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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
Summer 2018 RV trip - 4 Movies
3rd Jun 2018Our campsite video
2nd Jun 2018Last pitch of the game
1st Jun 2018Last pitch of the game
1st Jun 2018Grand Finale at fireworks
1st Jun 2018Last pitch of the game
31st May 2018Spike dancing
31st May 2018Last pitch of the game
28th May 2018Sunset video
28th May 2018Sunset and full moon video
26th May 2018Dust devil and warning signs
20th May 2018Cactus Forest video
18th May 2018Fain Park video
16th May 2018Red rock in Utah video
16th May 2018Lake Powell video1
16th May 2018Lake Powell video
15th May 2018Sunrise Point video
15th May 2018Horse trail video
15th May 2018Fairyland video
15th May 2018Fairyland video (2)
15th May 2018Cow video
15th May 2018Cow straggler video
14th May 2018Sunset Point video
14th May 2018Sevier River video
14th May 2018Rainbow viewpoint video
14th May 2018Ponderosa Point viewpoint video
14th May 2018Natural Bridge video
14th May 2018Farview video
14th May 2018Agua Canyon Thor's Hammer video
11th May 2018Our campsite video
10th May 2018Shoshone Falls with rainbow
10th May 2018Birds at our site
10th May 2018Perrine Bridge video with kayakers
10th May 2018BASE jumper landing from bridge
9th May 2018Lava beds video
9th May 2018Cinder cone video
8th May 2018Our campsite video
8th May 2018Lunch stop video
7th May 2018Our campsite video
6th May 2018Salmon River video
6th May 2018River behind our campsite video
6th May 2018Rapids at lunch video
6th May 2018Rapids at lunch 1 video
6th May 2018Rapids and waterfall video
6th May 2018Our campground video
6th May 2018Lolo Pass video
6th May 2018Rafters video
4th May 2018Lilacs and nest video
4th May 2018Orofino, ID campground
4th May 2018Video from river's edge
3rd May 2018Silver Lake lunch stop video
1st May 2018Sunset video
30th Apr 2018Wood chips video
29th Apr 2018Pacific Ocean at Kalaloch
28th Apr 2018Waves video
28th Apr 2018Angry Ocean
26th Apr 2018Hurricane Ridge video
24th Apr 2018Glockenspiel video
24th Apr 2018Glockenspiel video1
24th Apr 2018The road into the tulip farm
24th Apr 2018Wooden Shoe Tulip farm video
23rd Apr 2018South Falls video
23rd Apr 2018Silver Falls view point
23rd Apr 2018North Falls video
23rd Apr 2018Cherry blossoms
22nd Apr 2018Rowena Crest video
22nd Apr 2018Rowena Crest Horseshoe curve video
22nd Apr 2018Memaloose Overlook
21st Apr 2018Maryhill Winery video
21st Apr 2018Cascade Cliffs Winery video
20th Apr 2018U Pick White House Gorge winery video
19th Apr 2018Rest stop video
19th Apr 2018Columbia River from our campground
19th Apr 2018Boardman Marina & RV video
17th Apr 2018Oregon, Idaho border video
17th Apr 2018Rest stop video
17th Apr 2018Cattle drive video
16th Apr 2018Harry and the hail
16th Apr 2018Sand dunes video
15th Apr 2018Turning onto route 50 video
15th Apr 2018Austin, NV main st. video
13th Apr 2018Ubehe Crater video
12th Apr 2018Devil's golf course video
12th Apr 2018Badwater basin video
12th Apr 2018Artist's Palette video
9th Apr 2018Building changing colors1
9th Apr 2018Building changing colors
8th Apr 2018Waterfall show with animals
8th Apr 2018Mystic Waterfall light show1
8th Apr 2018Mystic Waterfall light show
7th Apr 2018Waterfall at Sam's Town video
6th Apr 2018Fireworks ground
6th Apr 2018Fireworks
6th Apr 2018Fireworks finale
6th Apr 2018Last pitch of the game
5th Apr 2018Lake Mead video
5th Apr 2018Fish feeding
5th Apr 2018Fish and ducks
3rd Apr 2018Listen to the birds video
31st Mar 2018Parade video
31st Mar 2018Otter video
31st Mar 2018Nothing like a good butt scratch
31st Mar 2018More food, please
31st Mar 2018Just keep moving
31st Mar 2018Bears playing video
31st Mar 2018Bears playing 1 video
31st Mar 2018Bears at play video
31st Mar 2018Bear on rock video
31st Mar 2018Bear on rock video
Summer 2017 Part III Hurr.Irma - 4 Movies
9th Sep 2017Raccoon Mountain video
Summer 2017 Part II - 4 Movies
21st Aug 2017Florida rain and wind and no eclipse for us
21st Aug 2017Back up on I 10
19th Aug 2017Last pitch of the game
19th Aug 2017Grand finale at the game
17th Aug 2017Harry at the bar
16th Aug 2017Main St., Bandera, TX
16th Aug 2017Harry and cooking at the bar
16th Aug 2017Dancin at the bar
13th Aug 2017Las Cruces from rest area
