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Liz On The Loose
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Linda H (19th Dec 2016)
You made it!
Whew! I cannot believe what you got through! I would definitely go after the travel company also...what a stressful start. But I am sure you will have a lovely trip! Enjoy!!
Amy S (19th Dec 2016)
You made it!
Wow, can not believe you finally got off on you way That Dr note thing is odd...I would 100% follow up with the travel company, they should have made you aware. Hope the flight was nice and calm
Trudy (8th Aug 2016)
Thanks for the great blogs
It's great to be reading about all of your adventures again...and this time even including Annelise and Bruce! Too bad we didn't know you were planning a visit to Prague; could have given you some great insider suggestions. I'm glad to see you plannd the Macedonian segement of your tour to avoid the devastating flooding. Things sound pretty desperate in Skopje now. Looks like you left just in time!
Wishing much good luck with AC and taxi drivers for the remainder of your travels!
Katie Fraser (25th Jul 2016)
Keep 'em coming Liz!
Love hearing about your adventures (and the food you're eating! haha). Hope you're having a blast!
Cheryl (25th Aug 2014)
Welcome home Miss Elizabeth!
Thanks for keeping up the tradition. Sounds like you guys had a great time.
Liz (7th Aug 2013)
I had great internet today before leaving for the airport, so I posted a bunch of videos. Enjoy!
Liz (7th Aug 2013)
Thanks for the wishes for safe travel. I am also sad that I won't have more blogs to write...I will travel again(always do).
I am glad that you guys have been keeping up on the posts. It made me so happy to know that people liked my Swahili attempts. Tell Reece if he is really well behaved and asks politely, I might tell him my fortune one day. In fact, I can't wait to talk with them using your big map soon!
Taryn and Reece (6th Aug 2013)
Last message!
Hey Liz, Reece and I just got caught up on the blog as we have been at the cottage, glad you've recovered and we can't wait to see you! Thanks again for all the Swahili. We have really enjoyed it, and Reece wants to m kw your fortune!
Becky (6th Aug 2013)
I'm sad I won't have anymore blog posts to read! Safe travels home!
Liz (6th Aug 2013)
You are very right, it does. We never found out exactly what that building was, did we? This time, I know that this is the Aya amazing place that I finally visited today.