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This is the map of our trip. The red lines show our journey so far, and the dotted lines show our future route. Move your mouse over a larger dot and you can see the name of the stop and date of our arrival. Click a place on the right to change your view. You can see all our stops under the map. World  Africa  Asia  Australasia  C.America  Caribbean  Europe  India  N.America  S.America  S.East Asia  United Kingdom 

548 Stops
29th Jun 2018    Nibe Denmark
28th Jun 2018    Hals Denmark
24th Jun 2018    Kongsdal Denmark
21st Jun 2018    Hobro Denmark
20th Jun 2018    Kongsdal Denmark
18th Jun 2018    Bønnerup Denmark
14th Jun 2018    Aarhus Denmark
13th Jun 2018    Rønde Denmark
11th Jun 2018    Egå Denmark
10th Jun 2018    Aarhus Denmark
4th Jun 2018    Øer Denmark
3rd Jun 2018    Grenaa Denmark
2nd Jun 2018    Bønnerup Denmark
31st May 2018    Hals Denmark
29th May 2018    Vesterø Havn Denmark
25th May 2018    Frederikshavn Denmark
24th May 2018    Skagen Denmark
23rd May 2018    Smögen, Västra Götaland County Sweden
21st May 2018    Fjällbacka, Västra Götaland County Sweden
20th May 2018    Resö Sweden
19th May 2018    Strömstad, Västra Götaland County Sweden
18th May 2018    Jordsbugta/Paradisbugten Norway
16th May 2018    Langesund, Telemark Norway
15th May 2018    Langøy Kilen Norway
14th May 2018    Aust-Agder Norway
13th May 2018    Lyngør, Aust-Agder Norway
12th May 2018    Arendal, Aust-Agder Norway
11th May 2018    Aust-Agder Norway
9th May 2018    Blindleia Norway
8th May 2018    Aust-Agder Norway
7th May 2018    Grimstad, Aust-Agder Norway
5th May 2018    Arendal, Aust-Agder Norway
1st May 2018    Skagen Denmark
29th Apr 2018    Strandby Denmark
27th Apr 2018    Hou Denmark
26th Aug 2017    Nibe Denmark
25th Aug 2017    Aalborg Denmark
24th Aug 2017    Hals Denmark
23rd Aug 2017    Grenaa Denmark
22nd Aug 2017    Odder Denmark
21st Aug 2017    Vejle Denmark
17th Aug 2017    Brejning Denmark
16th Aug 2017    Aarøsund Denmark
15th Aug 2017    Høruphav Denmark
14th Aug 2017    Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein Germany
13th Aug 2017    Gelting, Schleswig-Holstein Germany
12th Aug 2017    Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein Germany
11th Aug 2017    Pæleplads i Kielerkanalen Germany
10th Aug 2017    Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony Germany
7th Aug 2017    Norderney, Niedersachsen Germany
7th Aug 2017    Lauwersoog, Groningen Netherlands
5th Aug 2017    Leeuwarden, Friesland Netherlands
3rd Aug 2017    Lemmer, Friesland Netherlands
2nd Aug 2017    Lelystad, Flevoland Netherlands
1st Aug 2017    Haarlem, North Holland Netherlands
31st Jul 2017    Alphen aan den Rijn, South Holland Netherlands
29th Jul 2017    Dordrecht, South Holland Netherlands
28th Jul 2017    Willemstad, North Brabant Netherlands
27th Jul 2017    Dintel Marina Netherlands
24th Jul 2017    Middelburg, Zeeland Netherlands
23rd Jul 2017    Ostend, Flanders Belgium
22nd Jul 2017    Dunkirk, Hauts-de-France France
21st Jul 2017    Dover, England United Kingdom
19th Jul 2017    Eastbourne, England United Kingdom
15th Jul 2017    Brighton, England United Kingdom
14th Jul 2017    Gosport, England United Kingdom
13th Jul 2017    Poole, England United Kingdom