12th Aug 2017Here comes the storm
12th Aug 2017The storm intensifies
12th Aug 2017The storm forms
10th Aug 2017Horses at campground
9th Aug 2017Hole in the Rock video
8th Aug 2017Top of the mountain
8th Aug 2017Rafters on the Colorado River
8th Aug 2017Bike trail on byway
7th Aug 2017Main St. in Moab
7th Aug 2017Going up into Arches NP
7th Aug 2017Entering Utah video
7th Aug 2017Utah rest stop views
7th Aug 2017Three Gossips video
7th Aug 2017Overlook in Arches
7th Aug 2017Coming down the mountain
6th Aug 2017Palisade Farmers Market video
6th Aug 2017Another Book Cliffs video
5th Aug 2017Book Cliffs video1
5th Aug 2017Book Cliffs video
4th Aug 2017Lincoln Park video
3rd Aug 2017Grande River Vineyards and Book Cliffs
3rd Aug 2017Down the mountain video
3rd Aug 2017Different scener video
3rd Aug 2017Cerro Pass Summit video
3rd Aug 2017Blue Mesa Reservoir video
2nd Aug 2017Rafters on Arkansas River
2nd Aug 2017Ice at the top of Monarch Pass
2nd Aug 2017Here comes an idiot at the end
2nd Aug 2017Happy Hour video
2nd Aug 2017Arkansas River rapids
30th Jul 2017Scenery on road to Cripple Creek
29th Jul 2017One room of Pro Rodeo Hall Of Fame
29th Jul 2017Bronze Statue video
28th Jul 2017Last pitch of the game
28th Jul 2017Grand Finale at the game
28th Jul 2017Fireworks at the game
27th Jul 2017We got our crops dusted
26th Jul 2017Prairie Dog video
26th Jul 2017Our lunch spot
26th Jul 2017The horses you know what
26th Jul 2017Up close and personal horse
26th Jul 2017Nosy horse
25th Jul 2017Route 83, South Dakota
25th Jul 2017We should probably bring the slides in so we don't tip over
24th Jul 2017Sitting Bull burial site video
22nd Jul 2017102 train cars
22nd Jul 2017North Dakota Horse Park Race Track
22nd Jul 2017The line up
22nd Jul 2017Crossing the finish line
22nd Jul 2017And the winner is ....not mine
21st Jul 2017Super Fan at work
21st Jul 2017Last pitch of the game
21st Jul 2017Grand finale fireworks at the game
21st Jul 2017Super Fan doing pushups for every run
21st Jul 2017The stadium
20th Jul 2017Scenic overlook
19th Jul 2017Sioux Falls, SD
19th Jul 2017Sioux Falls from observation tower
19th Jul 2017Cicadas at campground
18th Jul 2017Last pitch of the game
17th Jul 2017Vortex dancing video
17th Jul 2017Last pitch of the game....that we saw
15th Jul 2017I could have recorded them or danced to them, I danced
15th Jul 2017300' Community of Christ temple
13th Jul 2017What an entrance!
13th Jul 2017Light suit and pyrotechnics
12th Jul 2017Last pitch of the game
12th Jul 2017Hot dog eating contest video
11th Jul 2017Our site video
10th Jul 2017Sunset
10th Jul 2017Lunch stop
10th Jul 2017Harry relaxing at our site video
8th Jul 2017Rudolph in July
8th Jul 2017Blues band video
Summer 2017 - 4 Movies
19th Jun 2017R Ranch Tiny house community video
19th Jun 2017R Ranch chapel, pool, view video
19th Jun 2017Crystal Lake video
18th Jun 2017Wolf Mountain Vineyards patio video
18th Jun 2017Wolf Mountain Vineyards video
17th Jun 2017Baseball game
16th Jun 2017Saddle Bronco
16th Jun 2017Ladies Barrel racing
16th Jun 2017Team Roping
16th Jun 2017Tommie Turvey and Pokerjoe video
16th Jun 2017Steer Wrestling
16th Jun 2017Muttin bustin'
16th Jun 2017Saddle Bronco riding
16th Jun 2017Flag video
16th Jun 2017Calf scramble
16th Jun 2017Blind musical chairs
16th Jun 2017Bareback riding 1
15th Jun 2017Steeplechase course
15th Jun 2017Big L dancing
14th Jun 2017Prodigy winery video
13th Jun 2017Rose Garden video
10th Jun 2017Cuckoo clock music
10th Jun 2017Wine, beer and cheese tasting
10th Jun 2017Tuscarawas horse track & CG
10th Jun 2017RV & race track
7th Jun 2017Sculpture garden video
7th Jun 2017Lake Erie video
5th Jun 2017Ice and Hail video
5th Jun 2017Buttermilk Falls video
3rd Jun 2017Lake George paddle boad video
2nd Jun 2017And my horse is last
Summer 2016 - 4 Movies
17th Aug 2016Covering the field video
16th Aug 2016Last pitch of the game
16th Aug 2016Daniel Boone's gravesite video
16th Aug 2016Buffalo Trace Bourbon Distillery
15th Aug 2016Red Mile Race track
15th Aug 2016Keeneland Race Track front
15th Aug 2016Keeneland Race Track back
15th Aug 2016International Museum of the Horse video
15th Aug 2016How to mount a horse, by Harry Uhlin
15th Aug 2016Horses of the world video
15th Aug 2016Horse show video
