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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
15th Apr 2018 - Summer 2018 RV trip
Day 26-April 15, 2018-To Winnemucca, NV, Austin, NV

Day 26-April 15, 2018-To Winnemucca, NV

Drove 248 miles in 5-3/4 hours.

Temp started at 40 then got up to 70

Even Harry was short of breath this morning because of the elevation.  Hopefully, we’re going down today.  We started on route 376, a beautiful road with nothing but some cattle farms and snow-capped mountains in the distance.  More wilderness, this time in Nevada.  Followed this road for 100 miles, then turned on Route 50, “The Loneliest Road In America” for 13 miles.  Route 50 goes right through the Toiyabe Forest.  We climbed up to over 7500’ through pine forests, around S-turns and then down 1000’ to Austin, NV where we pulled over in the historic section for lunch.  Austin’s slogan is “What happens in Austin, you brag about”.  So here goes.  Austin is a wonderful little western town built by silver mining in the early 1900s.  We stopped in the local gem store and looked at the local turquoise, silver, etc. etc.  Very nice owners.  About the only thing opened on Sunday, except for a couple of luncheonettes.  St. Augustine’s Catholic Church was right near where we parked.  It’s Nevada’s oldest Catholic Church and is in original condition from 1866 but you need to make arrangements to tour it.  Other buildings were just about ready to collapse.

This area of Nevada is the mining area, mostly gold, silver and minerals such as turquoise, barite.   We passed quite a few active mines on our way, especially Round Mountain, a huge gold mine that has been mined since 1906.  From route 50 we turned onto route 305, the original Pony Express Trail.  What a scenic road this was!  As soon as we turned onto it a huge jackrabbit ran in front of us.  Followed route 305 for 85 miles through gorgeous mountains, some still covered in snow, but mostly grassy plains through Antelope Valley where we saw, guess what?? Antelope!!!  A herd of about 100 and then a few miles later about a dozen more.  The terrain changed to rolling hills covered with sage and grasses with mountains in the distance.  Not really any towns or even villages along this 200 mile trip, just small encampments at the bottom of mountains for miners.  Got to Battle Mountain and got on I-80 which was not as scenic as where we had just been.  Saw Phoenix Mine, which mines copper.  Stayed on I-80 for 50 miles to Winnemucca, NV.  Right in the middle of I-80 a coyote meandered in front of us, making us slow down.  I swear he just sneered at us as he passed in front of the truck.  The wind really picked up again and when we got to the campground it was really blowing.  Set up and listened to it rattle the RV.  After dinner we went to the little Bar/Grill/Casino next door.  It has a bar, food, pool tables and about 30 slot machines.  Friendly people, complimentary wine.  Back to the RV and the wind had calmed down a bit for not for long, it was howling again when we went to bed.

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Diary Photos


Harry at rest stop


Austin sign

Park and church in Austin

Austin main st.

Blue bird mine

Route 50 sign

Nevada wilderness

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View 3


Diary Movies

Austin, NV main st. video

Turning onto route 50 video

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