10th Jul 2017    Weymouth, England United Kingdom
9th Jul 2017    Torquay, England United Kingdom
8th Jul 2017    Plymouth, England United Kingdom
7th Jul 2017    Falmouth, England United Kingdom
5th Jul 2017    Port Scty Mary United Kingdom
2nd Jul 2017    Padstow, England United Kingdom
29th Jun 2017    Milford Haven, Wales United Kingdom
27th Jun 2017    Ankerplads ved Abersoch United Kingdom
27th Jun 2017    Caernarfon, Wales United Kingdom
22nd Jun 2017    Liverpool, England United Kingdom
20th Jun 2017    Conwy, Wales United Kingdom
19th Jun 2017    Holyhead, Wales United Kingdom
16th Jun 2017    Dublin, County Dublin Ireland
14th Jun 2017    Malahide, County Dublin Ireland
13th Jun 2017    Ardglass, Northern Ireland United Kingdom
10th Jun 2017    Belfast, Northern Ireland United Kingdom
8th Jun 2017    Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland United Kingdom
3rd Jun 2017    Belfast, Northern Ireland United Kingdom
2nd Jun 2017    Ballycastle, Northern Ireland United Kingdom
27th May 2017    Oban, Scotland United Kingdom
26th May 2017    Ponton før Corpach United Kingdom
25th May 2017    Gairlochy United Kingdom
24th May 2017    Well of the seven Heads United Kingdom
23rd May 2017    Fort Augustus, Scotland United Kingdom
22nd May 2017    Drumnadrochit United Kingdom
21st May 2017    Dochgarroch United Kingdom
20th May 2017    Seaport Marina United Kingdom
19th May 2017    Inverness, Scotland United Kingdom
18th May 2017    Lossiemouth, Scotland United Kingdom
17th May 2017    Whitehill United Kingdom
15th May 2017    Peterhead, Scotland United Kingdom
9th May 2017    Thyboron Denmark
7th May 2017    Lemvig Denmark
6th May 2017    Venø Denmark
7th Jul 2016    Nibe, North Denmark Region Denmark
6th Jul 2016    Hals, North Denmark Region Denmark
5th Jul 2016    Frederikshavn, North Denmark Region Denmark
28th Jun 2016    Frederikshavn, North Denmark Region Denmark
27th Jun 2016    Frederikshavn, North Denmark Region Denmark
26th Jun 2016    Mou, North Denmark Region Denmark
23rd Jun 2016    Hals, North Denmark Region Denmark
22nd Jun 2016    Bønnerup, Central Denmark Region Denmark
21st Jun 2016    Ebeltoft Denmark
15th Jun 2016    Aarhus, Central Denmark Region Denmark
13th Jun 2016    Sjællands Odde Denmark
11th Jun 2016    Veddelev, Region Zealand Denmark
9th Jun 2016    Frederikssund, Capital Region of Denmark Denmark
8th Jun 2016    Frederiksværk, Capital Region of Denmark Denmark
7th Jun 2016    Hundested, Capital Region of Denmark Denmark
26th May 2016    Taarbæk, Capital Region of Denmark Denmark
25th May 2016    Mölle, Skåne County Sweden
23rd May 2016    Ängelholm, Skåne County Sweden
21st May 2016    Båstad, Skåne County Sweden
18th May 2016    Halmstad, Halland County Sweden
17th May 2016    Glommen, Halland County Sweden
15th May 2016    Varberg, Halland County Sweden
13th May 2016    Bua, Halland County Sweden
12th May 2016    Hallands län Sweden
11th May 2016    Vrångö, Västra Götaland County Sweden
9th May 2016    Rörö, Västra Götaland County Sweden
8th May 2016    Marstrand, Västra Götaland County Sweden
6th May 2016    Strandby, North Denmark Region Denmark
4th May 2016    Frederikshavn, North Denmark Region Denmark
3rd May 2016    Hals, North Denmark Region Denmark
22nd Aug 2015    Nibe, North Denmark Region Denmark
