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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
Summer 2018 RV trip - 72 Diary Entries
6th Jun 2018Day 78-June 6, 2018-HOME!!!!
5th Jun 2018Day 77-June 5, 2018-RAIN to Perry, FL
4th Jun 2018Day 76-June 4, 2018-Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama
3rd Jun 2018Day 75-June 3, 2018-Good-Bye Texas, Hello Louisiana
2nd Jun 2018Day 74-June 2, 2018-Sugar Land, TX, more baseball
1st Jun 2018Day 73-June 1, 2018-The Long Road to Sugar Land, TX
31st May 2018Day 72-May 31, 2018-Round Rock, TX, more baseball
30th May 2018Day 71-May 30, 2018-ToRound Rock, TX, tires, baseball
29th May 2018Day 70-May 29, 2018-The Road Less Traveled to Brady, TX
28th May 2018Day 69-May 28, 2018-To Fort Stockton, TX
27th May 2018Day 68-May 27, 2018-La Mesilla village, Organ Mts.-Desert Peaks, and more wine
26th May 2018Day 67-May 26, 2018-Danger signs, wind and wine to Las Cruces, NM
25th May 2018Day 66-May 25, 2018-Last day in Tucson
24th May 2018Day 65-May 24, 2018-Tucson sights
23rd May 2018Day 64-May 23, 2018-Tucson, AZ
22nd May 2018Day 63-May 22, 2018-Chores day
21st May 2018Day 62-May 21, 2018-Ford, camera non-repair
20th May 2018Day 61-May 20, 2018-Baseball disappointment, Saguaro National Park, Tucson
19th May 2018Day 60-To Tucson, AZ
18th May 2018Day 59-May 18, 2018-Prescott Valley, Bucky's Casino
18th May 2018Day 58-May 17, 2018-A Wrong Turn to Prescott Valley, AZ, Whiskey Row
16th May 2018Day 57-May 16, 2018-To Arizona, Vermillion Cliffs, Lake Powell
15th May 2018Day 56-May 15, 2018-Kodachrome Basin State Park, More Bryce Canyon
14th May 2018Day 55-May 14, 2018-Bryce Canyon and the GPS is going home
13th May 2018Day 54-May 13, 2018-Happy Mother's Day, to Salina, UT, Harry and the dog
12th May 2018Day 53-May 12, 2018-Gilgan Sculpture Gardens, This Is The Place Heritage Park, Salt Lake City
11th May 2018Day 52-May 11, 2018-To Salt Lake City, UT
10th May 2018Day 51-May 10, 2018-Twin Falls Idaho, Shoshone Falls, Perrine Bridge, Evil Knievel
9th May 2018Day 50-May 9, 2018-Crater of the Moon National Monument and Preserve
8th May 2018Day 49-May 8, 2018-Route 93 Through Idaho
7th May 2018Day 48-May 7, 2018-More Rapids, mountains, passes and snow back to Idaho
6th May 2018Day 47-May 6, 2018-Rapids, rapids, rapids to Montana
5th May 2018Day 46-Cinco de Mayo-Canoe Camp, Fish Hatchery, Fiesta en Jalisco
4th May 2018Day 45-May 4, 2018-Lewis and Clark ain't got nothin' on us
3rd May 2018Day 44-May 3, 2018-R.E.L.A.X
2nd May 2018Day 43-May 2, 2015-Prosser, WA
1st May 2018Day 42-May 1, 2018-Over the Cascades
30th Apr 2018Day 41-April 30, 2018-Grays Harbor and Westport, WA
29th Apr 2018Day 40-April 29, 2018-To Hoquiam, WA
28th Apr 2018Day 39-April 28, 2018-LaPush, WA
27th Apr 2018Day 38-April 28, 2018-To LaPush, WA
26th Apr 2018Day 37-April 26, 2018-Olympic National Park, Hurricane Ridge
25th Apr 2018Day 36-April 25, 2018-To the Washington Olympic Peninsula
24th Apr 2018Day 35-April 24, 2018-Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, Mount Angel Glockenspiel, Oregon Garden
23rd Apr 2018Day 34-April 23, 2018-To Silverton, OR, Silver Falls State Park
22nd Apr 2018Day 33-April 22, 2018-Historic Columbia River Valley Highway
21st Apr 2018Day 32-April 21, 2018-Washington State side of Columbia River Gorge
20th Apr 2018Day 31-April 20, 2018-The Columbia River Gorge
19th Apr 2018Day 30-April 19, 2018-To the Columbia River Valley, OR
18th Apr 2018Day 29-April 18, 2018-Sunnyslope Wine Trail Idaho Wine Trail
17th Apr 2018Day 28-April 17, 2018-Nevada, Oregon, Idaho
16th Apr 2018Day 27-April 16, 2018-Snow, Butch Cassidy, Sand Dunes, Basque food
15th Apr 2018Day 26-April 15, 2018-To Winnemucca, NV, Austin, NV
14th Apr 2018Day 25-April 14, 2018-To Tonopah, NV
13th Apr 2018Day 24-April 13, 2018-Ryholite, NV Ghost Town, Ubehe Crater, Harmony Borax Works
12th Apr 2018Day 23-April 12, 2018-Furnace Creek Ranch, Badwater Basin, Devil's Golf Course, Artist's Palette
11th Apr 2018Day 22-April 11, 2018-Death Valley, CA
10th Apr 2018Day 21-April 10, 2018-To Death Valley, CA
9th Apr 2018Day 20-April 9, 2018-What happens in Vegas....
