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Derek (2nd Sep 2018)
Victory! Georgi, I'm so glad that you and Bill got to see Barra together. The landing photos make it look like there was so much rain that the tide tables didn't matter, while the departure photos show why the islands are so special. The water is just so clear and true.

When Marty and I were on Barra, I think we had a beer with a couple from Glasgow in the same hotel where you stayed before hoping on the ferry to Oban. (The four of us took a boat to Pabay together to see the puffins there.) I always love knowing that we've been to the same place, even if it was years and years apart.

Three cheers to cockleshell landings, cheese plates, and unexpected sun.

Georgi (2nd Sep 2018)
Cheese envy
I just put a review onto trip advisor and one of the things a raved about was the cheese plate, as, to be honest the hotel was a bit run-down, seemed to be staffed entirely by millennial girls who sat in a gaggle in the office playing with their phones, and when bill opened the curtains, one of the just fell off the we did laugh. anyway....I ordered a glass of grahams lbv...but they didn't have any, so I ordered a glass of some sweet wine from the south of france..might have been muscat de rivesaltes, it doesn't really matter...because, guess what, they didn't have that either. so in the end I had a glass of delish Argentinian know how much I love that. it was really perfect...and probably a better choice given the amount of cheese involved. yummmmmmmm!
Gareth (2nd Sep 2018)
A nice drop of Bordeaux, Penguin.
Go on, what did you drink with the cheese platter?
Gareth (1st Sep 2018)
Forgot to mention: the description of the cheese feast broke my envy-ometer.
Gareth (1st Sep 2018)
So glad you and Bill made it to Barra on the second attempt - apart from the weather, I was worried that Bill might not be up to it. Hallelujah! Great photos too. I am, as you know, seriously considering living in rural Scotland, but probably not as remote as that.
Derek (20th Jul 2018)
Bill and Barra

I'm so sorry that this is the first time I have check the blog this month. It's such shocking news. And I am so saddened by it. That Bill is facing such difficult news is hard enough; that you two weren't able to go to Barra together is just cruel. I'll be in touch.

Bill: I can't agree more with what Binni and Kim wrote on the 7th; you have been such an inspiration for all of us. You devoted your professional life to helping the disadvantaged express themselves with beauty and eloquence, and upon retirement, you showed us all how to live and how to love better. Much better. I am so grateful for your smile and spirit, your stories and presence.

George (20th Jul 2018)
Dear isle of barra
I'm writing you a strictly worded letter to inform you of my disappointment of your weather. I have been waiting to visit you for as long as I can remember, and this year seemed like the ideal year. we have had 6 weeks of unbroken sunshine, record temperatures, and so little rain that the grass is scorched. so, tell me, then, why, on this one day window that we had to go, that you decided to have the worst weather all summer, and that the low cloud and fog meant that we couldn't fly. are you in cahoots with the 4 riders of the apocalypse? why, barra, why?
The Isle of Barra (17th Jul 2018)
Thank you for your thank you. The daughter is acceptable.
Incidentally, my research suggests that the only danger involved in Bill wandering into the ocean is that he might swim to Vatersay and miss lunch. Don't let that happen.
George (17th Jul 2018)
Dear isle of barra,
thank you for your request, your demands are important to us, so we will be despatching said bill, on the arranged loganair flight arriving at 10:35. I hope it is acceptable that his daughter travels with his, as his minder, as he will just not be able to find his way round your gigantic airport, and might get lost and wander off into the atlantic ocean. please arrange lunch.
thanks barra, bill will be there Friday....I promise.
The Isle of Barra (17th Jul 2018)
I need Bill
Bill! Bill! Bill!