15th Aug 2016Building sand obstacles video
15th Aug 201620 Connected Textile Banners
13th Aug 2016This man is 60 years old
13th Aug 2016Olympics at the Fair
12th Aug 2016I think he was supposed to stop at the sign
8th Aug 2016Field Of Dreams movie set video
6th Aug 2016View from upper falls video
6th Aug 2016Sioux Falls from observation tower
6th Aug 2016Main Falls video
6th Aug 2016Lower Falls video
6th Aug 2016David statue video
5th Aug 2016YMCA at the game video
5th Aug 2016Last pitch of the game
5th Aug 2016Fireworks after the game video
5th Aug 2016Corn Palace outside video
5th Aug 2016Corn Palace inside video
4th Aug 2016Wall Drug Store video
2nd Aug 2016Here comes the storm video
2nd Aug 2016Geographical Center of the Nation video
1st Aug 2016Another beautiful sunset at the campground
1st Aug 2016National Cemetery at Little Bighorn Battlefield
1st Aug 2016Little Bighorn video
1st Aug 2016Little Bighorn skirmish site with markers
1st Aug 2016Horse video
31st Jul 2016LIghtning video
31st Jul 2016Sunset video
31st Jul 2016Prairie Dog video
30th Jul 2016Yellowstone River video
30th Jul 2016Rainbow and wind video
28th Jul 2016Square Dance lessons video
27th Jul 2016Sunset at the game
27th Jul 2016Sunset and nest at the game
27th Jul 2016Osprey action at the game
27th Jul 2016Lunch on the river video
27th Jul 2016Last pitch of the game
25th Jul 2016Entrance to Terra Blanca
25th Jul 2016Terra Blanca video
24th Jul 201614 Hands Winery video
23rd Jul 2016Daven Lore winery video
22nd Jul 2016Natches Heights Winery video
21st Jul 2016Mt. Rainier video
18th Jul 2016Victoria Port video
18th Jul 2016Downtown Victoria video
18th Jul 2016Sunset on the ferry video
18th Jul 2016Sunken Gardens at Butchart video
18th Jul 2016Ross Fountain at Butchart Gardens video
18th Jul 2016Rose Garden at Butchart Gardens video
18th Jul 2016Otter video
18th Jul 2016Italian Gardens at Butchart Gardens
18th Jul 2016Arriving in Victoria video
17th Jul 2016Hurricane Ridge video
17th Jul 2016Snow and mist video (and my feet)
17th Jul 2016Doe and twin fawns video
17th Jul 2016The peeing buck video
16th Jul 2016Victor's Lavender Farm video
16th Jul 2016Sequim Lavender Festival video
13th Jul 2016Waves video
13th Jul 2016Surfer at sunset video
13th Jul 2016Trail video
13th Jul 2016Waterfall video
13th Jul 2016Sunset video
13th Jul 2016Moss covered tree video
13th Jul 2016Harry on the beach video
13th Jul 2016Harry and the trees video
13th Jul 2016Surfer video
13th Jul 2016Seal video
12th Jul 2016Entering Washington state
12th Jul 2016Elk video
12th Jul 2016Tree and trail video
12th Jul 2016Following the guide
11th Jul 2016Beach at Lincoln City, OR
11th Jul 2016Depoe Bay video
11th Jul 2016Seal Rock video
9th Jul 2016Waves at Gold Beach, OR video
9th Jul 2016View from bridge with cliff swallows
8th Jul 2016Waves on the rocks video
8th Jul 2016California Redwoods video
8th Jul 2016Oregon Coast video
8th Jul 2016Pacific Ocean video
8th Jul 2016Highway 101 video
7th Jul 2016Graveyard from the middle
7th Jul 2016Gardens at Loleta Cheese Store
7th Jul 2016Ferndale Graveyard
7th Jul 2016Cemetery video
6th Jul 2016Trinity River video
6th Jul 2016Power plant, logs and mulch
6th Jul 2016Harry and a cloudy sunset
5th Jul 2016Last pitch of the game
29th Jun 2016Entrance to Crystal Palace video
29th Jun 2016Crystal Palace video
29th Jun 2016Carter Winter Video
28th Jun 2016Birds Nests under eaves video
27th Jun 2016The long road to the campground
27th Jun 2016Cougar Winery video
26th Jun 2016Temecula Wine Valley
25th Jun 2016Wilson Creek Winery inside
24th Jun 2016Last pitch of the game
23rd Jun 2016Thursday Night Village Fest
22nd Jun 2016Keys View video
22nd Jun 2016Joshua Tree Forest video
22nd Jun 2016Boulders video
22nd Jun 2016Boulders and trees video
20th Jun 2016Tram going down
20th Jun 2016Tram coming up
20th Jun 2016View from the top
19th Jun 2016And he just stole home
19th Jun 2016He's in a pickle
19th Jun 2016Last pitch of the game
19th Jun 2016If we didn't have these misters we'd be cooked
18th Jun 2016Condo video
16th Jun 2016Titan II Missile
16th Jun 2016Titan II Missile Above Ground
16th Jun 2016Last pitch of the game
15th Jun 2016Mission Inside
15th Jun 2016Mission outside
14th Jun 2016Have you ever seen this many planes?
