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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
19th Aug 2012 - Summer 2012
Day 62-To Sunny (?) Florida

Day 62-August 19, 2012
Drove 325 miles in 6-3/4 hours to Chattahoochee, FL, west of Tallahassee.
The rain had stopped by morning but it still was cloudy so we decided to pass on the offer to stay for the fiddle champ and get on our way. The campground was just about the quietest we’ve been in so far, nobody was around, although there were RVs parked there and cars and trucks near the cabins. Maybe the locals came there to be by the lake but they left because of no power last night, I don’t know but we didn’t see anybody all morning. Had to be careful leaving ‘cause both sides of the driveway were washed out from the rain. We drove down the road where the tree came down last night and could see the damage it caused. Glad we came in the other way yesterday.
Of course the rain started again and stayed with us all day again. We drove through Hattiesburg, a college town with Southern Miss and William Carey Univ. Looks like a busy town, but on Sunday morning, not too much traffic.
Again our electronics worked out well for us, yesterday the GPS helped us out, today the GasBuddy app found a gas station where the price was at least 20 cents less than anything else around and it was right on our way.
Got on route 98 SE, a nice four lane road ‘til we got to Alabama where it turned into a two lane road with every other building either a ramshackle shack or a church. The churches were mostly Baptist of every denomination I’ve heard of and then some and ran the gamut of really big and elegant to one of the above mentioned ramshackle shacks. We must have passed over 50 churches in about 30 miles and each and every one of them had cars in the lots. We then drove through Semmes, AL which morphed into Mobile at I-10, where we finally saw the Gulf of Mexico again. A nice sight, we’re almost home. The rain followed us again all day to Chattahootchee, FL where we’re at a nice KOA, really empty, nobody camps in FL in August, it’s too hot. Back in Eastern Time Zone again, too. Lots of cats at the campground, I met two at the office and one (a little black one) came up to me at the site and won’t leave, kind of took over my chair.   Lots of love bugs here, too.
Had dinner, read some more, Harry finished his book, sat outside for a while, weather’s great, funny how we had to come back to Florida for the weather to get cooler, then got ready for one more day on the road.

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Diary Photos
19th Aug 2012  Not the Sunshine State today

19th Aug 2012  A friend

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