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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 13th Sep 2017 - Summer 2017 Part III Hurr.Irma
Day 8-September 13, 2017

Day 8-September 13, 2017-Chattanooga

Rain in the AM, sun tried to come out but big, low, black clouds over the whole valley.  Still chilly, high only about 60, feels very much like autumn and some trees are starting to change color.

Thinking about the trip home.  Power is coming on bit by bit in Homosassa, still not at our house.  Neighbors said our smoke detectors are all going off.  Spent the morning looking at maps and campground books. We think maybe we’ll go home on a back road, maybe 27 or 19 instead of I-75, which is still clogged with traffic.  But we’re not leaving ‘til Friday, might be better then.  The plan is to get within a day’s drive of home so when the power goes back on it’ll be a quick trip home.  Changed some doctor’s appointments, too.  The part for the hitch came in so we walked to the office to pick it up.  Had to pet a kitten while we were there.  Only saw one and mama.  Walked around the campground and met a woman from Weekie-Wachee who’s moving here.  She’s been here 3-1/2 months and only now found a place, said it’s a seller’s market.  Harry fixed the hitch, such a small part but so vital. Back to WalMart for batteries to replace the ones at home, then back to Lookout Winery and Pizza for dinner. Didn’t realize it before but the winery is in Central Time Zone.  We bounced back and forth between Georgia and Tennessee and the two time zones within 10 miles.  Back to the RV and started a new book. Got a text from our neighbors at 6:35 that the power was back on.  By 6:40 we were in the truck getting fuel, then back to the RV to pack up to leave tomorrow.  We were going to stay ‘til Friday but tomorrow night was a free night at the campground and we want to get home now.

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