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20th Jun 2018
Dahn saufff....

​so, bill and i got a train down to the big smoke after a total nightmare-remaniscent scene where i had to go into email to get our tickets printed out, as my black cartridge has given up despite costing £40 and only being 2 months old, at the station, and get the guy behind the desk to do it for me. only last week i had a dream that was so similar...although in real life no one had cut our names out ot the tickets with scissors, and then put them back into my bag. ANEEEEWAY..lets move on....

​london....what larks! dont get me wrong, i, and i hope bill too, had a really nice day, lovely salad for lunch sitting in the sun, walked down by the river to the tower, all fab....but london...why does anyone live there? 7 hours in london in numbers...

​1. there is no space...personal or otherwise. people just bash into you all the time....hands, bags, laptops, cases....its just too busy.

​2. its brown. almost everywhere....walls, rooves, just everything....yuk.

3. rubbish still gets put out on the street in bags.

​4. business guys in suits hang around outside their work smoking...i havent seen so many people smoking for years....i even saw a moped rider with a fag.  in edinburgh...people with these jobs would wait till they got seemed a bit dated....

​5. we saw at least 20 pregnant women in 5 hours....dont mean this is a wrong thang...its just something to comment on. i have never seen so many girls up the duff in one day.  so presuamably the population of london will not be going down any time soon.

​6. there are no...i mean, no stylish people...its not just me, bill kept saying this all the time. i respect his 84 year old take on the world.  dowdy was the word he used. 

​7. it is far., far less grand than i thought before...seemed a bit narrow and tired. like a city far past its best. 

​8. the bank of england...well that was an experience. in retrospect i would have done this so can change £1000 with no id...but not more. so i had to proove where the money came from. as i had take a letter from the lawyer as proof of address, and it was about roses estate, the guy asked me if rose had left me the money. i just said yes...doh. should have got bill and i to go in seperately with a grand...but no didnt. but...ok, now have all the paper work...will be done in a week, and go into my bank account. but, its like fort knox getting in get questioned before you even get to walk up the steps....searched, xrayed, interrogated...its pretty heavy. what larks. 

​9. the shard....pants! its not a shard, and its not pretty. disappointing.

​10...on the other hand...the gherkin....totally fab, 

​11...great day, but we just couldnt wait to get back on the train and come home....

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Diary Photos



Tower bridge from london bridge.

The shard....its shite.

The gherkin...its fab


St pauls....

Our 10 mile walk....

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