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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 2nd Jul 2011 - 4th Jul 2011 - Summer 2011
Days 77, 78 & 79-Concord, NC


Day 77-Woke up and decided I needed a haircut-NOW!!! So, after Cracker Barrel for breakfast (I can’t believe Bob Evans closed, we used to go there whenever we came here and it was always packed!) we found a hair salon and I got a really nice haircut.
Then went to Janice’s and tried to figure out how to do some magic tricks that we bought for the kids. Some were easy, some not so much. Each of the kids mastered one or two of the tricks. We then played some Phase 10 with the kids, then brought in some Chinese food while Janice & Tim went to a party. They also have two new black and white kittens, Alice and Henry. I tried to get Harry to bond with them but it worked about as well as when I try to get him to bond with Paisley or Kingsley, the two little dogs they have. He likes Samson better, their bit Rottweiller.

Day 78-Met the Rowes for brunch at a diner then came back and had the ultimate Phase 10 tournament finale. We played teams of two because there were eight of us. The Double Gs (Georgia and Grandma) won. Had breakfast for dinner (made with fresh eggs from the chickens in the back yard) because the diner we went to for brunch had finished serving breakfast and Janice and I really wanted breakfast . Ate on the back porch after the sun went down and it was really nice out, then had a fire and s’mores. Learned how to play trash and I got trashed by Schuyler and Gideon.

Day 79-Drove to the back of the Speedway after breakfast, we’ve never actually seen the track, there’s also a dirt track and and dragstrip. There’s a race later today and people were signing up for pit passes even though it’s really early. I guess practice starts soon because all the cars were getting ready too. I had to climb a big hill to get a peek at the track, it’s really big, lots of stands and a big screen to watch the races on. Campground is filling up too, all the race fans and drivers stay here for the races. Went to the Rowes early afternoon, played some cards then had a great Fourth of July party with some of their friends. Of course as soon as the guys went to grill outside it started to pour but it just delayed eating a little while and it produced a gorgeous double rainbow and cooled it down a bit. Came back to the campground to see the fireworks at the speedway, they didn’t start until about 10:30 because the race had a rain delay but we could see the fireworks right from our campsite. Really tired all day today, all the travel is probably catching up with us now that we’ve stopped doing so much. Looking forward to starting for home tomorrow.

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