Diary for Harry and Judy's RV Trip

Day 26-Oregon Coastline


We’re getting very laid back, only drove 135 miles but it took us 5 hours to do it. It’s beautiful out today, lots of sun but never made it to 60 degrees. Left camp about 10 this morning, drove up and down more hills but this time with the Pacific Ocean on our left. Beautiful scenery, the ocean with big black mountains of rocks in it, big rolling waves and lots of pretty yellow wildflowers. Lots of state parks along route 101, seems every little town has a state park in it. Drove through some little towns, Gold Beach, Port Orford, Langlois, Bandon where we stopped and got some groceries, Coos Bay. They all are pretty quiet this time of year, looks like they’re beach towns and probably get busy in the summer. There are actual beaches here, not like Maine that just has rocky coastline, Oregon has rocky coastline and beaches. There’s even the Oregon Dunes National Seashore which is where we’re camping tonight. There’s huge, high sand dunes that are covering over big pine trees. Gorgeous lakes and rivers too, and lots of logging. Saw many logging trucks and sawmills and even a huge pile of wood shavings, not chips, but shavings. Don’t know what they do with them. There were a few boats on the rivers loading logs, too.
Also stopped to get fuel and in Oregon they pump the gas for you just like in New Jersey.
Everybody’s talking about the weather again, this time about how nice it is, guess it’s been a wet, soggy spring. They say enjoy today because the rest of the week is supposed to be rainy and nasty. We’re about 200 miles south of Portland, maybe we can make it there by tomorrow but, if not, oh, well.