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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
3rd Jun 2018 - Summer 2018 RV trip
Day 75-June 3, 2018-Good-Bye Texas, Hello Louisiana

Day 75-June 3, 2018-Good-Bye Texas, Hello Louisiana

Drove 227 miles in 4-1/2 hours

Hot and humid again, 96

Judging by the traffic on the road this Sunday morning we’re glad we decided to leave today and not wait ‘til tomorrow.  We can only imagine how bad the traffic around Houston will be on Monday morning.  And the drivers are crazy, whizzing by and swerving in and out.  Big accident with lots of red and blue lights on the other side and traffic backed up quite a bit.   Drove about a half hour on route 59, otherwise known as at least three other names, until we got to Minutemaid Stadium where the Houston Astros play and got on I-10.  Traffic got a little better here but the roads got worse.  Louisiana roads are always like a washboard but this part of Texas leading into Louisiana was just as bad.  Passed over the Old and Lost River (can’t they just name things one name, Old or Lost, not both?) then into Turnaround, TX where we both agreed, No! we will not turn around, we’re finally leaving Texas.  Tried two books on tape ‘til we finally got one that both of us liked.  Some are just too complicated to listen to on the road, the fewer characters the better.  Got into Louisiana and neared Lake Charles where the many billboards almost guaranteed that we would win multi-money if we only stopped at the casinos.  Passed over the Lake Charles bridge and passed by the casinos.  Stopped at a nice visitor’s center for lunch on Lake Charles with a little beach and picnic area where people were fishing and enjoying a Sunday afternoon.  Across the lake you could see the casinos still beckoning us to try our luck. The campground we wanted to stay in is in Egan, LA where we had stayed before but they were full with construction workers so we continued to Scott, LA, near Lafayette to the KOA.  It’s more expensive but we have a lot of points to use.  They also have 13% sales tax!!!  The campground is more like a resort, on a 10 acre stocked with fish. Mallard ducks, white ducks and ducks and birds I can’t quite identify fly or swim by and rest on the shore.  Cabins, rental pedal boats, 2 pools, rec center, mini golf, horseshoes, cable TV, wifi, etc., etc., etc.  All we need is an electric outlet but watching the baby ducks waddle over to say hey is OK too.  We’re right on the lake under a big shady tree and it’s beautiful.  Families are packing up to go home after a week-end here.  We tweaked our plans a bit then sat outside and watched the ducks and fish for a while and just when we came in for dinner we heard a big “BOOM!” of thunder and saw lighting on the lake.  Only lasted about an hour and it was just noise, no rain.  We’re leaving tomorrow, now on a quest to stay on I-10 (boring) and get home.  But we’re already talking about where we should go on our next trip.

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Diary Photos

Houston skyline


Hello, Louisiana

Lake Charles bridge

Lake Charles and casino

Ducks at campsite

Lake at campground

Duck, bird, who knows



White ducks


Mallard ducks


Some kind of duck

Diary Movies

Our campsite video

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