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Not enough time, 2 many places
9th Jan 2008
Jaipur: If I owned a city in India, I'd name in Andipur =)

I can't believe how fast the days are passing by and I haven't written since Agra.  Right now, we are in Jaipur.  Prior to Jaipur, we spent the night at this really tiny village I couldn't even map out. I'll try to post some pictures of the children if the computer will work. The keyboard is so sticky, I'll be lucky if I even spell out all these words correctly!

The day and night in the village was the most fun so far.  We took a village walk and all the children kept asking us for pens.  I guess it's "cool" for them to have a pen from America.  We ended up having a few of the kids walk with us around the village.  I felt like a celebrity because all the villagers were coming out to the street to say hello. =)  At night, we had a cooking demonstration and I got to roll out a chipati (sp) and then put it on the stove to watch it puff up.   A chipati is like a flour tortilla.  At night, we had a campfire and musicians and two boys came to dance.  We all ended up dancing and our tour guide taught us how to "put the luggage away" and "fly the kite".  If you're lucky, I'll pull out these moves when I get back to the States.  =)

The last two days have been spent in Jaipur.  The old city is 1,000 years old.  This morning, we went to a place called Lladi which is a program designed to take girls off the street and teach them how to make jewelry.  The girls were adorable and some of them ran away from home where they were abused.  I love interacting with the people most of all.  Even though one would think I should be learning Hindi, I've learned a bit of cockney slang instead from the English couple on our tour.  "Core Blimey!" is fun to say!

Tonight, we are seeing  a Bollywood movie and then going to a pub for drinks.  I'm going to get myself a big bag of popcorn for dinner.  Although, this is the Gourmet Traveler tour and instead of losing weight, I feel like I'm gaining weight.   The other night for dinner, we had fried spinach (SO YUMMY!) and fried banana.

So, if anyone wants to go on a hike when I get back to catch up, let me know. =)

Keep the postings coming or send me an email to my yahoo address and let me know how you're doing!

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Diary Photos
9th Jan 2008  Women at Ladli making jewelry

9th Jan 2008  Me and a little girl at Ladli in Jaipur

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