8th Apr 2018Day 19-April 8, 2018-More Las Vegas
7th Apr 2018Day 18-April 7, 2018-Ford drama, The Strip, Fremont St. Experience, Sam's Town
6th Apr 2018Day 17-April 6, 2018-North Las Vegas, Baseball
5th Apr 2018Day 16-April 15, 2018-Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, casino
4th Apr 2018Day 15-April 4, 2018-Laundry, shopping, casino
3rd Apr 2018Day 14-April 3, 2018-To Las Vegas, NV
2nd Apr 2018Day 13-April 3, 2018-Laughlin, NV casino and Walk In Clinic,
1st Apr 2018Day 12-April 1, 2018-Happy Easter, to Laughlin, NV
31st Mar 2018Day 11-March 31, 2018-Bearizona and Grand Canyon Brewery
30th Mar 2018Day 10-March 30, 2018-To Williams, AZ
29th Mar 2018Day 9-March 29, 2018- Casino, Acoma Pueblo and Grants, NM
28th Mar 2018Day 8-March 28, 2018-To Acoma, NM
21st Mar 2018Days 1-7-March 21-27, 2018-To Tucumcari, NM
Summer 2017 Part III Hurr.Irma - 6 Diary Entries
14th Sep 2017Days 9 & 10-September 14 & 15, 2017-The Trip HOME!
13th Sep 2017Day 8-September 13, 2017
12th Sep 2017Day 7-Sept. 12, 2017-Wasting time in Chattanooga
11th Sep 2017Day 6-Sept. 11, 2017-The hurricane aftermath
8th Sep 2017Days 3-5-Sept. 8-10, 2017-Waiting for Hurricane Irma
6th Sep 2017Days 1-2-Sept. 6-7, 2017-Getting out of Florida
Summer 2017 Part II - 48 Diary Entries
22nd Aug 2017Day 48-August 22, 2017-To Home
21st Aug 2017Day 47-August 21, 2017-To Quincy, FL and the Eclipse that wasn't
20th Aug 2017Day 46-August 20, 2017-To Boomtown Casino, Biloxi, MS
19th Aug 2017Day 45-August 19, 2017-To Duson, LA
18th Aug 2017Day 44-August 18, 2017-Sugar Land, TX Skeeter Baseball
17th Aug 2017Day 43-August 17, 2017-To Houston, TX
16th Aug 2017Day 42-August 16, 2017-Town of Bandera and the 11th St. Cowboy Bar
15th Aug 2017Day 41-August 15, 2017-To Bandera, TX
14th Aug 2017Day 40-August 14, 2017-To Sonora, TX
13th Aug 2017Day 39-August 13, 2017-To Van Horn, TX
12th Aug 2017Day 38-August 12, 2017-Deming, NM day 2
11th Aug 2017Day 37-August 11, 2017-Deming, NM Wine & Adobe Deli
10th Aug 2017Day 36-August 10, 2017-To Bernardo, NM
9th Aug 2017Day 35-August 9, 2017-It's the Journey (And the Destination)
8th Aug 2017Day 34-August 8, 2017-Colorado River Scenic Byway and Wine
7th Aug 2017Day 33-August 7, 2017-Arches NP, Moab, Utah
6th Aug 2017Day 32-August 6, 2017-Farmers Market and Peach Orchards
5th Aug 2017Day 31-August 5, 2017-Palisade Wine and Peaches
4th Aug 2017Day 30-August 4, 2017-RV Wash, Wineries and Baseball
3rd Aug 2017Day 29-August 3, 2017-Grand Junction, CO-Book Cliffs and Winery
2nd Aug 2017Day 28-August 2, 2017-To Gunnison, CO
1st Aug 2017Day 27-August 1, 2017-Chores
31st Jul 2017Day 26-July 31, 2017-Old Colorado City, Canon City, Manitou Springs, BBB
30th Jul 2017Day 25-July 30, 2017-Cripple Creek, CO casinos
29th Jul 2017Day 24-July 29, 2017-RV Repair, Laundry, Pro-Rodeo Hall of Fame, Garden of the Gods, Wine
28th Jul 2017Day 23-July 28, 2017-We're not in Kansas anymore
27th Jul 2017Day 22-July 27, 2017-To Kansas
26th Jul 2017Day 21-July 26, 2017-Niobrara Nat'l. Wildlife Refuge, Valentine, and we're swearing off casinos
25th Jul 2017Day 20-July 25, 2017-To Valentine, NE
24th Jul 2017Day 19-July 24, 2017-Mobridge, SD
23rd Jul 2017Day 18-July 23, 2017-The Road To Nowhere Begins
22nd Jul 2017Day 17-July 22, 2017-North Dakota Horse Park, Hjemkomst Int. Center in MN and breweries
21st Jul 2017Day 16-July 21, 2017-Fargo-Wine and we're on the scoreboard at baseball
20th Jul 2017Day 15-July 20, 2017-To Fargo, ND
19th Jul 2017Day 14-July 19, 2017-Laundry, The Falls and Winery
18th Jul 2017Day 13-July 18, 2017-Sioux Falls, SD baseball
17th Jul 2017Day 12-July 17, 2017-Omaha, NE-Casino, Old Market, Beer, Steak and Baseball
16th Jul 2017Day 11-July 16, 2017-Council Bluffs, Iowa
15th Jul 2017Day 10-July 15, 2017-Independence & Kansas City, MO
14th Jul 2017Day 9-July 14, 2017-Branson, MO day 2
13th Jul 2017Day 8-July 13, 2017-Branson, MO
12th Jul 2017Day 7-July 12, 2017-Little Rock, AR
11th Jul 2017Day 6-July 11, 2017-Rising Star CG-Grady, AR day 2
10th Jul 2017Day 5-July 10, 2017-Rising Star CG-Grady, AR
9th Jul 2017Day 4-July 9, 2017-To Starkville, MS
8th Jul 2017Day 3-July 8, 2017-Two Casinos, Two Baseball games and fireworks
7th Jul 2017Day 2-July 7, 2017-To Montgomery, AL
6th Jul 2017Day 1-July 6, 2017-We're off again