21st Aug 2015    Hals, North Denmark Region Denmark
20th Aug 2015    Bønnerup, Central Denmark Region Denmark
16th Aug 2015    Aarhus, Central Denmark Region Denmark
13th Aug 2015    Sjællands Odde Denmark
12th Aug 2015    Helsingborg, Skåne County Sweden
7th Aug 2015    Taarbæk, Capital Region of Denmark Denmark
5th Aug 2015    Christianshavn, Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark Denmark
4th Aug 2015    Kastrup, Capital Region of Denmark Denmark
3rd Aug 2015    Falsterbokanalen Sweden
2nd Aug 2015    Sassnitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany
1st Aug 2015    Swinoujscie, West Pomeranian Voivodeship Poland
31st Jul 2015    Wolin, West Pomeranian Voivodeship Poland
29th Jul 2015    Szczecin, West Pomeranian Voivodeship Poland
28th Jul 2015    Ueckermünde, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany
27th Jul 2015    Wolgast, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany
24th Jul 2015    Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany
23rd Jul 2015    Stralsund, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany
22nd Jul 2015    Barhöft, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany
20th Jul 2015    Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany
17th Jul 2015    Wismar, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany
16th Jul 2015    Herreninsel, Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein Germany
15th Jul 2015    Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein Germany
14th Jul 2015    Herreninsel, Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein Germany
13th Jul 2015    Fehmarn, Schleswig-Holstein Germany
12th Jul 2015    Gelting, Schleswig-Holstein Germany
11th Jul 2015    Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein Germany
8th Jul 2015    Gråsten, Region Syddanmark Denmark
5th Jul 2015    Sønderborg, Region Syddanmark Denmark
4th Jul 2015    Dyvig Denmark
3rd Jul 2015    Kongebroen Denmark
1st Jul 2015    Bogense, Region Syddanmark Denmark
30th Jun 2015    Otterup Havn Denmark
27th Jun 2015    Odense, Region Syddanmark Denmark
26th Jun 2015    Langør, Central Denmark Region Denmark
25th Jun 2015    Hals, North Denmark Region Denmark
9th Jun 2015    Nibe, North Denmark Region Denmark
8th Jun 2015    Hals, North Denmark Region Denmark
5th Jun 2015    Frederikshavn, North Denmark Region Denmark
4th Jun 2015    Åstol, Västra Götaland County Sweden
1st Jun 2015    Skärhamn, Västra Götaland County Sweden
30th May 2015    Gullholmen, Västra Götaland County Sweden
29th May 2015    Lysekil, Västra Götaland County Sweden
27th May 2015    Smögen, Västra Götaland County Sweden
26th May 2015    Västra Götalands län Sweden
25th May 2015    Strömstad, Västra Götaland County Sweden
24th May 2015    Dynekilen Sweden
23rd May 2015    Västra Götalands län Sweden
21st May 2015    Ramsö, , Västra Götalands län Sweden
20th May 2015    Fjällbacka, Västra Götaland County Sweden
19th May 2015    Smögen, Västra Götaland County Sweden
18th May 2015    Västra Götalands län Sweden
15th May 2015    Västra Götalands län Sweden
14th May 2015    Hönö, Västra Götaland County Sweden
12th May 2015    Frederikshavn, North Denmark Region Denmark
11th May 2015    Hals, North Denmark Region Denmark
