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24th Mar 2018 - 29th Mar 2018
Its not really new, its not really mexico...

​this is on practially every new mexico tshirt you can sorry for the cliche...but it still tickles me! and no...its not features the oldest house and church in america....and taos pueblo is the longest continuously inhabited place on the north american continent.  there are petrified forests galore, petroglyphs everywhere, pueblo ruins and cliff dwellings that are 800 years old, and though more modern, there is also los alamos, with its oppenheimer avenues, and atomic streets, and the trinity site where the first ever nuclear weapon was set off. and, roswell site of the famous 'was it a weather balloon, or was it aliens' crash in 1947. on top of all this...there is the route 66 trail which although now very, very delapidated, and in some cases, downright scarey (most of the motels were boarded up, and the neon off...but if one had been open...i bet you that the only people who would have stayed there are the very ones who feature in horror movies, being tortured in underground cells, or hacked to death by a deranged brother who is kept locked up in the attic, but has managed to escape in order to but

er girls doing their laundry, wearing nothi

​just spent 2 hours writing this entry...and its just gone into cyberspace. at this moment feel like throwing my computer out of the window.....but, it wont help. dang

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Diary Photos

Bar window


Bridge over the rio grande


Meow wolf....immersive art installation.


Street lamps in roswell

White sands

White sands shadow

Binni the kid!

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