13th Jun 2016Coming down the ski lift
13th Jun 2016Going up the ski lift
13th Jun 2016View of town from Catalina Highway
11th Jun 2016Last plays of the game
11th Jun 2016Saguaro National Paqrk
11th Jun 2016Cactus Forest with cicada noise
8th Jun 2016Rest area in New Mexico
6th Jun 2016Active bird houses
5th Jun 2016Texas Capitol Building-Inside
5th Jun 2016Fireworks after the ballgame
5th Jun 2016BATS!!!
4th Jun 2016Last pitch of the game
4th Jun 2016And then the rain came
3rd Jun 2016Waiting for bats under the bridge in Austin
2nd Jun 2016Waiting at RR crossing for coal train
Summer 2015 - 4 Movies
28th Jul 2015Lakeside RV video
25th Jul 2015Arlington Hotel lobby with band
24th Jul 2015Springs video
24th Jul 2015Spring on Arlington Hotel lawn
24th Jul 2015Mountain Tower video
23rd Jul 2015Our campsite video
22nd Jul 2015Clinton Presidential Walking Bridge video
19th Jul 2015Bentonville, AR video
16th Jul 2015Lindwedel Winery video
15th Jul 2015The devil's on the run
15th Jul 2015Playing each other's fiddle
15th Jul 2015Julio on his horse
15th Jul 2015Cousin Julio and his horns video
15th Jul 2015Changing instruments
15th Jul 2015Hughes family video
14th Jul 2015Shoji & Christina video
9th Jul 2015Last pitch of the game
9th Jul 2015Baseball game video with Sizzle
7th Jul 2015Boulder Creek video
5th Jul 2015Stuck in traffic
3rd Jul 2015White and black clouds
3rd Jul 2015Great Sand Dunes video
2nd Jul 2015Cotton at campground
2nd Jul 2015Rain going up mountain
1st Jul 2015Spruce Tree House
1st Jul 2015Overlook video
1st Jul 2015Many windows video
1st Jul 2015Fire Tower overlook video
1st Jul 2015Cliff Palace video
30th Jun 2015Four Corners with flags video
30th Jun 2015Four corners video
28th Jun 2015Salt Valley overlook video
28th Jun 2015Park Avenue Formations
28th Jun 2015Devil's Garden video
28th Jun 2015Delicate Arch and tourist video
28th Jun 2015Colorado River
28th Jun 2015Arch Video
27th Jun 2015Green River overlook
27th Jun 2015Overlook at Canyonlands
27th Jun 2015Grand View Point Overlook video
25th Jun 2015Buffalo herd on Antelope Island
25th Jun 2015BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!!
23rd Jun 2015Bear Lake, UT video
22nd Jun 2015Butte Lake overlook
22nd Jun 2015Elk video
21st Jun 2015Buffalo Bill Museum of the West video
21st Jun 2015Powwow video
21st Jun 2015Drummers and singers
21st Jun 2015Little dancers
21st Jun 2015Men dancing
20th Jun 2015Another Triple C Cowboy Band video
20th Jun 2015Triple C Cowboy Band video
20th Jun 2015Kids under 12 bronco riding
20th Jun 2015Roping
20th Jun 2015Women's Barrel racing
20th Jun 2015Pick up cowboys
20th Jun 2015Wyoming Thunder horses
20th Jun 2015Calf scramble
20th Jun 2015Bull riding
20th Jun 2015Bronco riding
20th Jun 2015Another bronco
20th Jun 2015Overlook video
19th Jun 2015Teepee Pool video
19th Jun 2015Outside hot springs pool video
19th Jun 2015Hot Springs from Mountain
19th Jun 2015Buffalo video
17th Jun 2015Bison video
17th Jun 2015Pony running video
17th Jun 2015Catwalk video
17th Jun 2015Harry feeding bison
14th Jun 2015Storm video
14th Jun 2015Rainbow video
13th Jun 2015Prairie dog video
13th Jun 2015Center of US video
7th Jun 2015Bugle call
7th Jun 2015Harry's horse won
7th Jun 2015Race 1 Photo finish
7th Jun 2015And they're off!