Summer 2017 - 22 Diary Entries
6th Jul 2017Day 1-July 6, 2017-We're off again
21st Jun 2017Day 33-June 21, 2017-To Homosassa, FL
20th Jun 2017Day 32-June 20, 2017-To Tiftin, GA
19th Jun 2017Day 31--June 19, 2017-Dahlonega, GA wineries, town and rocks
18th Jun 2017Day 30-June 18, 2017-To Dahlonega, GA
17th Jun 2017Day 29-June 17, 2017-To Tennessee
16th Jun 2017Day 28-June 16, 2017-And They Call The Thing Rodeo
15th Jun 2017Day 27-June 15, 2016-Kentucky Horse Park and Lexington Legends Baseball
14th Jun 2017Day 26-June 14, 2017-Lexington
12th Jun 2017Day 24-June 12, 2017-Visit with family
11th Jun 2017Day 23-June 11, 2017-To Galloway, OH-Wine, Beer, casino
10th Jun 2017Day 22-June 10, 2017-The Ohio Amish Countryside
9th Jun 2017Day 21-June 9, 2017-To Ohio
8th Jun 2017Day 20-June 8, 2017-Harry's Birthday, casino, horses and dinner
7th Jun 2017Day 19-June 7, 2017-Lake Erie Wine Trail
6th Jun 2017Day 18-June 6, 2017-To Erie PA
5th Jun 2017Day 17-June 5, 2017-Waterfalls, Laundry and Wine
4th Jun 2017Day 16-June 4, 2017-To Ithaca, NY
3rd Jun 2017Day 15-June 3, 2017-Lake George, Glens Falls and wine
2nd Jun 2017Day 14-June 2, 2017-Saratoga Springs Casino and horse racing
1st Jun 2017Day 13-June 1, 2017-To New York
20th May 2017The first 12 twelve-May 20-31, 2017-The East Coast
Summer 2016 - 86 Diary Entries
19th Aug 2016Day 86-August 19, 2016-There's no place like home!
18th Aug 2016Day 85-August 18, 2016-To Florida
17th Aug 2016Day 84-August 17, 2017-Change of plans and baseball
16th Aug 2016Day 83-August 16, 2016-Frankfort, KY-Bourbon, Cemetery, State Capitol and baseball
15th Aug 2016Day 82-Kentucky Horse Park, 2 Race tracks and a non-casino
14th Aug 2016Day 81-August 14, 2016-To Lexington, Kentucky
13th Aug 2016Day 80-August 13, 2016-Indiana State Fair
12th Aug 2016Day 79-August 12, 2016-To Indianapolis and Speedway, IN
11th Aug 2016Day 78-August 11, 2016-Still in Illinois
10th Aug 2016Day 77-August 10, 2016-Chores and more family in Illinois
9th Aug 2016Day 76-August 9, 2016-Illinois countryside and family
8th Aug 2016Day 75-August 8, 2016-Field of Dreams movie set and into Illinois
7th Aug 2016Day 74-August 7, 2016-3 States, Clouds, Corn!
6th Aug 2016Day 73-August 6, 2016-Sioux Falls, SD
5th Aug 2016Day 72-August 5, 2016-Eastern South Dakota, Corn Palace and Baseball
4th Aug 2016Day 71-August 4, 2016-Western South Dakota and Wall Drug Store
3rd Aug 2016Day 70-August 3, 2016-Deadwood, SD casinos and bighorn sheep
2nd Aug 2016Day 69-August 2, 2016-To Belle Fourche, SD, the Geographical Center of the Nation
1st Aug 2016Day 68-August 1, 2016-Little Bighorn Battlefield
31st Jul 2016Day 67-July 31, 2016-Eastern Montana and Garryowen, MT
30th Jul 2016Day 66-July 30, 2016-Livingston, MT
29th Jul 2016Day 65-July 29, 2016-To Livingston, MT
28th Jul 2016Day 64-July 28, 2016-Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Missoula, MT
27th Jul 2016Day 63-July 27, 2016-Into Montana and baseball
26th Jul 2016Day 62-July 26, 2016-Leaving Washington
25th Jul 2016Day 61-July 25, 2016-Tri-Cities, WA Wine and Baseball
24th Jul 2016Day 60-July 24, 2016-Prosser, WA Day 2
23rd Jul 2016Day 59-July 23, 2016-Prosser, WA More Yakima Valley Wine Trail
22nd Jul 2016Day 58-July 22, 2016-Yakima Valley Wine Trail
21st Jul 2016Day 57-July 21, 2016-Mt. Rainier & to Yakima, WA
20th Jul 2016Day 56-July 20, 2016-Olympia, WA
19th Jul 2016Day 55-July 19, 2016-To Olympia, WA
18th Jul 2016Day 54-July 18, 2016-O Canada-Victoria, to be exact
17th Jul 2016Day 53-July 17, 2016-Olympic National Park-Hurricane Ridge
16th Jul 2016Day 52-July 16, 2016-Sequim, WA Lavender Festival, Casino
15th Jul 2016Day 51--July 15, 2016-To Port Angeles, WA
14th Jul 2016Day 50-July 14, 2016-LaPush, WA
13th Jul 2016Day 49-July 13, 2016-Olympic National Rainforest, WA and LaPush sunset
12th Jul 2016Day 48-July 12, 2016-Oregon Cheese Factories and to Washington State
11th Jul 2016Day 47-July 11, 2016-Blueberries, Depoe Bay, Casino
10th Jul 2016Day 46-July 10, 2016-The Oregon coast
9th Jul 2016Day 45-July 9, 2016-Plans, Gold Beach, OR, Ocean, Brewery
8th Jul 2016Day 44-July 8, 2016-California Redwoods, Oregon Coast
7th Jul 2016Day 43-July 7, 2016-Victorian Homes, Brewery, Graveyard, Casino
6th Jul 2016Day 42-July 6, 2016-To Eureka, CA, Samoa Cookhouse and cloudy sunset