17th Aug 2014    Nibe, North Denmark Region Denmark
16th Aug 2014    Gjøl, North Denmark Region Denmark
15th Aug 2014    Hals, North Denmark Region Denmark
14th Aug 2014    Sjællands Odde Denmark
13th Aug 2014    Hundested, Capital Region of Denmark Denmark
12th Aug 2014    Gilleleje, Capital Region of Denmark Denmark
11th Aug 2014    Helsingor, Capital Region of Denmark Denmark
9th Aug 2014    Taarbæk, Capital Region of Denmark Denmark
7th Aug 2014    Smygehamn, Skane County Sweden
6th Aug 2014    Ystad, Skane County Sweden
4th Aug 2014    Stenshamn, Blekinge County Sweden
3rd Aug 2014    Morbylanga, Kalmar County Sweden
2nd Aug 2014    Paskallavik, Kalmar County Sweden
1st Aug 2014    Loftahammar, Kalmar County Sweden
31st Jul 2014    Fyrudden, Östergötland Sweden
30th Jul 2014    Stendören Sweden
29th Jul 2014    Bruunsviken på Ornö Sweden
24th Jul 2014    Djurö Havsbad Sweden
23rd Jul 2014    Bullandö Sweden
22nd Jul 2014    Norrviken Sweden
21st Jul 2014    Säck Sweden
20th Jul 2014    Lådan Fladen Östra Sweden
19th Jul 2014    Lådna Sweden
18th Jul 2014    Djurö Havsbad Sweden
17th Jul 2014    Ingmarsö Sweden
16th Jul 2014    Gillviken Sweden
15th Jul 2014    Öregrund, Uppsala Sweden
14th Jul 2014    Storjomfrun Sweden
13th Jul 2014    Segelvik Sweden
12th Jul 2014    Mellanfjärden, Gavleborg County Sweden
11th Jul 2014    Söråkersviken Sweden
10th Jul 2014    Lustholmen Sweden
9th Jul 2014    Häggvik, Västernorrland Sweden
8th Jul 2014    Baggviken på Mjältön Sweden
7th Jul 2014    Trysunda, Västernorrland Sweden
6th Jul 2014    Järnäsklubb, Västerbotten Sweden
5th Jul 2014    Byviken Sweden
4th Jul 2014    Rata Sweden
3rd Jul 2014    Kurjoviken Sweden
1st Jul 2014    Pite-Rönnskär Sweden
30th Jun 2014    Kluntarne Sweden
29th Jun 2014    Luleå Sweden
28th Jun 2014    Haparanda Hamn, , Norrbotten County Sweden
27th Jun 2014    Töre, Norrbotten County Sweden
26th Jun 2014    Liggskär Sweden
25th Jun 2014    Furuögrund, Västerbotten County Sweden
22nd Jun 2014    Kurjoviken Sweden
21st Jun 2014    Bjuröklubb Lodshavn Sweden
19th Jun 2014    Patholmsviken Sweden
17th Jun 2014    Norrbyskär Sweden
15th Jun 2014    Tjäruskär Sweden
14th Jun 2014    Baggviken på Mjältön Sweden
11th Jun 2014    Ulvöhamn, Västernorrland County Sweden
10th Jun 2014    Mädansviken Sweden
9th Jun 2014    Härnösand Sweden
7th Jun 2014    Skatan Sweden
6th Jun 2014    Agnö Storhamn Sweden
5th Jun 2014    Kusön, Gävleborg County Sweden
4th Jun 2014    Ängskär Sweden
3rd Jun 2014    Öregrund, Uppsala County Sweden
2nd Jun 2014    Söderholmen Sweden
1st Jun 2014    Långholmen Sweden
31st May 2014    Stockholm Sweden
30th May 2014    Skansholmen Sweden
29th May 2014    Trosa, Södermanland County Sweden
28th May 2014    Östergötland County Sweden
27th May 2014    Fyrudden, Östergötland County Sweden
26th May 2014    Östergötland County Sweden
25th May 2014    klintemala, Kalmar County Sweden
24th May 2014    Paskallavik, Kalmar County Sweden
23rd May 2014    Borgholm, Kalmar County Sweden
22nd May 2014    Kristianopel, Blekinge County Sweden
20th May 2014    Skillinge, Skåne County Sweden
19th May 2014    gislovslage, Skåne County Sweden
18th May 2014    Kastrup, Capital Region of Denmark Denmark
13th May 2014    Taarbæk, Capital Region of Denmark Denmark