San Antonio and Bandera, TX 20 - 4 Movies
22nd Apr 201511th St. Cowboy Bar video 2
22nd Apr 201511th St. Cowboy bar video
Summer 2014 - 4 Movies
28th Aug 2014Bridal Veil Falls video
28th Aug 2014Harry taking a shower under falls video
25th Aug 2014It's not a bar, it's a PUB!
24th Aug 2014Cabins and ducks at campground video
23rd Aug 2014Nashville Sounds game video
23rd Aug 2014Last pitch of the Sounds game
22nd Aug 2014Bus turning onto Broadway video
22nd Aug 2014Band Nashville video
21st Aug 2014Buffalo Trace video
21st Aug 2014Buffalo Trace assembly line
21st Aug 2014Bottling bourbon video
21st Aug 2014Horses in the pasture video
20th Aug 2014Lexington Legends Ball field video
20th Aug 2014Last pitch of the Legends game
18th Aug 2014Last pitch of the game video
15th Aug 2014Marblehead Lighthouse video
9th Aug 2014Dunes video
9th Aug 2014Dunes video 2
9th Aug 2014Dunes 1 video
8th Aug 2014Old Mission Peninsula video
8th Aug 2014Fireworks at ballgame video
7th Aug 2014Stadium video
7th Aug 2014Last pitch of the game
5th Aug 2014Quiet side of town
5th Aug 2014Main Street video
5th Aug 2014Leaving Mackinac Island video
5th Aug 2014Under Mackinac Bridge video
5th Aug 2014Mackinac State Park video
5th Aug 2014Mackinac State Park Lake Huron video
3rd Aug 2014Trumpeter swans video
2nd Aug 2014Gerometta's video
1st Aug 2014Miner's Beach video
29th Jul 2014Fish Boil video
24th Jul 2014Nordic Fest video
23rd Jul 2014Winneshiek Wildberry Winery video
23rd Jul 2014Eagle's nest video
22nd Jul 2014John Ernest Vineyard movie
20th Jul 2014Clydesdales in pasture
20th Jul 2014Les Bourgeois Bistro movie
20th Jul 2014Rocheport, MO movie
20th Jul 2014Clydesdale movie
20th Jul 2014A Frame movie
19th Jul 2014Show Me State Games Baseball game
17th Jul 2014Cotton Candy man
17th Jul 2014Bear Creek Winery
17th Jul 2014BASES LOADED
17th Jul 2014AND HE'S OUT!
17th Jul 2014Harry shaking his booty on stage
17th Jul 2014Tracy Heaston
17th Jul 2014Fiddler at Grand Country Music Hall
17th Jul 2014Grand Country Music Hall
14th Jul 2014Linwedel Winery movie
9th Jul 2014Under the bridge between Mississippi & Louisiana
Alaska 2014 - 4 Movies
8th Jun 2014Train to Fairbanks
8th Jun 2014Riverboat DiscoveryIII
8th Jun 2014Puppy Training
8th Jun 2014More puppy training
8th Jun 2014Even more puppy training
8th Jun 2014Cooling off after the race
5th Jun 2014More lambs
5th Jun 2014Lambs playing
5th Jun 2014Lambs movie
5th Jun 2014Lambs butting heads
5th Jun 2014Lambs at Denali
4th Jun 2014Sand on ATV ride
4th Jun 2014ATV tour
3rd Jun 2014Pontoon Boat & Waterfall at Redoubt Bay
2nd Jun 2014Holgate Glacier closer up
2nd Jun 2014Holgate Glacier
1st Jun 2014Seward downtown
1st Jun 2014Sea Lion
1st Jun 2014Racing
1st Jun 2014King EiderMAH00735
1st Jun 2014Hooking up dogs
1st Jun 2014Exit Glacier
1st Jun 2014Back of SeaLife Center
Summer 2013 - 4 Movies
6th Aug 2013Harry's commentary
6th Aug 2013The last pitch of the game
5th Aug 2013Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX movie
