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Eli (25th Mar 2019)
Very true, I do eat birdseed that why I have the feeders. Stuffing suet in my face all day along with Woody the Woodpecker. It is very uplifting. You have a great time in Bilbao, you are going to get through this. And the nightmare of seeing me next week, going to Aberdour to do our thing with you know what and then our three cousins. back to my millet
Birdseed Sausage (20th Mar 2019)
Lusher (19th Mar 2019)
Im a lady who likes a big sausage, at breakfast , or hell, anytime. if you eat like a bird, choose birdseed!
Lusher (19th Mar 2019)
Sorry a girl who likes a big sausage for breakfast. each to their own. if you eat like a bird, you get birdseed!
Eli (17th Mar 2019)
Just saying that breakfast looked like the work of the devil. OMG, don't even want to comment on the "sausage."
Me (14th Mar 2019)
Ive gone off with the healthy and deserving. sorry about that. im sure you will manage.
The Unhealthy and Undeserving (12th Mar 2019)
We wondered where you'd gone.
Georgi (22nd Feb 2019)
KLM house
I ended up with a tall thin house, which, idiotically I didn't realise had gin inside it till last week! I did wonder why they put it in a plastic bag on the plane....doh!!
Derek (20th Feb 2019)
Looks all very grand...and what about the KLM house: which one did you end up with? How about a picture of that too?!

Geco (14th Feb 2019)
If you mean the text on the table it says, in the words of Oscar...., 'we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars'. one of my all time favourite quotes.