5th Jul 2016Day 41-July 5, 2016-Corning Olive Oil Co., Chico, CA-Sierra Nevada Brewery and The Chico Heat
4th Jul 2016Day 40-July 4, 2016-HAPPY 4TH OF JULY, chores, plans & casino
3rd Jul 2016Day 39-July 3, 2016-Wine and Olives
2nd Jul 2016Day 38-July 2, 2016-To Corning, CA
1st Jul 2016Day 37-July 1, 2016-To Delhi, CA
30th Jun 2016Day 36-June 30, 2016-Chores Day
29th Jun 2016Day 35-June 29, 2016-CA Fruit Depot and Buck Owens' Crystal Palace
28th Jun 2016Day 34-June 28, 2016-To Bakersfield, CA
27th Jun 2016Day 33-June 27, 2016-DePortola Rd. Wine Trail
26th Jun 2016Day 32-June 26, 2016-Lake Skinner and more vineyards
25th Jun 2016Day 31-June 25, 2016-To Temecula Wine Valley
24th Jun 2016Day 30-June 24, 2016-Last Day in Coachella Valley
23rd Jun 2016Day 29-June 23, 2016-Groceries, casino, pizza, pool, Village Fest
22nd Jun 2016Day 28-June 22, 2016-Joshua Tree National Park
21st Jun 2016Day 27-June 21, 2016-Shields Date Garden, lunch, casino and brewery
20th Jun 2016Day 26-June 20-Laundry, Mt. San Jacinto State Park and Wilderness area and Casino
19th Jun 2016Day 25-June 19, 2016-Father's Day movie, dinner and baseball
18th Jun 2016Day 24- June 18, 2016-To Palms Springs, CA
17th Jun 2016Day 23-June 17, 2016-To Yuma, AZ
16th Jun 2016Day 22-June 16, 2016-Titan II Missile, Car Wash, Haircut and Baseball
15th Jun 2016Day 21-June 15, 2016-Saguaro NP, Old Town Artisans, Borderlands Brewery, San Xavier Mission and pool
14th Jun 2016Day 20-June 14, 2016-PIMA Air and Space Museum, Aircraft Boneyard, groceries and Casino
13th Jun 2016Day 19-June 13, 2016-Mt. Lemmon, Sky Island Scenic Highway and Sky Center
12th Jun 2016Day 18-June 12, 2016-Laundry, pool and a nice cold beer
11th Jun 2016Day 17-June 11, 2016-Saguaro National Park and Baseball
10th Jun 2016Day 16-June 10, 2016-To Tucson, AZ
9th Jun 2016Day 15-June 9, 2016-Deming, NM
8th Jun 2016Day 14-June 8, 2016-Into NM and Harry's birthday
7th Jun 2016Day 13-June 7, 2016-The Western Half of Texas
6th Jun 2016Day 12-June 6, 2016-To Sonora, TX
5th Jun 2016Day 11-June 5, 2016-Downtown Austin and a batty end to the day
4th Jun 2016Day 10-June 4, 2016-Lazy Day and baseball
3rd Jun 2016Day 9-June 3, 2016-GREAT NEIGHBORS, Wine, Honky Tonk, Bats and rain
2nd Jun 2016Day 8-June 2, 2016-Austin and Round Rock, TX
1st Jun 2016Day 7-June 1, 2016-Houston, more baseball and meeting Deacon Jones
31st May 2016Day 6-May 31, 2016-Houston, Fire Museum, Baseball and we're intervied by ESPN
30th May 2016Day 5-May 30, 2016-To Louisiana
29th May 2016Day 4-May 29, 2016-Ocean Springs, MS, Beau Rivage Casino and baseball
28th May 2016Day 3-May 28, 2016-Gulfport, MS
27th May 2016Day 2-May 27, 2016-To Biloxi, MS
26th May 2016Day 1-May 26, 2016-Heading out
Summer 2015 - 61 Diary Entries
26th May 2016Day 1-May 26, 2016-Heading out
30th Jul 2015Day 60-July 30, 2015-WE'RE HOME!
29th Jul 2015Day 59-July 29, 2015-Louisiana, Mississippe, Alabama, Florida
28th Jul 2015Day 58-July 28, 2015-Louisiana, Mississippi, Louisiana
27th Jul 2015Day 57-July 27, 2015-RV Repair
26th Jul 2015Day 56-July 26, 2015-RV Trouble
25th Jul 2015Day 55-July 25, 2015-Last Day in Hot Springs
24th Jul 2015Day 54-July 24, 2015-Hot Springs is COOL!
23rd Jul 2015Day 53-July 23, 2015-Hot Springs, AR
22nd Jul 2015Day 52-July 22, 2015-North Little Rock, AR
21st Jul 2015Day 51-July 21, 2015-Back to Eureka Springs
20th Jul 2015Day 50-July 20, 2015-Holiday Island
19th Jul 2015Day 49-July 19, 2015-Bentonville & Springdale, AR
18th Jul 2015Day 48-July 18, 2015-Eureka Springs, AR
17th Jul 2015Day 47-July 17, 2015-To Arkansas
16th Jul 2015Day 46-July 16, 2015-Branson-NO SHOWS TODAY!
15th Jul 2015Day 45-July 15, 2015-Branson-The Duttons & IT
14th Jul 2015Day 44-July 14, 2015-Rick Thomas, Illusionist & Shoji Tabuchi
13th Jul 2015Day 43-July 13, 2015-Branson-Pierce Arrow and SIX
12th Jul 2015Day 42-July 12, 2015-Branson and Million Dollar Quartet
11th Jul 2015Day 41-July 11, 2015-On the road again
10th Jul 2015Day 40-July 10, 2015 Iowa Casinos and Wineries
9th Jul 2015Day 39-July 9, 2015-Council Bluffs, IA and Omaha baseball
8th Jul 2015Day 38-July 8, 2015-Nebraska
7th Jul 2015Day 37-July 7, 2015-Goodbye to the Rockies
6th Jul 2015Day 36-July 6, 2015-Black Hawk, CO
5th Jul 2015Day 35-To Black Hawk, CO
4th Jul 2015Day 34-THE FOURTH OF JULY!!! HOORAY!!!