31st Jul 2013Grand Canyon movie
30th Jul 2013Wild West Skit movie
30th Jul 20131957 Zip Line movie
30th Jul 2013Cruiser's cafe movie
28th Jul 2013Colorado Belle movie
27th Jul 2013Route 66 movie
27th Jul 2013Avi Casino Resort movie
25th Jul 2013Scenic overlook movie
25th Jul 2013Harry and the sequoias movie
25th Jul 2013General Sherman Tree-Sequoia NP
24th Jul 2013Lake Kaweah movie
22nd Jul 2013Sacramento River Cats Baseball game movie
21st Jul 2013Old Sacramento movie
21st Jul 2013California State Fair
21st Jul 2013Mariachis and bungee jumper
16th Jul 2013Yak movie at Wildlife Safari Park
16th Jul 2013Wildlife Safari Baby Rheas movie
15th Jul 2013Seven Feathers Casino movie
13th Jul 2013Historic Sunshine Mills Winery movie
13th Jul 2013Stonehenge movie
13th Jul 2013Maryhill Winery Tasting Room music movie
13th Jul 2013Maryhill Winery movie
13th Jul 2013Jacob Williams Winery movie
13th Jul 2013Deer movie
12th Jul 2013Sunset at casino movie
12th Jul 2013Pendleton, OR Farmer's Market movie
12th Jul 2013Wild Horse Campground movie
11th Jul 2013Leaving Casino Movie
11th Jul 2013Scenic Overlook of Pendleton, OR
9th Jul 2013Snake River Overlook movie
9th Jul 2013Nighthawks in flight movie
7th Jul 2013Snyder Winery movie
6th Jul 2013Hats, Hats, Hats!
6th Jul 2013Hail Storm at Teton Pass Summit
6th Jul 2013This was a great store!
6th Jul 2013Going down Teton Pass
6th Jul 2013Downtown Jackson Hole, WY
4th Jul 2013Snake River overlook Grand Tetons
3rd Jul 2013Horses at campground
3rd Jul 2013Our campsite
3rd Jul 2013Our Good Samaritan movie
3rd Jul 2013Piano Player Movie
3rd Jul 2013Shredded tire movie
3rd Jul 2013Downtown Dubois, WY
1st Jul 2013Downtown Cheyenne, WY
1st Jul 2013Boots, Boots and More Boots
29th Jun 2013Here comes the hail!
29th Jun 2013Going down the mountain
29th Jun 2013Rainbow Curve, RMNP
29th Jun 2013Forest Canyon, RMNP
29th Jun 2013Bear Lake movie
28th Jun 2013Lightning from campground
28th Jun 2013Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO
28th Jun 2013Estes Park, CO
27th Jun 2013Peak to Peak Highway
27th Jun 2013Elk Meadow Campground & Resort
27th Jun 2013Prairie Dog Movie
26th Jun 2013Inside Ameristar Casino
26th Jun 2013Silver Plume, CO train movie
25th Jun 2013Route 119 Tunnel
25th Jun 2013Route 119 traffic jam
25th Jun 2013Coors Tasting Lounge
25th Jun 2013Lariat Loop, Golden, CO
25th Jun 2013Conveyor belt at Coors
24th Jun 2013Zip line in traffic movie
24th Jun 2013Rafters in traffic movie
24th Jun 2013Leadville Movie
24th Jun 2013Frisco Movie
23rd Jun 2013Rafters at campground movie
23rd Jun 2013Arkansas River at campground movie
22nd Jun 2013The Bungled Jungle-What unique stuff!
22nd Jun 2013Salida Riverwalk Movie
21st Jun 2013Back of White Water Bar & Grille movie
21st Jun 2013White Water Bar & Grille movie
21st Jun 2013Starlite Classic Campground
20th Jun 2013Smoke on the mountain movie
20th Jun 2013Historic Downtown Canon City, CO
18th Jun 2013Reindeer at Campground, Russell, KS
17th Jun 2013Here comes Speedy!
