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Education is Light
6th Sep 2017
Thank you Gail and Sara, Thank you Lancaster school (England) with love from Mtwapa Academy(Kenya).

Dear friends,

‘My name is Rahab,the director of Mtwapa Academy school here in Kenya. Before I go on I’d like to briefly speak about the school our school.Mtwapa Academy was established in the year 1992 and ever since has the school has been progressing on well with many of our students enrolled in very good secondary school and some have joined most of the national schools which are highly categorized schools and further proceeding to the various universities here in Kenya. Some of the kids have also been enrolled in very competitive colleges which offer high quality training and therefore bringing hope in terms of employment to our kids.

Currently the school has a total population of 250 kids under 16 members of the teaching staff with four supporting staff i.e a school security guard, cleaner and two school cooks.

Here below is the list and names of the teaching staff;-

Class……………………….Name of teacher.

1. Baby class………………madam Mary.

2. KG 1……………………..madam Joyce.

3. KG 2…………………….madam Rose.

4. KG 3…………………..madam Everlyline.

5. STD 1………………….madam Joyce Makena.

6. STD 2…………………madam Linet.

7. STD 3………………..madam Veronica.

8. STD 4…………………Mr.Lewa.

9. STD 5………………Mr.Were.

10. STD 6……………madam Mercyline,

11. STD 7…………….Mr.Ziro

12. STD 8…………….Mr.Baya

Other teaching staff are Mr.Mjomba(IRE),Mr.Joseph (upper class teacher),madam Frida and madam Rahab. The school head teacher is Mr.Baya assisted by madam Veronica and school senior teacher being madam Everlyline.

We have clubs in the school i.e Environment, debate, scout, journalism and Music. For the environment club they mainly deal with planting of flowers and making the school to look clean and beautiful. For the debate the normal hold weekly debates in the school where different motions are debated. Also with journalism they do weekly writing on school news.

Also the school do some yearly education trips outside Mtwapa  so as to expose the kids to nature and history of our country which is also beneficial to their education e,g last year our kids made a trip to the Tsavo national park where kids were exposed to seeing wild animals which most of them have been reading from their books.

I want to thank all of our friends in England and more special thanks goes to Gail and Sara of Mtomondoni sponsorship program whom through them sponsors and friends have too supported our school.

In relation to the above, I therefore today want to special welcome and send my lots of thanks to Lancaster school (England) who have financially supported our school through Gail and Sara. With this kind of support, the money will be helpful in sorting out the payment of our teachers’ salaries. Also some of the money will be used to buy 3 tables for the baby class,

Personally as the school director, I appreciate very much for the donation through Gail and Sara as it has boosted the school a lot. I therefore want to send my appreciations to the entire school i.e ,administration, kids and all the teachers of Lancaster school (England) and may God bless you.

 Generally the impact of all the school support ranging from rebuilding of the school, running water through the well digging, school library,computers,tables,chairs,kids sponsorship etc has been very positively taken by the local community with all the kids and their parents in the school are happy of. As a result the school has been attractive and enrolling at least every term new kids.

Finally I  say bye bye our friends, yours faithfully, Rahab  (school director).’

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Diary Photos

A full line up of all the Mtwapa Academy teachers at Mtwapa Acaademy.

A view of the remaining temporary buildings in the school which include the school kitchen(the 1st door on the further front), the baby class (in the middle) and the headteachers' office infront.

Afront view of the kindergarten department at Mtwapa Academy.

Another view of Mtwapa Academy teachers.

Another view of the baby class at Mtwapa Academy,

Baby class at Mtwapa Academy.

Baby Gail, Gibson and Mary Magdaline, are some of the sponsored kids at Mtwapa Academy.

Baby Gail, Gibson and Mary Magdaline.sponsored kids in the Mtomondoni sponsorship program.

Baby Gail, one of the sponsored kids at Mtwapa Acdemy, STD 3

General front view of Mtwapa Academy school.

General view of all Mtwapa Academy kids saying thank you to Lancaster school, Gail and Sara.

Gibson, one of the sponsored kid in STD 5

Happy faces from Mtwapa Academy kids saying thank yopu to Lancaster school(England)!!!!!!!

Happy kids in KG 2 sending greetings!!!!

Hi! Everyone from baby class at Mtwapa Academy!!!!!

Hi! Everyone from KG1 class at Mtwapa Academy!!!

Hii! Everyone from KG2 class at Mtwapa Academy.

Inside Mtwapa Academy school kitchen.

KG 2 AND 3 teachers showing their appreciations on behalf of the school!!!!!!

KG 1 class at Mtwapa Academy school with their teacher Joyce.

KG 2 teacher at mtwapa Academy.

KG 3 class at Mtwapa Academy.

KG 3 class in a learning session.

Kids faces in the KG 3 class.

Madam Rahab (on the left) with some of the teachers at Mtwapa Academy.

Mama Kafedha, the head cook at Mtwapa Academy school kitchen possing for a photo in the kitchen.

Mary Magdaline, one of the sponsored kids in STD 6.

More closer view of thank you!!!!!!

More faces of the baby class at Mtwapa Academy.

More general view of thankyou from the school.

More view from KG 3 class at Mtwapa Academy.

More view of the KG 1 class at Mtwapa Academy.

More views of school teachers at Mtwapa Academy.

Mr.Baya (on the left) with some of the teachers at Mtwapa Academy.

Mr.Baya, the Mtwapa Academy school headteacher in him office.

Mtwapa Academy school during assembly time and sending a message of than you to Lancaster school, Gail and Sara.

Mtwapa Academy school, baby class, see teacher Mary.

Rahab, the Mtwapa Academy school director.

Some baby class aid information on the wall.

Teacher Everlyline, KG3 teacher at Mtwapa Academy.

Teacher Mary and Frida saying thank you on behalf of the school.

Teaching aid in the KG 1 class.

Teaching aid information in KG2 class.

Thank you Gail and Sara, Thank you Lancaster school from Mtwapa Academy school!!!!!!!!

A general view of STD 1 and the school library(lright) and STD 2, 3 and 4 (left)

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