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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 11th Aug 2013 - Summer 2013
Day 67-August 11, 2013-Driving through four states

Day 67-August 11, 2013-Closer to home!
Drove 330 miles in 7 hours.
Not as hot today, only got to 90 most of the day, but lots of rain.
NO TIRE DRAMA TODAY!!!! Actually was a pretty boring trip except for the thunder, lightning and downpours in Memphis and then again in Tupelo. But at this point we like boring. Drove I-40 through Memphis, then US 78 through Tupelo into Birmingham, then I-65 to Pelham (South Birmingham). The traffic in Birmingham was crazy on Sunday afternoon so I’m glad we drove through today instead of Monday morning when it would probably be worse. A lot fewer trucks today too.
We went through four states today, Arkansas (so glad to get out of there), Tennessee for about 10 minutes, Mississippi and Alabama. All of them are water logged and all the fields are flooded, they must have gotten a lot of rain recently and all day today it rained off and on. We thought the rain and the cooler weather would be better for the tires so we went a little farther today than we had planned. It also got us closer to home and maybe even cut off another day’s drive so we’ll get home a day earlier. We’ve heard of a lot of RVers having tire trouble this year. The managers at this campground told us there’s another camper here who blew out two tires today. And a lot of the people we talk to have had the same problem this year. They all think the tires are just not made like they used to be.
Got into the campground about 4:30 so we had time to sit outside and relax, read and enjoy it. And the Rummikub tournament continues…….

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