Diary for Sailng on Windwanderer.

Tuesday 31 July 2012


Tuesday 31 July 2012

Well what can I say another shocking day here, in Banjo land.

Serious am expecting to see that creepy guy sitting on the porch any day now.

It's 7am and 29° at the moment and I have to say it feels quite cool, just tells u how hot it has been here.

To make matters worse we have been told its going to cost us $2 a foot to stay here per day, that's crazy for this hell hole, the jerk who owns this place said it was real cheap as all the other marinas cost $5 to $6 a day.

What a load of croc we rang and googled some of the others not one is over $3 and they are so so much better than this.

I had a day off today and just lazed about and read a book, with four fans around me and I was still hot.

The captain has been trying to tie up the hose pipe up out of the way so it won't rub on the shaft anymore.

And we also waited all day for the guy to bring us his pump so we can get this diesel out of the bilges as well.

They have very strict laws around here and if u pump it straight out into the water u get a huge fine.

Not that we would anyway if u were out in the middle of the ocean it would be no problem as the amount that's in here would do no damage in that amount of water, the huge tankers and cruise ships do way more damage, daily.

Anyway we are still waiting for the pump.

The good news we should have the transmission back in by tomorrow afternoon, yay.

Sad news we have to wait here in banjo land till Tom gets back on Friday.

He is driving back as he is bringing a whole heap of stuff that we need, for the next leg.

Most is extra anchors and stronger rope, basically hurricane gear.... :-/

Scary stuff I know, but we can't kid ourselves we are still in the middle of the season, and need to be moving to a safe anchorage.

At least we will be not far off the coast, we will be going up the east coast of America and u usually can get a few days warning when there is a hurricane coming.

We will be able to get into a safe area and secure the boat much easier.

Oh and Tom is bringing his lady friend Edie, along for a few days, she will sail with us to Miami, as we need to stop there first to sort out our visa's as they run out on Monday.

Joys of trying to stay in other countries.

Well tomorrow is another day.