4th Jul 2015Day 34-THE FOURTH OF JULY, 2015
3rd Jul 2015Day 33-July 3, 2015-Great Sand Dunes National Park
2nd Jul 2015Day 32-July 2, 2015-To the Rockies
1st Jul 2015Day 31-July 1, 2015-Mesa Verde National Park
30th Jun 2015Day 30-June 30, 2015-Four Corners and Ute Mountain Casino
29th Jun 2015Day 29-June 29, 2015-Last Day in Moab, UT
28th Jun 2015Day 28-June 28, 2015-Arches National Park
27th Jun 2015Day 27-June 27, 2015-Canyonlands National Park
26th Jun 2015Day 26-June 26, 2015-Lazy Day To Wellington, UTAH
25th Jun 2015Day 25-June 25, 2015-Great Salt Lake and Baseball
24th Jun 2015Day 24-June 24, 2015-To Ogden, UT
23rd Jun 2015Day 23-June 23, 2015-Victor, ID
22nd Jun 2015Day 22-June 22, 2015-Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks
21st Jun 2015Day 21-June 21, 2015-Cody, WY-Buffalo Bill and a Powwow
20th Jun 2015Day 20-June 20, 2015-To Cody, WY-Whiskey, Dinner, Cowboy Show and a Rodeo
19th Jun 2015Day 19-June 19, 2015-Thermopolis, WY-Casino and Hot Springs
18th Jun 2015Day 18-June 18, 2015-Casper, WY
17th Jun 2015Day 17-June 17, 2015-Cheyenne, WY-Bison, Botany and Beer
16th Jun 2015Day 16-June 16, 2015-To Cheyenne, WY
15th Jun 2015Day 15-June 15, 2015-Nebraska
14th Jun 2015Day 14-June 14, 2015-Kansas Day 2
13th Jun 2015Day 13-June 13, 2015-Kansas
12th Jun 2015Day 12-June 12, 2015-Where to next???
11th Jun 2015Day 11-June 11, 2015-Hannibal, MO
10th Jun 2015Day 10-June 10, 2015-St. Louis, MO
9th Jun 2015Day 9-June 9, 2015-To St. Louis, MO
8th Jun 2015Day 8-June 8, 2015-Harry's Birthday, Casino and Bourbon
7th Jun 2015Day 7-June 7, 2015-Churchill Downs
6th Jun 2015Day 6-June 6, 2015-To Louisville and more GO BATS!!!
5th Jun 2015Day 5-June 5, 2015-Nashville at night
4th Jun 2015Day 4-June 4, 2015-To Nashville and more baseball
3rd Jun 2015Day 3-June 3, 2015-Chattanooga, TN
1st Jun 2015Days 1 & 2-June 1-2, 2015-to Chattanooga, TN
San Antonio and Bandera, TX 20 - 1 Diary Entries
18th Apr 2015Texas Hill Country-Bandera & San Antonio
Summer 2014 - 57 Diary Entries
1st Sep 2014Day 58-September 1, 2014-Labor Day-SPLAT!
31st Aug 2014Day 57-August 31, 2014-Heading home
30th Aug 2014Day 56-August 30, 2014-More with the Grandchildren
29th Aug 2014Day 55-August 29, 2014-To Concord, NC and the Grandchildren
28th Aug 2014Day 54-August 28, 2014-Waterfalls
27th Aug 2014Day 53-August 27, 2014-Cherokee, NC
26th Aug 2014Day 52-August 26, 2014-Great Smokie Mountain National Park
25th Aug 2014Day 51-August 25, 2014-Gatlinburg, TN
24th Aug 2014Day 50-August 24, 2014-Pigeon Forge, TN
23rd Aug 2014Day 49-Nashville Sounds Baseball
22nd Aug 2014Day 48-August 22, 2014-Nashville at night
21st Aug 2014Day 47-August 21, 2014-Toyota, Old Nags, Bourbon & Beer
20th Aug 2014Day 46-August 20, 2014-Bluegrass, Beasts, Bourbon, Baseball & Wine
19th Aug 2014Day 45-August 19, 2014-To Bluegrass, Kentucky
18th Aug 2014Day 44-August 18, 2014-More Chores, Casino and Baseball
17th Aug 2014Day 43-August 17, 2014-Chores & downtown Columbus
16th Aug 2014Day 42-August 16, 2014-To Columbus, OH and another tire incident
15th Aug 2014Day 41-August 15, 2014-Marblehead Peninsula Lighthouse & Winery
14th Aug 2014Day 40-August 14, 2014-To Sandusky, OHIO
13th Aug 2014Day 39-August 13, 2014-Shipshewana Flea Market & Heritage Trail
12th Aug 2014Day 38-August 12, 2014-Keystone RV Factory Tour
11th Aug 2014Day 37-August 11, 2014-Shipshewana, IN
10th Aug 2014Day 36-August 10, 2014-To Indiana
9th Aug 2014Day 35-August 9, 2014-Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, Leelanau Peninsula and Leelanau Sands Casino
