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Travelling Harfields
5th Jun 2017
Day 6 - Way out West

Mattu, Oliver, Felicity.......Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh seen too many beautiful mine blowing freeks of nature. Brain about to explode..

Today we went to see the site of that iconic movie ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’.  You know the one its just been digitally remasters having been first released 40 years ago.  Oh no wait, at 35, 21 and 19 years of age this means nothing to you 3.  Well its lucky that your parents have a subscription to Netflix and you have the pass word.  To be honest, and don’t tell your Father, I have never seen the film either.  Do you really think Grandma Midge would have let me watch a film with Aliens in when I was a young girl.  No obviously not.  So when all ‘my generation’ rave about the movie I nod and smile.

I digress, if you watch the movie you will see this amazing scene… so they say… and this rock formation with pinnacles of rock with 4, 5 and 6 faces.  What a sight.  Good thing Uncle Jeremy wasn’t here as there was a ban on climbing it as a climber died a few days ago on the face.  This national monument is believed to be formed below ground  With over a million years of eroding this pillar was left. WOW nature is amazing.

We walked in the blistering heat for a mile or so round the base, taking pics from every angle.

Then a drive onto a new camp site, with hot tub… and enjoyed a jolly meal of roast garlic, shrimp and pork….. yes we had vegetables we are good parents.  Always eat your greens.

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Diary Photos
5th Jun 2017  Day 6 - Way out West
Close encounters from a distance

5th Jun 2017  Day 6 - Way out West
Ahhhhh aliens

5th Jun 2017  Day 6 - Way out West
Amazing from every angle

5th Jun 2017  Day 6 - Way out West
Arty bark shot

5th Jun 2017  Day 6 - Way out West
Great from every angle

5th Jun 2017  Day 6 - Way out West
Da Men

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