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Travelling Harfields
11th Oct 2017
5. only 5 pairs of shoes left - what to wear when you're driving....

Dear Blog 

We are counting backwards from 8 and we are on the 5th pair of shoes I bought with me on this trip.

Not a lot to say on this update…. Just remember these updates are for me not you!

These shoes don’t look exciting however fyi Impo shoes are my go to.  How pompous does that sound…

In 2 days we drove for over 16 hrs from Denver to Sacramento, through Colorado, Utah, Nevada to California.

Beautiful scenery, so varied – the USA is such an huge and incredible land mass.

We stopped in Salt Lake City and Reno.  Am I the only person who never realized that there was a Salt Lake… the largest body of water outside of the Great Lakes and the biggest natural salt producer in the western hemisphere.  Just me who didn’t know this right….

So best shoes when you drive over 1000 miles are…

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Diary Photos
11th Oct 2017  Impo shoes - always good for driving in
5th pair of shoes on this trip!

11th Oct 2017  The real Salt Lake at Salt Lake City, UT
What to wear on your feet when driving across 4 States!

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