8th Aug 2014Day 34-August 8, 2014-Old Mission Peninsula and more baseball
7th Aug 2014Day 33-August 7, 2014-To Traverse City and the Traverse City Beach Bums Baseball
6th Aug 2014Day 32-August 6, 2014-Still in St. Ignace
5th Aug 2014Day 31-August 5, 2014-Mackinac Island, Michigan
4th Aug 2014Day 30-August 4, 2014-To St. Ignace, Michigan
3rd Aug 2014Day 29-August 3, 2014-Seney National Wildlife Refuge
2nd Aug 2014Day 28-August 2, 2014-To Manistique, Michigan
1st Aug 2014Day 27-August 1, 2014-Lake Superior and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
31st Jul 2014Day 26-July 31, 2014-To the Upper Peninsula (UP) Michigan and another casino win
30th Jul 2014Day 25-July 30, 2014-Two Rivers, Wisconsin, the birthplace of the ice cream sundae
29th Jul 2014Day 24-July 29, 2014-Door County Peninsula and the Fish Boil
28th Jul 2014Day 23-July 28, 2014-To Two Rivers, Wisconsin
26th Jul 2014Days 21 & 22-July 26 & 27, 2014-Crystal Lake, IL
25th Jul 2014Day 20-July 25, 2014-To Crystal Lake, IL
24th Jul 2014Day 19-July 24, 2014-Harmony, Minnesota Amish & Decorah Nordic Fest
23rd Jul 2014Day 18-July 23, 2014-Decorah, Iowa-Wine, Eagles and Beer
22nd Jul 2014Day 17-July 22, 2014-Tama, Iowa
21st Jul 2014Day 16-July 21, 2014-To Tama, Iowa
20th Jul 2014Day 15-July 20, 2014-Rocheport, MO & Budweiser Clydesdales
19th Jul 2014Day 14-July 19, 2014-Columbia, MO & the "Show Me State" baseball games
18th Jul 2014Day 13-July 18, 2014-Illusionist Rick Thomas/Last Day in Branson
17th Jul 2014Day 12-July 17, 2014-Wine, Moonshine, Beer and Baseball
16th Jul 2014Day 11-July 16, 2014-Grand Country Comedy Jubilee and The Duttons
15th Jul 2014Day 10-July 15, 2014-Dublin's Irish Tenors and Le Grand Cirque and HARRY BREAKS INTO SHOW BIZ
14th Jul 2014Day 9-July 14, 2014-Branson, Day 2
13th Jul 2014Day 8-July 13, 2014-Branson, Day 1
12th Jul 2014Day 7-July 12, 2014-To Branson, MO
11th Jul 2014Day 6-July 11, 2014-To Arkansas
10th Jul 2014Day 5-July 10, 2014-Rural Louisiana and Natchez, MS
9th Jul 2014Day 4-July 9, 2014-Vidalia, LA & Natchez, MS
8th Jul 2014Day 3-July 8, 2014-New Orleans, LA
7th Jul 2014Day 2-July 7, 2014-To New Orleans (and a tire problem)
6th Jul 2014Day 1-July 6, 2014-We're off again
Alaska 2014 - 11 Diary Entries
6th Jul 2014Day 1-July 6, 2014-We're off again
9th Jun 2014Days 11-12-June 9 , 10, 2014-Fairbanks, North Pole & HOME!!
8th Jun 2014Day 10-June 8, 2014-Gold, Pipeline Riverboat & Harry's Birthday
7th Jun 2014Day 9-June 7, 2014-Train to Denali
6th Jun 2014Day 8-June 6, 2014-Denali Jeep Excursion Tour
5th Jun 2014Day 7-June 5, 2014-Denali National Park Backcountry Adventure
4th Jun 2014Day 6-June 4, 2014-Denali National Park
3rd Jun 2014Day 5-June 3, 2014-Floatplane to Redoubt Bay
2nd Jun 2014Day 4-June 2, 2014-Kenai Fjord National Park Cruise & Holgate Glacier
1st Jun 2014Day 3-June 1, 2014-Seward, Alaska
30th May 2014Days 1-2-May 30, 31, 2014-NORTH TO ALASKA!
Summer 2013 - 65 Diary Entries
13th Aug 2013Day 69-August 13, 2013-WE'RE BAAAAACK!!!!!!
12th Aug 2013Day 68-August 12, 2013-Getting closer to home
11th Aug 2013Day 67-August 11, 2013-Driving through four states
10th Aug 2013Day 66-August 10, 2013-AND YET ANOTHER TIRE (#4) BITES THE DUST!!!!!!
9th Aug 2013Day 65-August 9, 2013-To Arkansas
8th Aug 2013Day 64-August 8, 2013-National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum & OKC Day 3
7th Aug 2013Day 63-August 7, 2013-OKC Day 2
6th Aug 2013Day 62-August 6, 2013- AND ANOTHER TIRE BITES THE DUST!!!!
5th Aug 2013Day 61-August 5, 2013-And Another Tire Bites the Dust!
