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Peter and Terry's Adventures
7th Mar 2015 - 12th Apr 2015
Return to Winter

We’ve been back in Nova Scotia for three weeks now, and wondering if Spring will ever come.  For the week before we left Antigua, there were three storms that filled the freshly plowed driveway, and by the time we arrived there was a path to the house, but no place to get the car off the road.  We parked nearby, and fortunately the snow blower came along later in the day to clear a place to park the car.  Special thanks to our neighbours June and Dave who shoveled and arranged plowing just before we arrived.  Every time they cleared things up, another storm filled it in again.  Since then we have had several more “dustings” that needed shoveling.  Yesterday, April 11, was the first day to see temperatures get up to seasonal norms, and we are optimistic that it will stay that way for a while.  There is still much snow to melt!  One lone crocus poked its head up beside the house yesterday.  The robins are back, and dismayed to find the lawns all covered in snow.  They have been jumping down between the house foundations and the snow drifts to find a few grubs and perhaps worms.

The ice in the harbour is melting and large patches of water opened up last week, but we still have ice from Indian Point to Gifford Island. We have no idea when we will be able to launch boats and make a visit to the island.  Watching the webcams has assured us that there is no major damage, but we look forward to seeing it in person.  Today, even if we could get to the island, there is at least two feet of snow over the paths to the house. 

Check the video section for some slides of the drifts on Young Island and the ice surrounding the wharf on the island

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Diary Photos

Frozen Harbour

Snow up to the railing

Path to the house

The Workshop

Big Drift

Snow Blower

Diary Movies




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