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20th Apr 2018
Another day in paradise part II

​it just wont let me add anything to that is the next installment, bet you are on the edges of your seats...i know i am!

​so despite my stoopidly over-active immune system, i just cant shake this bloody cough, may as well just start smoking again...not! so i blame those pesky aliens...the dirty bastards!

​and...having been abroad 3 times in 3 months, one might thing that a girl might want to stay at home for a while....hahaha! no fucking danger. have 2 trips booked but not until october and thought i better do something, to cut a long story short, unlike your average millenial, who seems unable to even be able to carry a pound in their pocket, binni and kim,. just like me, deal in cash. and unlike in america where the dollar is alway legal tender whenever it came out, we change our notes....and now out fivers and tenners are polymer. so bandk had some notes that are now ood. so in june im getting the train down to london to the old lady of threadneedle street to change them into current currency!!! 

​and know, as you do, i decided to take bill to barra for lunch. barra has the only scheduled flight in the world that lands on a beach...and we are just going for 4 hours. what larks. the plane is an 8 seater, and we both have window takes about 1 hour 10 mins from pretty excited. ive always wanted to do this flight...the times of landing are dependent on the tides....

​and then in october going back to kas....and then november...doing an overland guatemala to costa rica....

i know, for me, what the meaning of life is....

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Diary Photos

Oppenheimer meets some podgy army dude no one remembers to discuss the trinity project.


Votive offerings in adobe church

The big pistachio

The big road runner made of shoes and tyres.

Road to las cruces, the last town before old mexico.

Make america hate again

Navajo rug lying on my floor.

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