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No Photos 24th Jun 2016
Articles About Capital Gains Tax

Inflation Index is reported in terms of Financial Year, not Assessment Year. Usually, once the tax has been retained from the sale proceeds, there is no further requirement for any tax retention; however, in rare cases if there is some reason to doubt the validity of the declared capital gains tax position, or if it is otherwise unclear the fiscal representative may continue to withhold up to the same amount of tax again for up to 4 years pending finalisation of the position.For example, a house property held for more than 3 years is termed as a long-term capital asset, whereas equity funds are considered short-term when held for 12 months or less. The scope of tax grants (negative income tax )covers in 2009 certain low earning employees and self employed. There is nothing big about an FII not paying tax, because even a DII doesn't pay tax. Read last year's tax planning blog 2014 year-end tax planning for traders point #10.If the tax due in the UK is less than that paid in France, you will have nothing more to pay, but you will not get a refund of the tax you have already paid in France. Capital gains tax law has yet another clause that can help you avoid paying taxes on profits made on a place you have been renting even if you don't live in it for two years. However, I suspect that in your case the capital gains tax arises just from the house.When - minimize capital gains - the dust settled, he was looking at a capital gains tax liability of a staggering $965,000 while only receiving the remainder of proceeds after the assumption of debt. Refer, Neera Jain (Smt.) vs. ACIT, ITAT ‘B' Bench, Mumbai, ITA No. 1861/Mum./2009, decided on 22-2-2010 (BCAJ 42-A, June 2010 pg. 347). The outbound dividends are no subject to any taxes, except the dividends payable to the low-tax jurisdiction (15%). I have some units of ICICI Prudential Regular Saving Fund - Growth which were purchased in Sept 2014. If the LLC is not terminated, the remaining members are not affected for tax purposes by the sale of an LLC interest.AMT preferences include real estate and property taxes, state income taxes, miscellaneous itemized deductions and personal exemption deductions. Short-term capital gains are taxed at the same rate as wage or salary income, but long-term capital gains are taxed at a lower rate. Remember; if you deduct these expenses from - tax on capital gains - capital asset's sale value, you can't claim these expenses against any other income.

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