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Another Idiot Abroad
11th Jun 2017 - Prague
Czeching into Prague.......

Arrived in Prague about five minutes late, not too shabby for a six hour journey.  The train is definitely the way to go over here if you can make time for it.  Seems very efficient and is very clean and comfortable and the journey flew by.   Also, a first class ticket only cost £31, which was not a lot more than my return from London Bridge to Gatwick airport. 

Passed through Pilzen on the way through, where Pilsner beer was first created apparently.   Not surprisingly the Czechs are the heaviest beer drinking nation in the World.  Definitely more than a few unnecessary ones consumed at the end of every night here then. 

Found my hostel with a bit of help from some locals.  It's literally around the corner from the iconic Wenceslas Square!.  Thought they might have mentioned that in the info, with it being the best possible landmark to locate the place.  The manager here Peter, is a top man and very good for information on where best to start to get your bearings etc.  The place is a converted old building with no frills or much for facilities, but it's clean and comfortable.  My nice Brazilian neighbours are getting into the English tea drinking culture with me now and have already got through half my stash of Tetley teabags. 

Had a good tourist day yesterday, checking out a monastery/brewery with fine views of the city.  May have to go that way again today, as although Prague Castle is in the Guinness Book of Records as being the biggest in the World, I managed to miss it as I walked past on my way down to the old town.  Doh!

The old town here is stunning, with historic buildings wherever you look.  Need to make a better plan and pick some places out to see today, as it's a bit of a maze and easy to miss things.

Quite a sight in Wenceslas Square yesterday morning as literally thousands of mopeds and motorcycles beeping horns and with a police escort paraded down from the top end and back up towards where I'm staying.  Bearing in mind this is where the Czechs like to come to demonstrate in great numbers, I assumed it was some kind of protest against the pedestrianisation of the City centre or similar.  A policeman told me it was just a promotion for Mr Brown coffee!

Prague has obviously taken off as one of the stag/hen party must do venues.  All kinds of fancy dress going on from groups from all nations here, although the Germans seem to unimaginatively stick to either the national costume or football shirts.  Did see a cracking group of Russian zombies in the local Irish bar when I checked in on the cricket though.  Ever tried to explain cricket to a Russian zombie?  Was never gonna happen,  even in the time it takes me to drink a pint!  We established that the game is never going to take off there until fielders can rugby tackle batsmen, who can use the bat in their defence and left it at that.

The city is another place with my old nemesis,  the tram.  Can't get used to looking out for them and always getting hauled away from the tracks by a helpful local after I think I've crossed the road safely.  

An easy trip on the very good Prague Metro system to get to the Speedway.   The line was extended fairly recently and now goes to within just a few minutes walk of the Marketa Speedway Stadium.  Saw some Slovenes from Krsko who I'd seen at their GP back in April on the way there, so had a beer with them before the start.  Also met a chap from Norwich when buying the programme. He's happy with the new regime and got his own Farke gag in as is now the way when discussing City.  

It was s a step up in atmosphere here compared to Krsko, probably due to the hoards of Polish fans.  Not sure if they are just crazy about their speedway,  or just literally mental full stop.  A trip to see a GP over there would be an experience. 

Another frustrating night for Woffinden, who looked good with 5 points from his first two races, but an exclusion, followed by a fourth left him too much to do and he missed out on the semi finals.  No consolation to him that back home there doesn't seem to be any distinguishing between winners and losers these days.  Apparently you just interpret results to suit your opinion.

It was good that the Czech rider Vaclav Milik made the final and also the Pole Dudek, making a great atmosphere,  although it was Aussie Jason Doyle who took the honours ahead of Greg Hancock.

No stopping the Poles though, who were singing all the way back to the Metro.  Just glad they're not staying at my place!

May take in the zoo today if I can find it, then a day trip to Dresden tomorrow to come.....

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