17th Jun 2013Haunted bike lights
17th Jun 2013Clinton Lake Marina
17th Jun 2013Clinton Lake, Lawrence, KS
15th Jun 2013Musical park in Eureka Springs, AR
15th Jun 2013Acrobats of China
12th Jun 2013SIX Movie
12th Jun 2013Branson Landing Dancing Waters
12th Jun 2013Joseph Hall (Elvis) movie
12th Jun 2013Elvis (Joseph Hall) movie
11th Jun 2013"Throwed" Rolls
11th Jun 2013The Haygoods
9th Jun 2013Branson Condo 2nd Floor
9th Jun 2013Condo in Branson
9th Jun 2013Lunch on Lake Norfork
Summer 2012 - 4 Movies
18th Aug 2012Our soggy campsite
18th Aug 2012Deja Vu
14th Aug 2012Vintage RVs movie
14th Aug 2012Old Town movie
13th Aug 2012New Mexico movie
13th Aug 2012Lightning movie
13th Aug 2012Hummingbird movie
12th Aug 2012Flagstaff, AZ movie
10th Aug 2012Harrah's beach movie (Colorado River)
9th Aug 2012Avi Resort Beach movie
9th Aug 2012Dust Storm movie
7th Aug 2012Tioga Pass movie
7th Aug 2012Tenaya Lake movie
7th Aug 2012Lee Vining Canyon movie
6th Aug 2012Mono Lake movie
5th Aug 2012Hula hoop in Cirque 84 show
5th Aug 2012Girl in Cirque 84 show
5th Aug 2012Gauchos in Cirque 84 show
4th Aug 2012Racing the bicycle movie
4th Aug 2012Lake Tahoe from above movie
4th Aug 2012Lake Tahoe beach movie
4th Aug 2012Lake Tahoe, King's beach
4th Aug 2012Reno at night movie
3rd Aug 2012Grand Sierra Resort lobby
3rd Aug 2012Burning man movie
2nd Aug 2012On our way to Reno
1st Aug 2012Videa Falls movie
1st Aug 2012Pumice movie
1st Aug 2012Phantom Ship movie
1st Aug 2012Our last stop in Crater Lake
1st Aug 2012Another Crater Lake movie
1st Aug 2012Crater Lake Movie
1st Aug 2012Crater Lake Lodge Interior movie
1st Aug 2012Sun Notch hike to Phantom Ship
31st Jul 2012Diamond Lake, OR movie
29th Jul 2012Windsurfing movie
29th Jul 2012Mt. Hood Windsurfing movie
29th Jul 2012Mt. Hood & Mt. Adams movie
29th Jul 2012Multnomah Falls movie
29th Jul 2012Hood River movie
29th Jul 2012Flower farm movie
29th Jul 2012Rose Garden movie
29th Jul 2012Portland Saturday Market movie
26th Jul 2012Sitka Spruce movie
26th Jul 2012Mossy tree movie
26th Jul 2012Hoh River movie
26th Jul 2012Hall of Mosses movie
25th Jul 2012First Beach movie
25th Jul 2012Salmon Cascades movie
25th Jul 2012First Beach Seagulls LaPush, WA movie
25th Jul 2012First Beach, LaPush, WA movie
24th Jul 2012Here comes the deer
24th Jul 2012The deer movie
24th Jul 2012Mountains and the deer movie
24th Jul 2012Hurricane Ridge movie
24th Jul 2012Heart of the Hills Highway
24th Jul 2012Lavender Farm movie
23rd Jul 2012Seattle Space Needle movie
23rd Jul 2012Pike Place Market Movie
22nd Jul 2012Paradise Inn movie
22nd Jul 2012Waterfall II movie
22nd Jul 2012Waterfall movie
22nd Jul 2012Mt. Rainier movie
20th Jul 2012LaClede Campground movie
20th Jul 2012Harry on the bike movie
20th Jul 2012Terra Blanca Vineyard movie
20th Jul 2012Cherry Picking movie
20th Jul 2012Kiona Vineyard movie
14th Jul 2012Lake McDonald at sunset movie
14th Jul 2012Waterfall movie
14th Jul 2012McDonald Creek movie
14th Jul 2012Many Glacier Hotel movie
14th Jul 2012Hungry Horse Reservoir
14th Jul 2012Montana Movie
10th Jul 2012Montana Storm
10th Jul 2012Storm coming
9th Jul 2012Wild Horses
9th Jul 2012Not so wild horses
9th Jul 2012Down the hill we go
9th Jul 2012Digging Prairie Dog
9th Jul 2012Chirping Prairie Dogs
7th Jul 2012Deadwood, SD
7th Jul 2012Bridal Veil Falls at Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway
6th Jul 2012Tunnel
6th Jul 2012Needles Highway
6th Jul 2012Mt. Rushmore
6th Jul 2012Crazy Horse Monument
6th Jul 2012Buffalo Crossing
4th Jul 2012Mitchell, SD Fireworks
4th Jul 2012Ice Cream Social, Mitchell, SD
4th Jul 2012Corn Palace, Mitchell, SD
27th Jun 2012Some friends in Arthur, IL
26th Jun 2012Lake Shelbyville, IL
25th Jun 2012Broadway in Nashville
Maui, Hawaii March 2012 - 4 Movies
17th Mar 2012Windsurfers
17th Mar 2012Harry on the beach
16th Mar 2012Our Beach in Maui
15th Mar 2012O'heo pools
15th Mar 2012Black sand beach
14th Mar 2012Whale watching 2
14th Mar 2012Whale watching 1
14th Mar 2012Whale watching
14th Mar 2012Lahaina
13th Mar 2012Luau 4
13th Mar 2012Luau 3
13th Mar 2012Luau 2
13th Mar 2012Luau
13th Mar 2012Luau Buffet
12th Mar 2012Haleakala Observatory
12th Mar 2012Haleakala movie
England and Paris 2011 - 4 Movies
1st Oct 2011Water maze at Hever Castle
1st Oct 2011Hever Castle movie
1st Oct 2011Hever Castle Courtyard
30th Sep 2011Our Chauffer
30th Sep 2011Singing and playing
30th Sep 2011West Wittering Beach
29th Sep 2011Ready or not...
