but there will still no buses running, the airport, all schools, colleges and the university were closed. all banks, offices and public services were shut. however the trams were running ever half hour...thank god we didnt waste all that money for nothing. 

​so on wednesday i went in to work at 10. strangely, there was no one else there, as there were no buses. so i called my sales manager, expecting her to say...just go home. but not a bit of it....'ill find you staff..dont worry'! like i was worried! so an hour later maggie turned up, and then deinus at 12...what larks. and...guess what...we were really busy as were the only shop might find something of a theme there. 

​the blizzard returned at 3pm so i was allowed to close and go home....but on the thursday liz said 'business as usual', so i left at 5.30am and you will be surprised to hear....when i got to work, there was no one else there...and no savoury delivery. we got nothing on wednesday at basically we were running on empty. i had been on messenger with ruth, my sandwich maker, since 4am, and she had decided that she was going to walk from gilmerton...a 90 minute jaunt through deep snow...bless her! 

​so there was just the two of us....and as soon as we opened the door we were really, im sure you have worked out by now, we were the only shop open on forrest road. but call it dunkirk spirit, or pulling together in wartime...everyone was really happy, and i got thanked more than possibly ever in my retail career, just for being there when people wanted hot food. i dont think i have ever had so many big about panic buying. 6 bacon rolls, 6 coffees, 6 sandwiches and packs of chocolate shortbread just incase! people bought like they just didnt know where their next meal was coming from, presumably because they didnt...because, as i think i might have said...we were the only shop open on forrest road, or pretty much anywhere. 

​usually people in the queue get antsy if they have to wait too long..but not today they didnt....they all thanked ruth and i for just getting to work, and were just so happy to get food...even if it was a butter chicken bake when they really wanted a steak bake, of which we had none as we didnt get a delivery for 2 days. everyone was actually in a really good mood because of that 'isnt this just hellish, but we are all in it together' kinda thang. it was a really strange day...but i cant deny, i actually really enjoyed it. no one complained...fuck me dead...thats a first! people were just relieved that a greggs was open, even if we didnt have and donuts, sausage rolls, steak bakes or bran scones, and ran out of milk by 8am. what is it with milk.....none of the supermarkets had any, as people had been panic buying...that and bread and eggs. these are the things you will need, apparently, come the apocalypse! 

​unless you happen to find the only greggs shop that is open...and it will be on forrest road!

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