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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
29th Jul 2015 - Summer 2015
Day 59-July 29, 2015-Louisiana, Mississippe, Alabama, Florida

Day 59-July 29, 2015-Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida

Drove 327 miles in 6-1/4 hours.  Temp started at 98 at 9AM, up to 100.

Every year we get to a point on our trip.  I think we started to get there Sunday, yesterday it got stronger and by this morning we both just wanted to be home. It’s not that we’re tired of traveling or being in the RV, I think it’s more that we get to an area where there’s not much we’re interested in, we’re close to home so why not just go home.  We love it at home!  And we both get that feeling at the same time.

We left early for us, about 9AM and drove all the way through Louisiana to Mississippi, then Alabama and finally Florida, where we were still 7 hours from home but it felt good and the welcome center was really a welcome sight.  East of Pensacola the wind picked up, then one of those good old mid afternoon Florida Thunderstorms where you can’t see where you’re going came down for about ten minutes.  As long as Harry was OK driving we were OK to keep going.  Finished the book on tape we were listening to.

Ended up at a little RV park in Bonifay, FL, Florida Springs RV Park, “Home of the Mustang Grill”.  We camped here last year on the first night of our trip so it’s fitting that we camp here on the last night of this trip.  Got set up just before something similar to a monsoon came down.  Thunder, lightning, torrential rain, couldn’t even see into the next site-the whole shebang!  We turned the AC off and opened the windows but the wind blew the rain in.  It only lasted the requisite 30 minutes then the sun came out again.  Cooled things off a bit for a while anyway.

Of course we had to try the Mustang Grill.  It’s attached to the office, nothing special, very small only 8 tables, good menu, reasonable prices, friendly people and great service. Some locals were eating there who are not staying at the campground.  There are only three campers here that are travelers and about ten trailers with people who live at the campground.

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Barge in gulf

We got the checkered flag I guess we won!

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