12th May 2014    Gilleleje, Capital Region of Denmark Denmark
11th May 2014    Odden Havn Denmark
7th May 2014    Aarhus, Central Denmark Region Denmark
6th May 2014    Tunø Denmark
4th May 2014    Bogense, Region Syddanmark Denmark
3rd May 2014    Grenaa, Central Denmark Region Denmark
2nd May 2014    Bønnerup, Central Denmark Region Denmark
19th Aug 2013    Nibe Denmark
17th Aug 2013    Mou Denmark
16th Aug 2013    Øster Hurup Denmark
15th Aug 2013    Bønnerup Denmark
14th Aug 2013    Øer Marina Denmark
13th Aug 2013    Aarhus Denmark
12th Aug 2013    Kolby Kås Denmark
11th Aug 2013    Kongebroen Denmark
10th Aug 2013    Dyvig Denmark
9th Aug 2013    Flensburg Germany
9th Aug 2013    Wassersleben, Harrislee Germany
7th Aug 2013    Ballen Denmark
6th Aug 2013    Svendborg Denmark
5th Aug 2013    Luneborg Denmark
3rd Aug 2013    Agersø
2nd Aug 2013    Fejo Havn, Fejø
1st Aug 2013    Nyord
31st Jul 2013    Rødvig Denmark
28th Jul 2013    Kastrup Denmark
27th Jul 2013    Smygehamn Sweden
25th Jul 2013    Rønne Denmark
24th Jul 2013    Tejn Denmark
21st Jul 2013    Gudhjem Denmark
20th Jul 2013    Ertholmene Denmark
19th Jul 2013    Utklippan
18th Jul 2013    Bergkvara Sweden
17th Jul 2013    storaror Sweden
15th Jul 2013    Paskallavik Sweden
14th Jul 2013    Spårö Sweden
13th Jul 2013    Laxvarp Sweden
12th Jul 2013    Harstena
11th Jul 2013    Skönsviken Sweden
10th Jul 2013    Arkösund Sweden
9th Jul 2013    Skallö Sweden
8th Jul 2013    Ringsön Sweden
7th Jul 2013    Kolnäsviken Sweden
4th Jul 2013    Stockholm Sweden
3rd Jul 2013    Napoleonsviken Sweden
2nd Jul 2013    Tyssgryteviken Sweden
1st Jul 2013    Jomfruskäerne Sweden
1st Jul 2013    Dalarö Sweden
30th Jun 2013    Kymmendö
29th Jun 2013    Lille Marskär Sweden
28th Jun 2013    Trosa Sweden
27th Jun 2013    Vastra Stendorren
25th Jun 2013    Oxelösund Sweden
17th Jun 2013    Norrköping Sweden
16th Jun 2013    Bokö Sweden
15th Jun 2013    Spårö Sweden
13th Jun 2013    Figeholm Sweden
11th Jun 2013    Paskallavik Sweden
10th Jun 2013    Timmernabben Sweden
9th Jun 2013    Kalmar Sweden
8th Jun 2013    Färjestaden Sweden
7th Jun 2013    Kristianopel Sweden
6th Jun 2013    Oppenskar
5th Jun 2013    Norra Bollo
4th Jun 2013    Tjärö
3rd Jun 2013    Hanö Sweden
2nd Jun 2013    Simrishamn Sweden
1st Jun 2013    Skillinge Sweden
30th May 2013    Ystad Sweden
28th May 2013    gislovslage Sweden
27th May 2013    Dragør Denmark
26th May 2013    Kastrup Denmark
25th May 2013    Taarbæk Denmark
25th May 2013    Ven
24th May 2013    Taarbæk Denmark
20th May 2013    Helsingor Denmark
19th May 2013    Gilleleje Denmark
18th May 2013    Langør Denmark
14th May 2013    Aarhus Denmark
13th May 2013    Odden Denmark
8th May 2013    Nykobing Sjaelland Denmark
7th May 2013    Skansehage Denmark
6th May 2013    Hals Municipality Denmark
24th Aug 2012    Nibe Denmark
23rd Aug 2012    Hals Municipality Denmark
22nd Aug 2012    Grenaa Denmark
14th Aug 2012    Aarhus Denmark
13th Aug 2012    Tunø
13th Aug 2012    Endelave
11th Aug 2012    Bogense Denmark
10th Aug 2012    Fynshav Denmark
9th Aug 2012    Faaborg Denmark
7th Aug 2012    Mommark Denmark
6th Aug 2012    Rendsburg Germany
5th Aug 2012    Ankerplads i Eideren Germany
4th Aug 2012    Helgoland Germany
3rd Aug 2012    Norderney Germany
2nd Aug 2012    Delfzijl Netherlands
