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No Photos 20th Oct 2016
What You Can Do To Prevent Causes For Hearing Loss

We've only got five senses, and hearing is one of the most important. Sounds can alert us of oncoming traffic, or a rattlesnake, or an angry drunk person. Our ears are also important for communication. Having a conversation is made more difficult without hearing. Hearing is also used for pleasure. Music is instrumental - deafness definition - relaxation and relieving stress. Now that we've established how important hearing is, it is all the more important to protect our ears from damage. There are certain precautions that will decrease your likelihood of needing hearing aids or going deaf.What are the symptoms of a middle ear infection? Earache is the most common complaints. It is often described as a deep ache or pressure, sometimes bad enough to disrupt sleep. Dulled hearing and deafness are also common symptoms; they usually last for several days. Fever is also common, but not very 'specific' as other infections can also cause fever. Young children with bacteria in ears may also vomit and tend to look very ill. Babies cannot point to their pain but if they are irritable, feel hot and crying all the time, a middle ear infection should always be suspected. Discharge is a common symptom too. As the infection progresses, pressure begins to build up in the middle ear. When it is too high, the eardrum 'pops', allowing its content (usually pus) to flow out from the middle ear.Don't use cotton swabs to clean your ears as they are able to impact the wax into the canal. You need to keep your ears free from wax with saline rinses or with over the counter (OTC) earwax removal kits. Never use products inside of the ear if you have a perforated eardrum before seeing a healthcare professional about the best methods for cleaning your ear while it heals.preventing hearing loss is within your power. The more you know now the better positioned you are to prevent hearing loss in the future. While it is difficult to imagine your life 20, 30 or even 50 years down the road, in order to protect one of the most fragile and important parts of your body you must inform yourself and start practicing better habits. You will thank yourself years later.A very common cause of hearing loss is noise. Those who work at airports, clubs, construction, or other noisy places are at risk. This continuous exposure to loud noise over long periods of time has a negative impact on your ability to hear. Other loud noises like concerts, gunshots, and explosions can pose a problem also.Black Ice kicks off with "Rock N Roll Train", AC/DC's newest single. The repeating guitar riffs at the beginning of the song get your head moving early on. Next is the piercing voice of lead - effects of headphones on the brain - as he belts out "One hot angel". This would get any rock & roll fan's blood pumping. It is amazing to think Brian Johnson has been sharing the stage with brothers Angus and Malcolm Young (lead and rhythm guitars respectively) since 1980 but yet the combination of Johnson's voice and Angus and Malcolm's guitar playing never gets old. "Rock N Roll Train" is a great way to start off Black Ice.So there it was, just two minutes into the second quarter on January, 3 2002. A pick and nearly 50 yards of natural turf and the 20th Century was over. Nobody in the stadium expected a comeback at that point and, indeed, the rout was officially on as the Hurricane defense swarmed Nebraska, holding it to nearly half its total offensive average. The Huskers needed a 71 yard punt return in the 4th quarter just to make the score look respectable. Sort of, anyway.If you feel as if your sense of hearing has changed, get a test done. This is what you need to tell whether or not you have a hearing problem. These tests may need to be done regularly if you are often exposed to noise. Only trust good doctors when it comes to this. This is where they will tell you to go to an audiologist if needed.

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