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There and Back again
24th Feb 2012 - Kilimanjaro
Packing completed

Well it's the day of the flight and we have just done the final packing spree and weighed the bags, they look like they are pretty much on the limit but we should be OK. We now have to eat the contents of the fridge, I will be placing as much as possible between two slices of bread and creating a pretty good scooby snack, George also has some wheat free bread so may be able to attempt the same.

Prior to doing this we have both weighed ourselves so we can do a weight check on our return, which will be interesting although we won't be posting our weights here.
George is still a bit "sniffly" from the cold she got last week and i have now sneezed twice this morning and got shouted at both times by George telling me "I'm not allowed to get poorly!" she has also thrown extra vitamin "C" down me.

Right that's it for now, once again huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to our fund raising efforts and hopefully I'll get the chance to do another update once we get to Marangu. I've been sussing the timing and there's a possibility that the England v Wales game will be just about starting when we get there... I wonder if they'll have it on ?

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Diary Photos
24th Feb 2012  Malverns

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