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Our Baja Adventure
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Lorna and Dennis (6th Mar 2016)
Checking up on you my friends. See you are still moving around the country down there. Thanks again for being the bestest hosts ever and for the great tours. I would like to buy some of that awesome "rice" you served but cannot remember the name of it just that you got it at Superstore. Could you please send me the kind via our email. Thanks again. See you in Alberta
Phoebe (27th Jan 2016)
Thank you Keith and Donna for being such awesome hosts to my parents for the week. They were so grateful to have their minds taken off of everything and finally got to relax and enjoy. Thanks again!!! Enjoy the rest of your time down there.
Walter (15th Oct 2014)
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Donna!!!!
Dave Currie (21st Jan 2014)
Contact info
Keith, do you have an email address that Ron Korzan could use? He'd like to ask you some questions.
Dave Currie (3rd Dec 2012)
Enjoying your blog
Hey your working friends sure enjoy your updates. Sorry to hear about the head gasket, but sounds like you'll suffer through it. Fantastic pictures, looks like lots of fun.
Allan Day SBYC (5th Mar 2012)
Atomic4 parts
Keith, Do you still have any A4 parts? I'm in need of a good head and FWC exchanger.
Marc, Ivy and Cori (24th Jan 2012)
Our visit
Hi Donna and Keith,
Thank you so much for your hospitality during our visit with you two, we had a great time, just to short, next time we will stay longer. The weather went bad for a few days, but back in my Capries today, yeah
Have a great time and talk to you soon
Jim/Karen (2nd Dec 2011)
Hello from Kamloops
Looks like you are having fun and getting lots of work done on Victoria Dos,
Hope your volleyball is improving I, m not there to set up the spikes.
Say hello to everyone for us and for god sake stay well hydrated if you know what I mean.
Jake & Krystal Hoople (5th Nov 2011)
Hi Guys!
Hi! Did you see any whale sharks on your sail trip? I had hockey today. We lost 3-2
Love you
Steve and Susan wedi (15th Dec 2010)
Hola Amigos
Hi Keith and Donna,
We see from your update that you are in Mazatlan. Enjoy! We have fond memories of that area. Are you planning to go up into the Sea this season? Possibly to Loreto Fest. We will be in the Loreto area about April, so we hope to see you. Merry Christmas and all our best.

Steve and Susan