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Off again !
23rd Jan 2018 - 26th Jan 2018
Hello from Argentina

This year’s trip begins and ends with two of the big names as far as cities go, Buenos Aires and later Rio de Janeiro.

We begin with the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires and with over 200 museums and galleries on offer that should keep us going for a start.

Called the Paris of South America and with such wonderful buildings you can see why. Stunning, elegant architecture from a bygone age when the export of agriculture and livestock soared bringing in great wealth. 

Since then there have been times of extreme governments and a roller-coaster economy from which the country fortunately keeps bouncing back.

I love the wide avenues that grace this city, many 6 lanes deep and some 12 with central verges of trees or in some places run efficient bus lanes.

We have found old world cafes with bow-tied waiters in black, armed with starched white napkins serving the best coffee and cakes too tempting to resist. Quite European ...we could be in Madrid or Barcelona maybe. 

What makes it distinct, Tango. This is its birthplace and for me you can feel it in the air. I cannot wait to see a show we caught a glimpse of it today at the La Boca district. I was mesmerised, even the way the lady took hold of her partners hand or rested her hand on his shoulder it was full of slow, deliberate expression. I think Chris was intoxicated too, something to do with gorgeous figures and skin tight dresses !!

We are exploring our way through the various districts. Today we spent most of the day in historical La Boca a major port entry and harbour for the export of agriculture and beef. Here the late 19th century saw a flood of immigration with 60 percent coming from Italy.

These Europeans, Russians and middle eastern immigrants came with their art and music and cuisine making Argentina what it is today.

We Brits played our part too with a legacy of railways, harbours and, rugby, polo and horse racing.

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Diary Photos

Eva on the central reservation in the heart of BA

Cafe at hotel, bad move !

Elaborate doors and ironwork to be seen

Typical street in La Boca

Fun place with music from the bars

La Boca district

Music of tango

Housing held many families in poor port district

The Argentinians are fanatics when it comes to football, it is played everywhere

BBQ beef everywhere, delicious

Lunch in La Boca

For Victoria and Russell

Many styles of architecture

Enjoyed coffee here

Many banks have superb building

No Title

Botanical garden

No Title

I think we like trees

New to us

Not many flowers but liked this one

Take a break

Nophotos allowed inside the museum

No Title

Referring to Queen Vic and Brown, not sure why ?

Graffiti tour

Bar open, see the door

Bar closed, where is the door ?

Famous street artist here

No Title

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