Diary for St Peter's to St Paul's 2012

Day 109: Auxerre to Briare.


Let the sunshine......AND it did. We travelled 76 kms west, and are now in the Loire region of France.

If you look at the map, we are just about smack bang in the middle of France! The ride became more flat as we travelled. We are not complaining. We travelled through wooded areas, before lots of wheat fields. The French either eat a lot of bread because they have a lot of wheat, or they grow a lot of wheat because they eat a lot of bread. The photos tell the story of Briare: a nice town with canals, nestled beside the Loire itself. We are heading for Blois on the Loire, but we will travel directly west, rather than follow the river. At Blois the Chateaus begin in earnest!! The towns appeared to get nicer as we travelled along today. It is hot here, so we still have something to complain about!! Much better than WET.