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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 6th Jul 2011 - England and Paris 2011
Around The Country In 81 Days

Some Stats:

Days Away: 81
Miles: 11,665 (I drove about 500 feet, Harry drove the rest)
States: 23
Hottest Temperature: 111
Coldest Temperature: 19
Time Zones: 5 (Arizona stays on Mountain Standard)
Rummikub games: 66 (I won 35, Harry, 31)
Books on tape listened to: 4
Campgrounds: 40
Condos: 1

And WOW! What sights we saw!!!
Giant Redwood Forests
Grizzly Bears
Soaring Eagles (Bald & Golden)
Amber waves of grain
Saguaro Cacti
Pacific Ocean
Lava Beds
Dust storms
Giant pandas
Tumbling tumbleweeds
Sand dunes
Spawning salmon
Mt. St. Helens (almost)
Grand Canyon
Navy Seals
San Francisco Seals
Circus acts
Snow storms
Salt lake
Golden Gate Bridge
Rain forests
Rock slides
Bright lights of Las Vegas
Way too many enchiladas
Mountains (purple, gold, green, blue, pink, brown, red, black, white)
The Alamo
Hoover Dam

And the list could go on and on, but what we enjoyed the most was the people we saw and met along the way. Whether they were friends, relatives, people we dealt with or just strangers on the street, everybody was friendly to us no matter where we were. Probably the best thing we brought back was the feeling that all around the country (no, make that the world, because we met people traveling from abroad) there are really good people, some struggling to get by, some doing exceptionally well, but underneath it all they’re just nice, helpful, honest and honorable people.  No matter how different we are we're all the same where it counts.  The sights we saw were a great backdrop for meeting and interacting with all the wonderful people we encountered.  If we visited with you on this trip thanks for all your hospitality, it was wonderful.

I don't think Harry nor I had many expectations about this trip, we just planned on taking it as it came and seeing what was out there, but I was sure blown away by the whole experience.

Thanks for following us on this trip, wish we could have taken you along (just kidding, the RV sleeps 2). Thanks for all your comments, words of encouragement and suggestions. We tried to get to all the places you suggested but some of them will have to wait for another trip.

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