1st Aug 2012    Groningen Netherlands
31st Jul 2012    Garnwerd Netherlands
30th Jul 2012    Leeuwarden Netherlands
29th Jul 2012    Lemmer Netherlands
28th Jul 2012    Enkhuizen Netherlands
27th Jul 2012    IJmuiden Netherlands
26th Jul 2012    Stellendam Netherlands
25th Jul 2012    Roompotsluis Netherlands
24th Jul 2012    Nieuwpoort Belgium
23rd Jul 2012    Calais France
22nd Jul 2012    Dieppe France
21st Jul 2012    Le Havre France
9th Jul 2012    Ouistreham France
6th Jul 2012    St. Vaast la-Hague France
4th Jul 2012    Cherbourg-Octeville France
4th Jul 2012    Flamanville France
2nd Jul 2012    St Helier Jersey
27th Jun 2012    St Peter Port Guernsey and Alderney
26th Jun 2012    Cherbourg-Octeville France
24th Jun 2012    Cowes United Kingdom
21st Jun 2012    Gosport United Kingdom
19th Jun 2012    Chichester United Kingdom
18th Jun 2012    Brighton United Kingdom
14th Jun 2012    Newhaven United Kingdom
13th Jun 2012    Eastbourne United Kingdom
11th Jun 2012    Dover United Kingdom
11th Jun 2012    Dunkirk France
7th Jun 2012    Middelburg Netherlands
6th Jun 2012    Zierikzee Netherlands
5th Jun 2012    Dordrecht Netherlands
3rd Jun 2012    Alphen aan den Rijn Netherlands
30th May 2012    Amsterdam Netherlands
29th May 2012    Volendam Netherlands
28th May 2012    Hoorn Netherlands
27th May 2012    Enkhuizen Netherlands
25th May 2012    Lemmer Netherlands
23rd May 2012    Wyns Netherlands
22nd May 2012    Groningen Netherlands
21st May 2012    Delfzijl Netherlands
20th May 2012    Borkum Germany
19th May 2012    Norderney Germany
18th May 2012    Cuxhaven Germany
15th May 2012    Brunsbüttel Germany
14th May 2012    Rendsburg Germany
13th May 2012    Kiel Germany
10th May 2012    Sonderborg Denmark
7th May 2012    Aabenraa Denmark
6th May 2012    Bågø Denmark
5th May 2012    Elvig Høj Denmark
4th May 2012    Bogense Denmark
2nd May 2012    Ballen Denmark
1st May 2012    Grenaa Denmark
30th Apr 2012    Hals Denmark
21st Aug 2011    Nibe Denmark
20th Aug 2011    Løgstør Denmark
19th Aug 2011    Rønbjerg Denmark
17th Aug 2011    Nykøbing Mors Denmark
16th Aug 2011    Venø
15th Aug 2011    Lemvig Denmark
12th Aug 2011    Thyborøn Denmark
11th Aug 2011    Egersund Norway
10th Aug 2011    Egersund Norway
8th Aug 2011    Tananger Norway
7th Aug 2011    Lundevågen Norway
6th Aug 2011    Sandnes Norway
3rd Aug 2011    Bergeviga Norway
2nd Aug 2011    Haugesund Norway
1st Aug 2011    Storebø Norway
31st Jul 2011    Grunnesund Norway
30th Jul 2011    Leirvik Norway
29th Jul 2011    Florø Norway
28th Jul 2011    Måløy Norway
27th Jul 2011    Hareid Norway
27th Jul 2011    Geiranger Norway
24th Jul 2011    Ålesund Norway
20th Jul 2011    Molde Norway
19th Jul 2011    Kristiansund Norway
19th Jul 2011    Børøysund Norway
17th Jul 2011    Roan Norway
16th Jul 2011    Hamnvika Norway
15th Jul 2011    Rørvik Norway
13th Jul 2011    Møyhamna
12th Jul 2011    Sandnessjøen Norway
11th Jul 2011    Rødøy Norway
10th Jul 2011    Bodo Norway
9th Jul 2011    Nordskot Norway
8th Jul 2011    Lødingen Norway
6th Jul 2011    Sortland Norway
1st Jul 2011    Svolvær Norway
30th Jun 2011    Hennes Norway
29th Jun 2011    Melbu Norway
28th Jun 2011    Tengelfjord Norway
27th Jun 2011    Svolvær Norway
25th Jun 2011    Henningsvær Norway
24th Jun 2011    Kabelvåg Norway
