Diary for Harry and Judy's RV Trip

Day 50-Sand Hollow State Park


A DAY OF REST! Made blueberry, banana pancakes for breakfast and spent the morning reading and just enjoying the peace and quiet. We can see the reservoir from our campsite and it looks like it’s going to be a quiet day there too. Not too many boaters and lots of campers are leaving to go home for the week-end.
Wind picked up in the afternoon and the sun is not for the timid (or Martin or Evie). Even in the morning I started to turn red after only a few minutes. It got up to 97 degrees today. We drove down to the water and a few people were on a sandstone island in the middle having a fun day. Not much sand on this beach, mostly sandstone rocks and the contrast of the teal water and the terra cotta sandstone is beautiful. They said the water was 65 but it didn’t seem that cold, I only waded in a bit. Drove around the other side and there’s ATV trails and sand dunes on one side of the road and better beaches made of pure sandstone, not rocks on the other. More people here enjoying the beautiful weather. Some boaters, some dune buggies, some sun bathers but not crowded. Nice boat ramp that is very wide, can probably fit five or more boats at a time.
I have never gotten along with the new camera and today it finally did me in, it wouldn’t open all the way and kept saying “lens error”. So I went back to the old camera, of course the blip is still in the middle but now there’s a big black splotch at the top. Eventually it went away, never found out what it was. When we find a Best Buy (maybe in LasVegas) we’ll try to get the new one replaced.
Harry’s a bit worried about the truck transmission. After we came down the switchbacks yesterday when he tried to back up he felt it slipping so he’s checking to see if it needs fluid (doesn’t) and a few other things. I’m glad he’s up on all this stuff ‘cause I have a tendency to turn the radio up and pray. If we need to we’ll find a place in LasVegas to get it checked. Hopefully we can get to LasVegas with no drama, it’s only about 130 miles but it’s through desert.