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Significant Feelings
No Photos 19th Oct 2015
How to Maintain Your Home Septic Tank

When we moved into our rural home years ago we knew that it was on a septic tank, and a ground well for its supply of water. What we didnt know is how a septic tank worked or what we had to do to keep it operating as designed, without enduring major repair costs. Initially we werent even 100% sure where the tank was located. We knew it was in an area outside our kids bedrooms but that was - 750 gallon septic tank - about it.Once we understood how the tank did its job we felt more confident in helping it stay operational. We even became a little bit more comfortable with this tank and its contents in our yard.Without getting into too much detail a septic tank has - how do septic tanks work - all of your homes wastewater run through it before it goes out to a leach field, more to follow on leach fields in a moment. Your sink, laundry, shower and toilets all discharge into the septic tank.The majority of water waste from your home is pretty easy to handle as long as you spread out large water users. For example we dont do - septic pumping services - loads of laundry back to back, we will do one in the morning and on later on in the day and we never do more than two in one day so we don't put unnecessary stress on the system.When non water waste is put into the tank it will loiter until the tank and its bacterial friends decompose the matter, as long as it is able to be broken down. We do our best to not put food waste, grease, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, etc. down the drains because these objects dont breakdown very well.' - - - -

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