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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
4th Jun 2018 - Summer 2018 RV trip
Day 76-June 4, 2018-Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama

Day 76-June 4, 2018-I-10 Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama

Drove 286 miles in 6 hours

Temp is a bit cooler, only 91

Mama and the baby ducks stopped by this morning to say good-bye, then waddled on to the next site.  I-10 in Louisiana is probably the worst road we’ve been on, it’s like driving on a washboard.  We know this and still take it because it’s the quickest way home.  Drove over Henderson Swamp which has big cypress trees growing in the middle of it and is quite pretty.  Took us to the second disc on our book on tape to be sure we’ve already listened to it.  Bummer!  We have a few more books on tape but have given up on them for this trip.  Drove over the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, then onto I-12 to avoid New Orleans.  Started getting alerts that there was a 25 minute delay up ahead.  Being bored with I-10 & 12 we decided to get adventurous and take an alternate route in Slidell.  After driving through one town we changed our minds and wanted to get back on I-12 but took the wrong entrance and started going west again.  Luckily, there was an exit 1 mile ahead where we could turn around.  The delay was caused by a big truck hitting an even bigger tree.  The truck was on its side in a ditch wrapped around a tree that had been ripped out of the ground by the truck.  By the time we got there everything was being wrapped up and the delay was only about 12 minutes.  Went over the Pearl River bridge then back to I-10 in Mississippi.  Stopped at the visitor center for lunch then continued on I-10 to the Pascagoula High Rise Bridge and the tunnel in Mobile into Alabama.  More casino billboards promising unlimited riches and again we passed them by.  I know I can’t talk Harry into stopping anywhere at this point, he’s in get-home mode.   It’s low tide in Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico and you can see sand bars forever.  The USS Alabama sits high and proud in the bay.  We drove about 40 miles more than we had originally planned today.  Did I mention Harry wants to get home.  Got in to the campground about 3PM, set up and read.  Nice campground in Robertsdale, AL, big shady pine trees, noisy blue jays.  Off again tomorrow. 

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Diary Photos

Henderson Swamp

Boat in MS River in Baton Rouge

Bridge in Pascagoula

Mobile, AL

USS Alabama

Low tide

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