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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 11th Sep 2017 - Summer 2017 Part III Hurr.Irma
Day 6-Sept. 11, 2017-The hurricane aftermath

Day 6-Sept. 11, 2017-Good News

Steady downpour all day, much cooler, down to 55.

First the bad news:  THERE IS NONE!!!!

Now the good news:  We woke up this morning to a text from one of our wonderful neighbors who, even with the turmoil they went through last night, went up to check on our house for damage.  The only problem is that we have lost power, no wind or water damage.  Great news.  I’m sure not too many  Floridians got much sleep last night, with the howling wind, rain and anxiety.  There is a bit of bad news here, though.  Our neighbors are having a sort of celebratory “Good-Bye, Irma” dinner tonight at one of the homes that has a generator and we’re going to miss it. There will be spaghetti and sausage and peach pie.  And I’m sure some adult beverages.  Hopefully, they’ll get a good night’s sleep after that.  More bad news:  There are no more ball games here.  Let me set the stage…..Southern League Championship: Last game of a 5 game series, home teamChattanooga Lookouts (affiliate of Minnesota Twins) tied with the Montgomery Biscuits (affiliate of Tampa Bay Rays) 2 games each.  We watched the Lookouts lose the last two games and are torn about which team to root for.  Tampa Bay is our home team and we’re sitting on the visitor’s side but we feel we should go for the home team.  Batter hits high fly ball to left field.  Will it be a double out and the Biscuits win the championship 2-1 or wait for it………wait for it……A HOME RUN and the Lookouts win the League Championship 3-2.  Great finish to a great day.

Hopefully the Atlanta area will fare as well as we did in Florida with the hurricane. The great weather in Chattanooga is gone.  It’s now raining .  But even if the storm gets here it will probably only be rainy and windy.  We’re staying here til Friday and if we have power at home will head there.  If not, there are other places to go.  For today, we both have good books to read and I’ll probably take a walk to the office to make sure the kittens are staying dry. 

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