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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 5th Jul 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 80-The Road Home! Part I

Sorry to leave Concord and Janice, Tim, Evan, Schuyler, Georgia, Grayson, Kierstyn and Gideon.  We had a wonderful time (as usual) and we were glad we got there over a holiday, lots of fun things going on.  But we're anxious to get home now and they promised to come see us in Florida soon. 

Got an early start today, good thing-we went 412 miles in 8-1/2 hours. Lots of traffic and fog in Charlotte but when we got on Route 77 it got better. Went a different way, our friends Janice and Roger told us to try 77 to 20 to 129 to Macon to I-75 instead of going all the way to 95 and then doubling back. I think it’s about 90 miles longer but we’ve never been this way and we’re in no great rush. Gave us a chance to get off the interstates and we found some local peaches and jams and jellies.
Really hot and humid again today, got up to 98 when we stopped about 5PM. We always know we’re in the Carolinas when we start to see kudzu, crepe myrtles (gorgeous this time of year), red clay for dirt and it gets hot and humid and this part of Georgia is the same. We usually take 95 near the coast and it’s different there, more palm trees and beaches.
The terrain here is unremarkable although we think maybe it’s because after going through the western mountains and the mid-west plains that were so different from what we’re used to seeing that the rolling green hills of the southeast are normal to us and seem like home.
Only about 220 miles from home should be there by tomorrow.

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