23rd Jun 2011    Skutvik Norway
22nd Jun 2011    Bogen Norway
20th Jun 2011    Kjerringøy Norway
19th Jun 2011    Bodo Norway
18th Jun 2011    Krokholmen Norway
17th Jun 2011    Bolga
17th Jun 2011    Svartisen
15th Jun 2011    Nesna Norway
14th Jun 2011    Brønnøysund Norway
13th Jun 2011    Hamnvika-Utvorda Norway
12th Jun 2011    Setervika Norway
11th Jun 2011    Djupfest Norway
9th Jun 2011    Trondheim Norway
8th Jun 2011    Børøysundet Norway
7th Jun 2011    Kristiansund Norway
6th Jun 2011    Midsund Norway
6th Jun 2011    Ålesund Norway
4th Jun 2011    Silda
3rd Jun 2011    Florø Norway
2nd Jun 2011    Hærland Norway
1st Jun 2011    Feste Brygge Norway
31st May 2011    Bergen Norway
30th May 2011    Kolbeinshamn Norway
29th May 2011    Haugesund Norway
27th May 2011    Sandnes Norway
26th May 2011    Stavanger Norway
22nd May 2011    Egersund Norway
20th May 2011    Farsund Norway
18th May 2011    Thyborøn Denmark
16th May 2011    Nykøbing Mors Denmark
15th May 2011    Løgstør Denmark
14th May 2011    Nibe Denmark
8th Oct 2010    Nibe Denmark
7th Oct 2010    Hals Denmark
6th Oct 2010    Odden Denmark
3rd Oct 2010    Gilleleje Denmark
30th Sep 2010    Christianshavn, Christianshavn, Overgaden Oven Vandet 40, Copenhagen Denmark
28th Sep 2010    Dragør Denmark
26th Sep 2010    Gislövs Läge, Trelleborg Sweden
25th Sep 2010    Kåseberga, Ystad Sweden
11th Sep 2010    Simrishamn Sweden
10th Sep 2010    Hanö, Hanö Sweden
7th Sep 2010    Karlskrona Sweden
6th Sep 2010    Kristianopel, Karlskrona Sweden
5th Sep 2010    Kalmar Sweden
4th Sep 2010    Byxelkrok, Borgholm Sweden
30th Aug 2010    Visby, Gotland County Sweden
29th Aug 2010    Fårösund, Gotland County Sweden
27th Aug 2010    Sõru Estonia
26th Aug 2010    Triigi Estonia
24th Aug 2010    Dirhami Estonia
20th Aug 2010    Tallinn Estonia
19th Aug 2010    Lovisa Finland
18th Aug 2010    Kotka Finland
17th Aug 2010    Santio Finland
13th Aug 2010    St Petersburg Russia
11th Aug 2010    Santio Finland
10th Aug 2010    Lovisa Finland
6th Aug 2010    Helsinki Finland
5th Aug 2010    Hanko Finland
3rd Aug 2010    Högsåre Finland
2nd Aug 2010    Turku Finland
1st Aug 2010    Sottunga Finland
31st Jul 2010    Mariehamn Finland
29th Jul 2010    Arholma Sweden
28th Jul 2010    Norrtalje Sweden
20th Jul 2010    Stockholm Sweden
18th Jul 2010    Napoleonsviken Sweden
17th Jul 2010    Munkholmen Sweden
16th Jul 2010    Sandhamn, Sandhamn, Värmdö Municipality Sweden
15th Jul 2010    Säck Sweden
14th Jul 2010    Hallskär Sweden
13th Jul 2010    Kymmendö Sweden
12th Jul 2010    Nynäshamn Municipality Sweden
11th Jul 2010    Ankarudden, Ankarudden, Nynäshamn Municipality Sweden
10th Jul 2010    Arkösund Sweden
9th Jul 2010    St. Askö Sweden
8th Jul 2010    Spårö Sweden
6th Jul 2010    Figeholm Sweden
5th Jul 2010    Berganässet Sweden
4th Jul 2010    Borgholm Municipality Sweden
3rd Jul 2010    Kalmar Municipality Sweden
2nd Jul 2010    Kristianopel, Karlskrona Sweden
1st Jul 2010    Utklippan Sweden
30th Jun 2010    Simrishamn Sweden
29th Jun 2010    Gislövs Läge, Trelleborg Municipality Sweden
28th Jun 2010    Dragør Denmark
24th Jun 2010    Tårbæk Denmark
22nd Jun 2010    Gilleleje Denmark
21st Jun 2010    Anholt Denmark
20th Jun 2010    Hals Denmark
28th May 2010    Nibe Denmark