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Geco (14th Feb 2019)
If you mean the text on the table it says, in the words of Oscar...., 'we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars'. one of my all time favourite quotes.
Gareth (14th Feb 2019)
Love the photos of the Flying Luxury Pod and its catering (that winelist!), although one dish (the container, not the contained) does look unfortunately like a dog's. Ironic that it comes on the very day that Airbus have announced the end of production of the A380, which isn't selling well enough. Also love the table... what does the text say?
Derek (4th Feb 2019)
Roos on the beach against the ocean surf! Amazing. I have never associated kangaroos with the ocean before, so for me that's a real thrill to see. I'm so glad that all of you have enjoyed the long time together--unbelievable temperatures aside--and I join Georgi is saying that's to Binni and Kim for helping our friend through the early parts of the transition. Georgi, have a great trip home. Pick out a really cool house! AND I think the new version of the blog has a time delay so for message posts; the reason I posted the one to Gareth twice was that I didn't think the first one was ever going to appear. So much for newer and better! Derek
Binni (1st Feb 2019)
Thank the lord ... message has reappeared!
Binni (1st Feb 2019)
Just spent some time writing a message to have it simply disappear. Dang and absolute bugger!
Binni 'n Kim (1st Feb 2019)
The Carnival Is Over ... lalalalala
All the painting is fantastic Georgi ... each section its very own appeal and delight. Thank you and happy that you enjoyed your creative hours in the sun and the flies!
Yes at times living with three women in one house with two cats has been challenging especially for we three ... we are used to each other for the last 30 plus years ... you are used to living by yourself forever ... you are more than welcome Georgi ... the tip bucket is on the back table! Joke ... I cannot work out how to insert a cheeky winking emoji face ...
Oh ... Why don't you just really pour salt onto my wound re your tragic arrangements for your flights home ... ENJOY!
Have to admit that we think that Peggy and Moogli will miss you ... the third human who used to slip them biscuits and finger cuddles on their tummies. Time for us to get back to working the garden and start musing seriously some travel later this year. One last thing ... re welcome message on lushblog ... are you changing that to reflect your new life ...
Derek (22nd Jan 2019)
Gareth: Apology accepted and no offense taken. It IS presumptuous to talk about things I do not understand well. I just find everything coming out of the White House so unbelievably incomprehensible that I seek out news from afar. Derek
Derek (22nd Jan 2019)

No offense taken and apology accepted; it IS presumptuous to talk about things I do not understand well. I just look for news elsewhere on the planet since anything coming out of the White House at this point is beyond my comprehension.

Gareth (21st Jan 2019)
Sorry to sully the message board again (I promise to be nice), but I've just been reading about the Mimosa winery on the Tathra-Bermagui road, which sounds like it's worth a visit (cellar door 11am - 4pm Thursday to Sunday) - you've probably been there a thousand times already, of course. I thought I read somewhere a while ago that one of the varietals they use is Viognier, but I can't see that on their website at the moment, though it mentions Verdelho and Savagnin, of all things.
And I should explain that the apparently contextless mention of the Viz website should have said that someone who's on the internet and needs an antidote to the news might find it very welcome.
Gareth (18th Jan 2019)
And I recommend to all readers in search of comic genius.