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20th Apr 2018
Another day in paradise!!!

​well, you wont believe it, but finally we have sunshine for the first time since last summer....and after having had no leaves at all on the trees, and not even a hint of cherry blossom, at a time when it can be all done and dusted already, the meadows has gone mad with buds and greenery. not really surprising the trees have been in hibernation, considering we had 2 inches of snow during the first week of april, and it has rarely gone above 5 degrees C, but suddenly it is 22 and feels like spring. obviously, in the present climatic conditions, that could all change tomorrow, and we could have snow again, but, OMG, is it good to be able to leave the house without winter boots, an icelandic jacket and a hat. hallelulah!

​anyway....this weather has not at all helped my just so bloody annoying cold, that i have had since roswell in NM. binni succumbed first, but the dust storm we drove through in alien country didnt help, and by the time we arrived at our amazing adobe on marble street albuquerque we were all sneezy, feverish and had coughs like a proforming seal. someone just balance a ball on my nose. 

​strangely flying home from chicago crushed into the only spare seat on the plane....yes, the one everyone dreads, the middle of 5, with an indian mother and son on one side (and i dont mean that in the US first nations sense, i mean a rich mumbai mother and her podgy spoilt teenage son), and a daughter with her mother on the other, the elder of whom quite obviously had dementia, and spilt wine all over herself, went to the toilet and got lost, and couldnt work the entertainment system. (the only other person i have ever known who got lost on a plane, was, and whod a thought it, rose coming back from cuba. went to the loo, and didnt even know which way to go when she came out....she had to get help from a steward to get back to her seat...she said it was really stupid, as she should just have walked up and down, looking for my hair....hahaha!) 

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Diary Photos

Oppenheimer meets some podgy army dude no one remembers to discuss the trinity project.


Votive offerings in adobe church

The big pistachio

The big road runner made of shoes and tyres.

Road to las cruces, the last town before old mexico.

Make america hate again

Navajo rug lying on my floor.

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