27th Sep 2011Notre Dame
27th Sep 2011Our hotel street
27th Sep 2011Louvre
27th Sep 2011Inside Notre Dame
27th Sep 2011Champs Elysees movie
26th Sep 2011Our room in Paris
26th Sep 2011Eiffel tower at night
24th Sep 2011Natural Science Museum
24th Sep 2011Happy Birthday to you!
22nd Sep 2011Happy 2nd Birthday
21st Sep 2011Pumpkin picking
21st Sep 2011London Road
20th Sep 2011Dancing
20th Sep 2011Leatherhead
20th Sep 2011Evie on her bike
Summer 2011 - 4 Movies
3rd Jul 2011I'm not winning
3rd Jul 2011Game time
2nd Jul 2011My tail or yours
1st Jul 2011Speedway Campsite
29th Jun 2011Loved these guys
29th Jun 2011Legends Saloon
29th Jun 2011Elvis lives!
29th Jun 2011Honky Tonk Highway-Nashville
28th Jun 2011Danny Gokey movie
28th Jun 2011Grand Ole Opry movie
28th Jun 2011Justin Moore
28th Jun 2011Commercial Time
25th Jun 2011Harry and the wind
23rd Jun 2011Sharon's Cabin
23rd Jun 2011Sharon's Hummingbirds
22nd Jun 2011Bridge from below
22nd Jun 2011Royal Gorge Bridge
22nd Jun 2011Arkansas River, Canon City, CO
22nd Jun 2011Driving over the Royal Gorge Bridge
22nd Jun 2011Incline Railway
22nd Jun 2011Bridge from Skytram
19th Jun 2011Dust Storm
18th Jun 2011Painted Desert
18th Jun 2011Middle of Nowhere
17th Jun 2011Verde Valley Train
13th Jun 2011Navajos Dancing
13th Jun 2011Grand Canyon
13th Jun 2011Wupatki Ruins
13th Jun 2011Our first view
13th Jun 2011The Grand Canyon
9th Jun 2011Lookout at Hoover Dam
8th Jun 2011KISS on canopy
8th Jun 2011Zip line under canopy
8th Jun 2011Circus Act
8th Jun 2011Band at Fremont St.
7th Jun 2011Pet Fish
5th Jun 2011Sand Hollow Reservoir
4th Jun 2011Navigating a switchback
4th Jun 2011Through the tunnel...look for the little window in the rock
3rd Jun 2011Monolithic spires
3rd Jun 2011Lunch on the reservoir
3rd Jun 2011No Title
3rd Jun 2011Wildlife at the top
3rd Jun 2011No Title
3rd Jun 2011No Title
3rd Jun 2011No Title
3rd Jun 2011No Title
3rd Jun 2011Inspiration Point
3rd Jun 2011No Title
31st May 2011Conference Center Organ
30th May 2011Picnic Spot
30th May 2011Great Salt Lake
30th May 2011Cowboy Music & Poetry Festival
28th May 2011Parade
28th May 2011Passing Buffalo
28th May 2011Buffalo Poop
28th May 2011Buffalo in road
28th May 2011Harry and the bear
27th May 2011No Title
27th May 2011Geysers
27th May 2011Old Faithful erupting
25th May 2011Craters of the Moon
25th May 2011From a spatter cone
25th May 2011Our site from above
25th May 2011Lava
25th May 2011Route 20 Overlook
23rd May 2011Standing on the edge
23rd May 2011Snake River Dedication Point
23rd May 2011Lunch on the river
22nd May 2011Looking back on Oregon
16th May 2011Waterfall at White Pass, WA
16th May 2011White Pass Scenic Byway Scene
15th May 2011Where's Mt. St. Helens
15th May 2011Johnston Ridge Observatory
15th May 2011Harry & the snowball
14th May 2011Portland Saturday Market
13th May 2011Crescent City, CA
13th May 2011The Forest
13th May 2011The Immortal Tree
13th May 2011Eternal Tree House
8th May 2011Pier 39, San Francisco
8th May 2011Under Golden Gate Bridge (Fort Point)
8th May 2011Sea Lions Pier 39
8th May 2011Pier 39 Seal Lions
5th May 2011Sea Otters
5th May 2011Underwater
5th May 2011Bamboo break
4th May 2011McGrath State Park, Ventura, CA
4th May 2011Seal at Morro Bay
4th May 2011Sea Otters Swimming
26th Apr 2011Harry climbing sand dune