4th Aug 2013Day 60-August 4, 2013-To Tucumcari, NM
3rd Aug 2013Day 59-August 3, 2013-Albuquerque, NM
2nd Aug 2013Day 58-August 2, 2013-Oil Change, Casino, Albuquerque
1st Aug 2013Day 57-August 1, 2013-To Grants, NM
31st Jul 2013Day 56-July 31, 2013-The Grand Canyon on a Whim
30th Jul 2013Day 55-July 30, 2013-Williams, AZ
29th Jul 2013Day 54-July 29, 2013-Laughlin, NV Day 3
28th Jul 2013Day 53-July 28, 2013-Laughlin, NV Day 2
27th Jul 2013Day 52-July 27, 2013-Laughlin, NV-Day 1
26th Jul 2013Day 51-July 26, 2013-Through the Mojave Desert
25th Jul 2013Day 50-July 25, 2013-Sequoia National Park
24th Jul 2013Day 49-July 24, 2013-To Sequoia NP, CA
23rd Jul 2013Day 48-July 23, 2013-Almonds
22nd Jul 2013Day 47-July 22, 2013-A Few Minor Blips and Minor League Baseball
21st Jul 2013Day 46-July 21, 2013-California State Fair
20th Jul 2013Day 45-July 20, 2013-To Sacramento, CA
19th Jul 2013Day 44-July 19, 2013-Lazy Day
18th Jul 2013Day 43-July 18, 2013-"Olive City", California
17th Jul 2013Day 42-July 17, 2013-To California
15th Jul 2013Day 40-41-July 15, 16, 2013-Canyonville, OR
14th Jul 2013Day 39-July 14, 2013-Turning the corner
13th Jul 2013Day 38-July 13, 2013-Columbia River Gorge-Oregon/Washington
12th Jul 2013Day 37-July 12, 2013-Downtown Pendleton, OR
11th Jul 2013Day 36-July 11, 2013-To Wild Horse Casino, Pendleton, OR
10th Jul 2013Day 35-July 10, 2013-Laundry and Wine
9th Jul 2013Day 34-July 9, 2013-Haircuts and Wine
8th Jul 2013Day 33-July 8, 2013-To Marsing, ID (Idaho Wine Trails)
7th Jul 2013Day 32-July 7, 2013-To Buhl, ID
6th Jul 2013Day 31-July 6, 2013-Jackson Hole, WY
5th Jul 2013Day 30-July 5, 2013-Victor, ID
4th Jul 2013Day 29-July 4, 2013-Grand Teton National Park
3rd Jul 2013Day 28-July 3, 2013-To DuBois, WY
2nd Jul 2013Day 27-July 2, 2013-To Casper, WY
1st Jul 2013Day 26-July 1, 2013-Cheyenne, WY
30th Jun 2013Day 25-June 30, 2013-To Cheyenne, WY
29th Jun 2013Day 24-June 29, 2013-Rocky Mountain National Park
28th Jun 2013Day 23-June 28, 2013-Rocky Mountain National Park
27th Jun 2013Day 22-June 27, 2013-Rocky Mt. Nat'l. Park & Estes Park
26th Jun 2013Day 21-June 26, 2013-The Casinos and the big winner!
25th Jun 2013Day 20-June 25, 2013-Coors Factory, Golden CO & Black Hawk
24th Jun 2013Day 19-June 24, 2013-To Central City, CO
23rd Jun 2013Day 18-June 23, 2013-Salida, CO Campground
22nd Jun 2013Day 17-June 22, 2013-Salida, CO
21st Jun 2013Day 16-June 21, 2013-Canon City, CO
20th Jun 2013Day 15-June 20, 2013-Canon City, CO
19th Jun 2013Day 14-June 19, 2013-We're not in Kansas anymore!
18th Jun 2013Day 13-June 18, 2013-To Russell, KS
17th Jun 2013Day 12-June 17, 2013-Cinton State Park, Lawrence, KS
16th Jun 2013Day 11-June 16, 2013-Going to Kansas City
15th Jun 2013Day 10-June 15, 2013-Last day in Branson
14th Jun 2013Day 9-June 14, 2013-Branson
13th Jun 2013Day 8-June 13, 2013-Branson
12th Jun 2013Day 7-June 12, 2013-Branson
11th Jun 2013Day 6-June 11, 2013-Branson
10th Jun 2013Day 5-June 10, 2013-Branson
6th Jun 2013Day 1-4-June 6-9, 2013-Homosassa, FL to Branson, MO
Summer 2012 - 55 Diary Entries
20th Aug 2012Day 63-We're Baaaaack!
19th Aug 2012Day 62-To Sunny (?) Florida
18th Aug 2012Day 61-The Mississippi Mini Tornado
17th Aug 2012Day 60-Texas to Louisiana
16th Aug 2012Day 59-Sunset, Texas
15th Aug 2012Day 58-Amarillo
14th Aug 2012Day 57-Albuquerque, NM
13th Aug 2012Day 56-To Albuquerque, NM
12th Aug 2012Day 55-Flagstaff, AZ
11th Aug 2012Day 54-AHHHHHHH, RELIEF!!!!!!
10th Aug 2012Day 53-Laughlin, NV
9th Aug 2012Day 52-Cal Nev Ari
8th Aug 2012Day 51-To Inyokern, CA (Heading home!)
7th Aug 2012Day 50-Yosemite National Park
6th Aug 2012Day 49-To Yosemite
5th Aug 2012Day 48-Last Day in Reno
4th Aug 2012Day 47-Lake Tahoe and downtown Reno
3rd Aug 2012Day 46-Grand Sierra Resort and Casino
2nd Aug 2012Day 45 and 46-To Reno, NV
1st Aug 2012Day 44-Crater Lake National Park
31st Jul 2012Day 43-Volcanoes & Diamond Lake
30th Jul 2012Day 42-To LaPine, OR
29th Jul 2012Day 41-Columbia River Gorge
28th Jul 2012Day 40-Portland, OR
27th Jul 2012Day 39-To Portland, OR
26th Jul 2012Day 38-Hoh Rainforest at Olympic National Park & The Twilight Saga
25th Jul 2012Day 37-Sol Duc Hot Springs at Olympic National Park & LaPush, WA
24th Jul 2012Day 36-July 24, 2012-Sequim, Port Angeles and Olympic Nat'l. Park-Part 1
23rd Jul 2012Day 35-July 23, 2012-Seattle, WA
22nd Jul 2012Day 34-July 22, 2012-Mt. Rainier, WA
21st Jul 2012Day 33-To Seattle
20th Jul 2012Day 32-Zillah & Toppenish, WA
19th Jul 2012Day 31-Prosser Wine Tasting
18th Jul 2012Day 30-Our first winery visits
17th Jul 2012Day 29-To Washington Wine Country
15th Jul 2012Day 27-28-Idaho
14th Jul 2012Day 26-Relaxation
13th Jul 2012Day 25-Glacier National Park
12th Jul 2012Day 24-Coram and Hungry Horse, MT
11th Jul 2012Day 23-To Glacier National Park
10th Jul 2012Day 22-To Montana
9th Jul 2012Day 21-Theodore Roosevelt National Park-ND Badlands
8th Jul 2012Day 20-To North Dakota
7th Jul 2012Day 19-Deadwood & Spearfish Canyon
6th Jul 2012Day 18-Mt. Rushmore & Crazy Horse
5th Jul 2012Day 17-To the Black Hills
4th Jul 2012Day 16-Mitchell, SD
2nd Jul 2012Days 14 & 15-Iowa & Nebraska
29th Jun 2012Days 11-13-Crystal Lake, IL
28th Jun 2012Day 10-To Bloomington, IL
27th Jun 2012Day 9-The Illinois Amish
26th Jun 2012Day 8-North to Illinois
25th Jun 2012Days 6-7 Nashville, TN
23rd Jun 2012Days 1-5 Atlanta, GA, Concord, NC and Crossville, TN
19th Jun 2012Here we go again
Maui, Hawaii March 2012 - 1 Diary Entries
10th Mar 2012Our trip to Maui, Hawaii
England and Paris 2011 - 3 Diary Entries
18th Sep 2011My trip to England and Paris
6th Jul 2011Around The Country In 81 Days
6th Jul 2011Day 81-The Road Home-Part II
Summer 2011 - 78 Diary Entries
6th Jul 2011Around The Country In 81 Days
6th Jul 2011Day 81-The Road Home-Part II
5th Jul 2011Day 80-The Road Home! Part I
2nd Jul 2011Days 77, 78 & 79-Concord, NC
1st Jul 2011Day 76-To Concord, NC
30th Jun 2011Day 75-Crossville, TN
29th Jun 2011Day 74-I LOVE NASHVILLE!!!
