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Sailing Adventures
28th Mar 2011
A Trip to Floreana Island

We were up early for breakfast and coffee and then it was time to catch a water taxi to shore and meet up with our group that was going to Floreana Island. The majority were English speaking from U.S. and Canada. There were a Canadian family, mom, dad, son, daughter and son-in-law from the Vancouver area; a fellow from just outside Orlando, one from Milwaukee and a couple from Boston. The remaining were an English couple and four from Ecuador. The ride over at 22 knots took about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Our bus to the tortoise area was a two ton truck with four bench seats in the back covered by a wooden canopy that would hold four in each row. The walk to the tortoises was about ½ hour. They are getting ready to introduce them to the island. We all got numerous pictures. We left there for a gradual uphill hike to some small caves carved into the lava, and some beautiful vistas looking out over the island to the ocean. It was then down the hill to the “Bus” and we went back down near the port for lunch of tuna, coleslaw and rice. After lunch we loaded back up in the boat and headed to the northern part of the island to go snorkeling. I was disappointed because when we had booked the tour, we were told mask, fins and snorkel would be supplied, so Don and I didn’t bother to dig ours out of the lazzerette. We were told just mask and snorkel no fins. The water was a little sloppy with some wave action and I made a brief trip from boat to near shore and back. The visibility was less than expected and not as many fish as I thought there would be. They loaded us back on the boat and moved ½ mile up the coast so we could snorkel in another area, which had better visibility, but I passed. Don borrowed a set of fins from the guide but the wave action filled his snorkel a couple of times causing him some grief and a need to get out. The ride back started after we stopped at another cove that had a couple of penguins and some turtles swimming around. It was a good ride back with everyone talking about the trip, their travels and any other subject. Don and I returned to the boat for showers and a quiet evening.

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Diary Photos

Floreana Island 001 A

Floreana Island 008 A

Floreana Island 011 A

Floreana Island 019 A

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