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Export to China, Mianyang
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Rene (22nd Dec 2014)
Thanks for an awesome blog!!!
Hi Pat, I came across your blog when looking for reviews on Aston Hanzhong. I just received my contract from them and I am going through the visa "red-tape", I start in March and I haven’t left my country yet.

For me, so far, its been an amazing and exciting process. Claire has been absolutely wonderful, my recruiting agent Eugene was just perfect. During the interview, I felt like I was chatting to an old friend. Your blog has amplified my gusto, you have managed to describe the highlights and lowlights of your experiences without being overly and unnecessarily critical, rather you have highlighted the proverbial “silver lining” in everything. I am a realistic person and I know that not everything will be smooth sailing and I definitely know there are days when I will have down times at work but reading through your blog and one of Claire’s old posts I can safely say that I am more than ready to pack a suitcase and hop on a flight.

Thank you very much for your blog, I hope you keep writing and maybe somewhere someday someone just like me may just find a random blog that gives them the peace they need when planning to teach abroad.
Kevin Glennie (13th Oct 2012)
Nice blog!
It's a really interesting blog, Pat. In Japan the Nanjing Massacre is rarely mentioned and not taught in school history but I read about it after I moved here. I would like to visit there one day. The pictures show China is catching up with Japan in terms of development. Enjoy your time there. I'll follow this blog with interest.
Steph (13th Oct 2012)
Awesome times
Pat, a fantastic blog. Thank you for including me in your adventure! I look forward to living china, vicariously! Enjoy the noodles and the living. An incredible adventure. X
John Mckenzie (11th Oct 2012)
Not Scarborough
Hi Pat,
great blog! Didn't know that you were a gifted writer.

I envy your experiences it's not quite Scarborough but sounds like fun.

Looking forward to reading more in the future. Take care and all the best.
Karen Walsgrove (11th Oct 2012)
Toilets! :-o
Hello Pat, great to read your blog. How do you manage to write so much - are you sure you're working hard? Sounds like you're having another wondrous set of experiences, apart from the toilets......ewwHH! Take care!!
Pramod (19th Sep 2012)
Nice blog, hope to see lots of photo next time.
Kevin Bodell (17th Sep 2012)
Hiya Wattsie
Hi Martyn, just saw your post after adding mine, how you doing too? Long time no hear! Hope all ok with you and all? Would like to catch up sometime it would be great. I don't do facebook or twitter but stick with the ole email so drop me a mail when u get a chance at and would be more than happy to reply. All the best to you to, take it easy, Kev.
Kevin Bodell (17th Sep 2012)
Hiya mate
Hi Pat, back on the road again, all sounds really exciting and like the idea of the blog. Much better than hanging around blighty if nothing was coming up, I am delighted for you this opportunity came along. We are all okay here in the emerald isle, just got a new iggle puupy, slightly cheaper than another kid but just as hard a work! Anyway, take care out there as usual and look forward to some very interesting blogs going forward. All the best, Kevin B.
Martyn Watts (12th Sep 2012)
Have a great time. I look forward to following your blog. I don't know if you realise, but you do make a very entertaining writer. I suggest a career in journalism if you can be bothered!