28th Jun 2011Day 73-Grand Ole Opry in Nashville
27th Jun 2011Day 72-To Tennessee
26th Jun 2011Day 71-Kansas to Oklahoma to Arkansas
25th Jun 2011Day 70-Getting the ____out of Dodge
24th Jun 2011Day 69-Hot in Dodge City, KS
23rd Jun 2011Day 68-Sharon's cabin
22nd Jun 2011Day 67-Royal Gorge
21st Jun 2011Day 66-Canon City, CO
20th Jun 2011Day 65-To Canon City, CO
19th Jun 2011Day 64-Happy Father's Day
18th Jun 2011Day 63-On the Road Again!
17th Jun 2011Day 62-Verde Valley Train Ride
15th Jun 2011Days 60-61-Sedona
14th Jun 2011Day 59-Down Time
13th Jun 2011Day 58-Grand Canyon
12th Jun 2011Day 57-Sedona & Jerome, AZ
11th Jun 2011Day 56-Leaving Las Vegas
10th Jun 2011Day 55-The truck's fixed, Hooray!!!
9th Jun 2011Day 54-Silverton's Casino
8th Jun 2011Day 53-Harry's Birthday and Fremont St. Experience
7th Jun 2011Day 52-Stuck in Las Vegas
6th Jun 2011Day 51-To Las Vegas
5th Jun 2011Day 50-Sand Hollow State Park
4th Jun 2011Day 49-Zion Canyon National Park
3rd Jun 2011Day 48-Kodachrome Basin & Grand Staircase, Escalante. UT
2nd Jun 2011Day 47-Bryce Canyon National Park
1st Jun 2011Day 46-To Bryce Canyon National Park
31st May 2011Day 45-Salt Lake City
30th May 2011Day 44-The Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island
29th May 2011Day 43-It's always good to have a Plan B
28th May 2011Day 42-Yellowstone National Park Upper Loop
27th May 2011Day 41-Yellowstone National Park Lower Loop
26th May 2011Day 40-SNOW!!!
25th May 2011Day 39-Craters of the Moon, ID
24th May 2011Day 38-Boise, ID
23rd May 2011Day 37-Snake River Birds of Prey, Hot Springs and Wine
22nd May 2011Day 36-To Idaho
21st May 2011Day 35-Saturday in Hermiston, OR
20th May 2011Day 34-McNary Lock & Dam
17th May 2011Days 31-32-33-Not Much Going On
16th May 2011Day 30-To Spokane
15th May 2011Day 29-Mt. St. Helens
14th May 2011Day 28-Portland, Oregon
13th May 2011Day 27-To Portland, Goodbye Pacific Ocean
12th May 2011Day 26-Oregon Coastline
11th May 2011Day 25-Goodbye California-Hello Oregon
10th May 2011Day 24-The REDWOODS
9th May 2011Day 23-To the Redwoods
8th May 2011Day 22-San Francisco
7th May 2011Day 21-Napa/Sonoma Valley
6th May 2011Day 20-Greens to Greens
5th May 2011Day 19-Water to Wine
4th May 2011Day 18-Ventura to Morro Bay, CA
3rd May 2011Day 17-San Diego to Ventura
2nd May 2011Day 16-San Diego Zoo
1st May 2011Day 15-And On Day 15 We Rested-Sort of
30th Apr 2011Day 14-San Diego
29th Apr 2011Day 13-Ups and Downs and God pulls another fast one
28th Apr 2011Day 12-The Saguaros
27th Apr 2011Day 11-Tombstone, AZ
26th Apr 2011Day 10-Who Knew?
25th Apr 2011Day 9-Carlsbad to Alamogordo, NM
24th Apr 2011Day 8-Carlsbad, NM
23rd Apr 2011Day 7-Fort Stockton, TX to Carlsbad, NM
22nd Apr 2011Day 6-San Antonio to Fort Stockton
21st Apr 2011Day 5-San Antonio
20th Apr 2011Day 4-Columbus to San Antonio. TX
19th Apr 2011Day 3-To Columbus, TX
18th Apr 2011Day 2-To Breaux Bridge, LA
17th Apr 2011Day 1-Homosassa to Chipley, FL
17th Apr 2011AND WE'RE OFF!

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