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Peter and Terry's Adventures
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                        characters left (23rd Feb 2016)
How are you two ;where are you too ??
Hi peter and Terry ' Ola como esta ? ...Bien ? Donde Ustedes orita ?
I was thinking of coming down to Mexico to get my teeth fixed, ebtists hee are mwe, mew carro!! $2500. per tooth filled capped! Outrageous . !!
I have a new baby Kitty Cat delightful . Named " Prince Bitty" Nowadays Vets are expensive as Dentists ! $350.00 to remove 'bolly-wogs' and get shots '.
Any hoo my friends are probably coming back from Mex. soon so i might get Taxes done first before I go , so I don't have to stress when I'm there . Anyway Happy Spring coming to you both " Have to get together again one of these Years ' Cheers Love Cousin Bing '
Marian Folinsbee (16th Jun 2015)
Ok did You get Spring Yet ??
Hi Guys just surprised to get pics about winter now june 16th and Hot out here on the West Coast of B.C. its 27 -30 degrees Kuckoo for us leaves are already starting to turn orange on some small Maple trees Crazy land whats happening ??? on planet earth , are we gonna fry up this time ?? We need OUR Geophysicist ! , for some explanation , help whats going on over there ? Get Spring Yet ?? (1st Apr 2015)
Okay you twpo Im definitely jealous when I see your dinner menu table setting and View of lake Atitlan which I visited OMG 35 yes ago , so Beautiful .
Are you there for Easter Celebration Procession again ?? Saw that before as well.Very Special .!! Happy Visiting and good Luck with Your Spanish Classes ,
Love Cousin Bing Folinsbee
Bing (10th Feb 2015)
Hi You Guys Happy Family Day from Van Island.B.C.
Hi and Happy New Year Terry and Peter ! No Comunicato for a long Time o
Just enjoyed again looking at all your lovely Pictures . And I remember of course being in Antigua at Easter and Watching the (Holy) Men swinging bowls of incense and keeping themselves and each other to keep walking upright , in spite of the obvious inibriation of most . WE loved the Live Flower Mandalas and Designs in the streets and Amazing Parade.But that was 40yrs ago . My boyfriend Daryl and I will be going to Cuba this month feb or march 2015.We had a nice Christmas in Vancouver on Dec 21 at sister Barbs with a very pregnant daughter Naomi and her husband Kristian with daughter 3yrold Skylar . And now as of Jan 27th little ZARA is born and its a very busy time .I Bing spend time up on Lasqueti Island with friends playing music , dancing and spending time helping in the gardens and kitchen at the big Hall used for celebrations events and get togethers . Many of my friends take off to Mexico and warmer climes , this time of year, well be going to Havana and Hoguin however global warming is so evident here, the weather is warm no snow on local mountains and 2 ski hills have closed down. Temps this week are said to go as high as 14 an its February all my Siberian Irises are blooming and daffodil shoots are 6inches and growing . Its great to read your stories and keep in touch sounds lovely except for the Ash.Wish we could come andd visit there too.
Hey Happy Valentines You two !! Love n Hugs Cousin Bing.
Vancouver Is .British Columbia's rainey West Coast .
Jenny Crickmore-Thompson (9th Feb 2015)
Enjoy the Pacific!
Wow, sounds a bit horrific! Still, put the house-keeping behind you and enjoy the Pacific Islands ! We're still in South Africa, have had lots of visitors this year so done many safari trips and tourist sight-seeing, unusually not much in the way of home projects. Keeping it all for next season, when we need to renovate two bathrooms and build a guest cottage - then you can come visit!!
June and Dave Zwicker (5th Dec 2014)
Glad you arrived safely
We are indeed green with envy although Dave says to report that Indian Point is Still Green also! St Lucia sounds soooo beautiful - do have a great stay and we look forward to your blog this winter! Cheers, June
Barb J (9th Jul 2014)
Sorry to see those beautiful trees uprooted, on our side we received only the twigs and chewed up leaves, lucky for us.
Marian Folinsbee (23rd Feb 2014)
Snowing in Nanaimo B.C. jealous indeed .1
Hi Guys Bing here' Yes very Jealous in deed , …..luv , Guatemala sailed by St Croix
Snowing here on Van island . And it keeps coming, you two are lucky and smart .
WAnt to get away to Sun but still seem busy here with all kinds of fixing and
fussing wit my new boyfriend Daryl .Hes been great , so can't stop now LBing
Jenny Crickmore-Thompson (11th Jan 2014)
Oi vey -watch out for those volcanoes and earthquakes! But what a beautiful house. And as usual you put me to shame by posting - I really need to get off my butt and do the same. Somehow the urge is just not there when we're at home, yet just as much happens as when we were travelling! lotsa love to you both.
Marian Folinsbee (2nd Jan 2014)
Felice Navidad y Posperos Anos Felicidad
Hi Guys glad to hear about the Ninos parade celebration ext makes we want to be there again too.
We had a good time in Van with festive lights on the Stanley Park Christmas Train
So cute everyone so Happy . We had a nice Christmas with friends and keeping
busy fixing our new TV to the wall .Dreary Grey Drizzle Day here .
We've got to book our holiday soon too . Hawaii I think. Actually Naomi and her
Baby Skylar are there right now for a week with her dad Mich .
Hey ' I managed to get into the Family Tree a bit better Thanx and could at least read the list of names .Thanx for that . Keep on looking for Ketzal birds .
I feed so many birds here in my back yard over winter they're getting to be fatties. Again it was good to see family in Calgary, a tragic time but at least you could be with everyone together
Take good care Happy New GEAR
( a new shifting of gears) I guess in the new year . Luv Cousin Bing